Dianne Lindsay
Memories and Dreams


I have been very busy lately, travelling around the vast areas of Australia
over the last 12 months and as you all can imagine the last few months
have been the hardest.

My sisters and I would like to invite anyone that has a tale,
a funny adventure, historical details or any photos of our dad, Reg Lindsay
that they would like to share with us.

We know as young children, you do not think about remembering a lot of events
in your life or even owning a camera to take photos for
historical reasons, as we do now.

We would love to hear from you.

Please email to info@diannelinday.com
or mail to PO Box 5058 Gwandalan NSW 2259

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"Memories and Dreams" shares with you a mix of country music sytles and I'm pleased to present these songs
with a true country feel, in a traditional style.
There are some of my favourite songs here on the album and there are some that have
special meaning for my family.
It's important to me to have a traditional feel to my music, so in my shows we usually keep to a basic mix
of two acoustic guitars and a bass so we can have that real grass-roots country sound.

This album has been a long time coming and my family's encouragement and support have made it possible
for me to at last make the time to record, so thank you Leanne, Steven and Alissa.
Thank you especially to my Dad and Mum (Reg. Lindsay and Heather McKean) for your love and inspiration
and for giving me a true love of country music.
Thanks also to Peter for your songs and encouragement - couldn't have done it without you.
Many thanks to Marc Lea at Regency for the great sound and to all the musicians who played on the album.
Lastly, a big thank you to all the country music fans and to everyone involved
in the country music scene that help make 'country' what it is.

Best wishes, hope you enjoy the album,

Dianne Lindsay.

Dianne's CD "Memories and Dreams" was released January 2007 in Tamworth
and is receiving great reviews.

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This is 1 of 14 great tracks from my CD.
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(Written by Dianne Lindsay)

I have also been writing some articles about my Dad's life history for the ABBA Bulletin which is available from their website.

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