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            Oceans and Seas

            Area of the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone

            Approaching Lord Howe Island. (Photo: Peter Hill) Australia has the right to explore and exploit the seabed and water column in Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Australia has one of the largest EEZ's in the world with the total area being greater than the nation's land area. The EEZ generally extends to a 200 nautical mile limit from the coastline of Australia, including the external territories. The size of Australia's EEZs is shown in the table below and can be seen in the Examples of Maritime Boundary Maps.

            Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone

            EEZ AREA (km2)
            Heard and McDonald Islands 410 722
            Cocos Islands 463 371
            Christmas Island 325 021
            Norfolk Island 428 618
            Macquarie Island 471 837
            Australia 6 048 681
            TOTAL 8 148 250
            Source: AMBIS 2001. Calculated in November 2000. Note: Area excludes the EEZ off Antarctica.


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            Updated: 04 06 2009