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Star of the Week

Roger Howarth



Roger Howarth (Paul, ATWT)

Roger Howarth (Paul, ATWT)

Vital Statistics

September 13
Howarth is wed to Cari Stahler
A son, Julian, and a daughter

The 411

Born and raised in Westchester County, just north of New York City, Roger Howarth seemed destined for the stage — his father was involved in theater and wrote plays. He resisted the acting bug and studied political science at George Washington University, but left after one semester to join an intense acting program at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Connecticut. Plenty of stage work — including several seasons at the prestigious Williamstown, MA Theatre Festival (where Grayson McCouch, Dusty, also performed) — followed, but after he and wife Cari learned that they were expecting their first child in 1992, the actor turned to daytime for stability. After short stints (as similar characters) on GUIDING LIGHT and LOVING, Howarth originated the iconic, tormented frat boy-turned-rapist Todd on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, for which he won a Daytime Emmy (for Outstanding Younger Actor in 1994), two SOAP OPERA DIGEST Awards (Outstanding Younger Leading Actor, 1995, and Outstanding Villain, 1998) and an especially loyal fan base, even by soap standards. After years of coming and going from OLTL, while working in prime-time and theater, his exit in March, 2003 seemed final; his return to daytime in a new role (as AS THE WORLD TURNS's Paul) two months later came as a shock to many. Howarth lives in New York City with his wife and children.

Et Cetera

Plays guitar and piano
—Traveled the world as a member of the U.S. National Soccer Team
—Starred opposite Laurence Fishburne and Stockard Channing in The Lion in Winter on Broadway

Career Highlights

Other Soap Roles
GUIDING LIGHT (ex-Jory, 1992)
LOVING (ex-Kent Winslow, 1992)
TV Roles
DAWSON'S CREEK (ex-Professor Hetson, 2002-03)
PREY (Randall Lynch, 1998)

Memorable Quotes

"When it comes to creating a character for a soap opera, they have to go with an archetype, one that's recognizable. The one they created with Todd [and Kent] is that he's privileged and very rich. My upbringing was not like that at all. Status is really important to the characters I seem to be playing. To me, Roger, I don't think it's that important.... I have no idea [why I'm often cast as a bad guy]. I would never want to come in now and play a nice guy for three months. That would be dreadfully boring. This suits me fine. It's just as easy to pretend I'm a bad guy as it is to pretend I'm a good guy."— Soap Opera Weekly, 8/10/93

"When Todd Manning got rich and became Todd Lord, he changed from the dangerous, maniacal, homicidal, serial rapist into someone else. This new person was erotically charged. It's very clear in my mind that rape is a violent crime — not a sexual crime of passion.... I decided not to do a lot of press. When the Todd story was about an evil man perpetrating violence, it was a good thing because it brought the idea of rape to the forefront of people's psyches. But I couldn't, in good conscience, promote the story of Todd Lord, who'd become a likable character. People have come up to me and said, 'My 7-year-old loves you.' What do I say to that? I'm not going to tell them, 'Don't let your 7-year-old watch TV.' But I have to say, it's disturbing."— Soap Opera Digest, 10/24/95

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