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I would like to take a moment to share some NEWS that all Trump Network Marketers can be proud of.

  1. In May 2009, 50% more people joined The Trump Network than those who joined the entire previous year. It's clear that a large and ever increasing number of Americans are choosing The Trump Network as a way of opting out of the recession.
  2. The Silhouette Solution weight loss program is quickly becoming one of the most effective weight loss programs in America due to the Carefully Calibrated FoodsTM, the ease of compliance, and the fact the food tastes great. Due to the program's effectiveness and the efforts of Trump Network Marketers to spread the word, this product line represents 22% of Trump Network sales after only 7 months available on the market.
  3. Product sales across the board have increased significantly. Repeat sales are exceeding expectations. In addition, 52.7% of those using Custom Essentials® products are customers. They are not Marketers. This is a true testament to the power of our product.
  4. The number of monthly sales commission checks being sent to Trump Network Marketers has increased by 110%.
  5. Tickets for The Trump Network Official Launch meeting with Donald J. Trump in Miami are selling at an unprecedented rate. One hotel sold out in one day. A second hotel sold out the next day. Seating is limited in the main amphitheatre. Thousands of seats have sold. Reserve a seat in the main arena today.
  6. The Trump Network home office is on a hiring spree and expanding its facilities with a new Distribution Center and Office Complex in 4th quarter 2009.
  7. Spanish materials: Due to growing demand, the new Trump Network website, personal self-replicating website, and other marketing tools and product information are in the process of being transcribed into Spanish.


We are driven to provide Trump Network Marketers a platform on which they can build a business that provides not only an exceptional income opportunity, but the potential to achieve their dreams.

Moving forward,