Up: The Video Game Review (XB360)

Somehow, a story about an old geezer and a floating house turns into a decent video game.

by Chris Buffa on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Based on Disney Pixar's blockbuster film, Up lets players journey to South America as Carl Fredricksen, Wilderness Explorer Russell, Doug the talking dog and Kevin, the exotic bird on the run from the nefarious adventurer Charles Muntz. Thanks to drop-in/drop-out co-op, two players can combine their efforts to complete the game's objectives, from exploring the jungle to battling a giant crocodile. THQ took liberties with the script, but we didn't mind zipping through a churning river, protecting the game's heroes from spiders and collecting treasure. A lack of complexity (and challenge) makes Up a short-lived experience, but players of all ages should enjoy the colorful jungle environments, tag-teaming bad guys and unlocking bonus content; there's even multiplayer (offline-only) for up to four players, and one of the mini-games involves piloting fighter planes.

Some glitches (particularly during the crocodile battle) mar an otherwise satisfying experience, but the designers made up for that with all of the easy achievements and trophies. That makes Up a curiosity for both fans of the film and hardcore gamers looking for an easy way to pad their gamer scores/achievements/trophy collections.

Chris Buffa is GameDaily's senior editor. He enjoys easy achievement points, first person shooters and starting trouble.

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Up: The Video Game

Up: The Video Game
  • GenreAction Adventure
  • Release Date05/26/2009
  • PublisherTHQ
  • DeveloperTHQ
  • ESRBE - Everyone
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