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Overview of the Continuum RPG

Last updated August 1st, 2003

Continuum is a science fiction roleplaying game that focuses on the societal nature of time travel, and is one that has several intrinsic differences from a lot of the other similar rpgs that are out there these days. It has some rather unique building blocks to it, but what is it really all about? Here is a basic overview of the Continuum roleplaying game, that may (or may not) provide you with a good idea of what this game is all about.

If you could learn to span time at will...
what form of civilization would you be entering?

Let's make history.

What do you do on the average day?

Here's a probable scenario. You wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, and probably hit the snooze button once or twice to get those extra few minutes sleep. It doesn't seem like much, but those extra ten or twenty minutes sure feel good. You make your way to your bathroom, and prepare yourself for your day. The clock ticks by, and perhaps there is time for a bit of breakfast. But, your time is limited, and you leave your home on your way to work or school. Don't forget to lock the door! Then, after hours of tiresome effort, you come home, tired, and relax, perhaps watching some television to get your mind off of the world, or read a book. But, the day finally comes to a close as you soon fall asleep, ready to repeat the process again tomorrow, like any normal day.

That was yesterday. Or maybe a hundred thousand yesterdays ago. But not any more.

Once, you were a Leveller. Today, you're a Spanner. You have the ability to travel in time (without the need for a time machine, I might add), and you belong to a society of time travellers called The Continuum. It's your job to make sure that the timeline you know was, is, will be. It's also your job to stop the Narcissists from destroying the reality you know. And it's also your perogative to have some fun and see the various great figures of history as well. You have a commitment to the Continuum and its various factions, but you have the ability to witness all of the great events of history, to see all the far-flung wonders of the world, and to walk up and down the timeline at your whim. Of course, there is the price you pay...but well, that's what happens when you happen to have the ability to time travel...

In order to learn more about this unique game setting, check out the World of Cºntinuum page.

Cºntinuum RPG Game System and Rules

Like all roleplaying games, Cºntinuum is no exception to the rule in that it has an extensive (and yet simple) series of rules that allow the Game Master to arbitrate the actions of the players and their characters. While it is beyond the scope of this set of pages to provide more than an overview of the 200+ pages of game system and rules that make up the Cºntinuum Rulesbook, you will find a good introduction to the Cºntinuum Game System/Rules here as well.

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