Donna Freedman

Played by Margot Robbie

Donna Freedman played by Margot Robbie - five

Donna Freedman

- Donna hates her Mum, who frequently outshines her and tries to steal her boyfriends.

- She is good friends with Bridget and Rachel.

- Having been dumped by Ringo when he thought she cheated on him with Zeke, she sought solace in the arms of the person at the centre of the false accusations. Her decision has led to a violent love triangle between the trio.

Margot Robbie

- Born in 1990, Margot has only been acting professionally since 2007, appearing in two feature films.

- She was originally only hired to be a guest on the show, but was soon bumped up to regular cast member.

- This year, she scooped her first Logie nomination as Best New Female Talent.

Memorable Moment

Stepping out with Zeke after Ringo had dumped her caused the two friends to have a fist fight.

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