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Observer and Channel 4
A4e's response to the article in the Observer and the Channel 4 news item.

The issues reported in the Observer article on 28th June and on the Channel 4 news item on 30th June relate to two incidents, in one A4e office in Hull. These occurred in late 2007 and autumn 2008, involving two individuals who worked in complete contravention to the company’s policies. 

All the matters raised in the article are known to both A4e and the DWP and have been the subject of both an A4e investigation and a DWP led investigation. 

The A4e investigation revealed that whilst candidates had real job opportunities, these jobs did not meet the funding criteria being less than 13 weeks and 16 hours a week in duration. 

These investigations have resulted in the departure of both individuals from the company and the ceasing of all activity with the employment agency concerned.   
It is disappointing that the actions of two individuals in one office have diverted attention away from the achievements of the thousands of colleagues in A4e who are passionate about supporting long term unemployed people back into work. 

We welcome and support DWP's current welfare reform proposals which will evidence claims for payment through government sourced data when people are no longer on benefit.


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