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Pokemon Global: Online

Beta 5

Beta 5(version 0.5) is now out! The link is at http://pokeglobal.sourceforge.net/game/beta.jnlp . If you already have Pokemon Global installed on your computer, just run the game, and it'll auto-update as usual. This version features:

-The ability to enter buildings and caves(only some unimportant route interiors and Mt. Mortar and Whirl Islands aren't completely accessible yet)
-Trainer NPCs challenge you to a battle now if you walk into their range
-Background music for the start screen, battles and maps(only one music type for each, more will be added later!)
-You can jump down ledges now to get back more quickly!
-Your badges are being listed in your Pokegear (although without an icon)
-Swimming on water by pressing the shift button on your keyboard - But you need at least four badges!
-Our Terms of Service are displayed on login
-People with the same IP address cannot trade or battle with each other
-Tab and Enter work in the login screen
-Badge checks: You need a minimum amount of gym badges to enter certain places - They are worth collecting now!
-Fleeing mechanics: If your Pokemon is not much faster than the wild Pokemon, fleeing from wild battles won't work all the time
-NPCs now face in different directions
-All of Johto

Pokemon: Revolution (Offline Game)

Version 0.9.0

This version expands on the last one in several ways:

  • Sprite selection: Choose from 6 characters when starting a new game.
  • New Kanto Maps: Route 11 and Diglett's Cave
  • Hoenn Region: The region beginning at Littleroot and ending at Slateport.
  • Region crossing: The SS Tidal will ferry you between Slateport and Vermillion.
  • Finally, a new section in the Menu allows you to see all the badges you have collected so far

>>> Download v0.9.0 <<<

Based on Peter O's Starter Kit

Map Editor

Pokemon Global currently uses Tiled (www.mapeditor.org) as its map maker.

Download Tiled

You'll also need the tileset PG currently uses (FireRed/LeafGreen Tileset):

PG Tilesets

For a tutorial on mapping for PG, click here

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