A new foundation to assist footballers

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Saturday, 27. June 2009 - Pit Ruddy

Baichung Bhutia not only toils hard on the greens to bring glory for club and the country, off the field also he has his vision set for the welfare of the football family in India.

It was his initiative due to which the Football Players’ Association of India has become a reality and basically looks into various problems of the footballers. Currently it is pressing hard for the All India Football Federation to device a proper, uniform contract form so that all the controversies regarding transfers are set to rest in the future. No doubt the FPAI, of which Baichung is the president, has been able to bring all the footballers of the country under one umbrella.

Now the superstar is set to form one more foundation, with the intention of benefitting not only the current stars but also the past generation and the general footballers across the county at large. The foundation called the ‘Indian Sports Foundation’ will absolutely deal with various aspects of injury of the footballers. The foundation has been a brainchild of businessman Pradeep Paul. He approached the Indian captain with the idea of forming an association which will take care about the injuries of footballers. Pradeep’s basic thought was, many footballers specially who come from backward situations have to end their career prematurely because they don’t get proper guidance or treatment about the particular injury. Baichung on hearing the proposal decided to include the past footballers also, as many of them had to leave the game because of injury and are still suffering the after effect.

The iconic footballer along with Pradeep Paul approached orthopaedic expert Dr. Vikash Kapoor and famed Chennai-based physiotherapist Dr. Kannan.
Dr. Kapoor treats Baichung whenever he is in Calcutta and Dr. Kannan had handled Houghton’s boys during the AFC Challenge Cup. Both readily agreed and the foundation saw the day of light. The footballers, whoever it may be, from now on can approach the foundation for any help after suffering an injury. Due guidance will be provided, even treatment cost taken care off. The FPAI will come on board very soon once the formalities of forming ‘Indian Sports Association’ is completed.