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Star Wars Learn to Play

The Star Wars Miniatures Game

What are Star Wars Miniatures?
The Star Wars Miniatures line features hundreds of ready-to-play miniatures from the Star Wars universe. You'll find heroes, villains, droids, creatures, and aliens of all descriptions. Now you can play out your favorite movie scenes, add the miniatures to your roleplaying sessions, or trade and collect the miniatures set by set.
Play the Demo
Play the Star Wars Miniatures demo. This interactive demo takes you step-by-step through a single round of skirmish combat, using the rules found in the Star Wars Miniatures Starter Set.

The Star Wars Roleplaying Game

What is the Star Wars Roleplaying Game?
If you've ever watched a Star Wars movie and thought to yourself, "I wonder what I'd do if I was a Jedi." then the Star Wars Roleplaying Game just might be for you. Take on the role of a hero in the exciting Star Wars universe and experience your own adventures. Take a look at the basics of getting started on your own galactic adventure here!
Play the Demo
Play the Star Wars Roleplaying Game demo using the new Star Wars RPG Revised Rulebook and Hasbro action figures to see how you and your friends can experience the Star Wars Universe in a whole new way.

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