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I Love My Tactical Internet Pants

This is a review of pants.

Okay, for the six of you still reading, I have to tell you something personal: I’ve never been very happy with clothing that wasn’t jeans or shorts. I am a geek, and have a geek’s physique. I’m not unhealthy, per se (I eat salads for lunch almost always, drink soy milk, and try to walk 3 miles a day), but a combination of nature and nurture have left me with, shall we say, a rubenesque form. And work clothes have never fit me well.

For the last half dozen years I’ve made due with the dress khakis from Target for my work attire, and every day when I get home I’m out of them and into my "comfy" clothes as quickly as possible. But all that has changed. I’ve had a clothing epiphany.

If you are a fan of the geekier, techier side of things on the internet, you may know of Andy Ihnatko and/or Merlin Mann, both wonderfullly creative and cool people who are what we call "famous (for the internet)." In various places over the last year or two I’ve heard them extoll the virtues of the "Tactical Internet Pants." Feeling the need to find some workday clothing that I might actually enjoy wearing, I decided to contact the maker (511 Tactical) and see about getting a review- err, copy.  The pants, and a few other things, showed up on Friday, and after a weekend’s worth of wearing, I’m in love.

The first thing is, they fit. I mean, they don’t just snap around my waist correctly, but they are perfectly cut. They hang right, the break just so, and they feel awesome. They’re also tremendously durable and well-made, and… they’re geeky. Indeed, that’s the funny thing about these pants, and why they are becoming popular with the tech-set. They have pockets and rings and slots all over that are perfect for stashing… stuff. Gear. Tech. Gizmos - heck, Andy has said his Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh fits perfectly into one of the side leg pockets, along with his camera and other equipment, making these pants the perfect portable blogging platform.

There’s a whole background here that others have told better than I, but the short story is that these pants were originally designed for climbers. Then the FBI discovered them, and the company started selling to the police and fire departments hard core. Now, the same things that made them popular to the emergency services folks are getting them discovered elsewhere. They are really well-made clothes that are designed to fit a wide range of sizes, and will help you carry and use all the gadgets you need to take with you. Plus, you kind of look like Indiana Jones when you’re wearing them. Kinda.

I also got to wear one of their shirts. Actually, I wore the whole outfit to Easter dinner this weekend, and my mother-in-law actually asked me if I’d lost weight. That right there will be causing me to buy at least two more pairs of pants and three more shirts. The shirts are the same heavy cotton, well-cut, durable, with the coolest pockets - including these velcro slots on the chest where you can slip papers in and stow them securely. It’s like spy stuff!

Obviously I’m not the guy to ask about materials or fabric weights or stuff like that. I just know what I like. And if that’s not enough, check out the extended post below where I’ll embed videos from Andy and Merlin, also talking about the Best. Pants. Ever.

But if it is enough, then go buy yourself some tactical internet pants.

Wired: Rugged, well-made, great relaxed fit, tons of pockets.

Tired: They’re not tux pants, but they’ll do for most business-casual environments.

Price/Maker: $50/511 Tactical

Rating: 10/10 (no hesitation)

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The Only Shirt You Need for Travelling To The Past


You know you’ve imagined once or twice what it would be like to get sent back in time. Problem is, you can’t always guarantee you’ll get sent back with your 1973 Oldmobile Delta 88 and a trunk full of shotgun shells and chemistry books. You might only arrive with the shirt on your back. Well, if that’s going to happen, make sure it’s this shirt.

This shirt has how-to information on all of the low-hanging fruit of our modern age. Go back in time wearing this and you’ll invent heavier-than-air flight! YOU’LL discover penicillin. YOU’LL be the first to isolate aluminum. Did you know aluminum used to be more valuable than gold? YOU’RE GONNA BE RICH.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: this shirt also doubles as an "holy cow if this shirt somehow got sent back in time EVERYTHING WOULD BE
CHANGED" item. This one garment - YOUR SHIRT - can/definitely will/might have already change(d) the entire course of human history.
Wear it with pride!

You can pick up the shirt here.

See a blow-up of the shirt’s information in the extended post.

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Erase Yourself With This “Invisibility” T-Shirt

Okay, maybe not true invisibility. Actually, it’s the newest thing from Reece Ward, the illustrator and geeky t-shirt creator we first showed off about a year go. This time around, he’s giving us a shirt that does what we all wish we could do from time to time - just use the erase tool to take us out of the picture. Thanks, Reece!

Buy the shirt on Red Bubble.

This T-Shirt is Made of Win

How_we_rolltl3detailI had to use that title because I’d already used "Rolls a Critical Hit" previously, though this post really deserves it as well.  I missed this one on the day it came out because we had plenty of other things going on, and really, Wil already had a great week last week.  But in a convergence of cool, Wil also had this t-shirt that he designed come up for sale at  Luckily, those woot folks understand the needs of us geeks, and the shirt is still available in re-print, so if you hurry, you can get one too.

(special thanks to reader Jeff Turley who first pointed us towards this!)

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For the GeekBaby in Your Life: I Love Science Onesies


What greater joy exists for a GeekDad than swaddling the tiniest of his brood in nerdy splendor? Actually, there are several, but dressing your kids up extra geeky is still a treat.

With this in mind, NeatoRama has recently unveiled a new selection of science-themed onesies and toddler t-shirts. Not only can your little one now "heart" anatomy and biology, she can even "<3" computer science. With additional selections like chemistry, engineering, and genetics, all the bases are aptly covered. But let’s be realistic here, no baby loves parasitology.

And before anyone decides to lob the why-would-you-dress-your-kid-in-an-I-Love-Math-t-shirt grenade, let us all stop for a moment and reflect on whether or not your own infants are genuinely Raiders fans. Glass houses, my friends. Glass houses.

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Tee-shirts for the Movie Geek

Cyberdyne_tshirt_01Sick of business casual? Just realized that your Tee-shirt collection has been sadly neglected over the years?  Like movie trivia?  I think the folks at Nerdoh! are the ticket to get you back in the game.

In case the company name doesn’t give it away, Nerdoh’s Tee-shirts are aimed at a geeky crowd, specifically those who revel in the minutiae of cult movies and TV shows.  Designs include logos for fictitious companies, locations and obscure references featured in classic films and TV shows like Dawn of the Dead, Batman: The Dark Knight, The Crow, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars and Star Trek

Yes, you can rock a Black Knight tour shirt, featuring the Black Knight’s logo on the front and a list of places visited by the Knights of the Round Table (ala a concert tour tee), including Castle Aaaargh, Camelot and the Bridge of Death.  Wear a Cross Roads Mall shirt the next time you’re on a zombie walk.  Or, how about smugly displaying your knowledge of Indiana Jones trivia via a Barnett College Tee-shirt?  The next time you’re at a club, opt for the Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes/ Mos Eisley Cantina shirt.  Depending on the venue, you may get pummeled if anyone gets the reference, but at least you can hit the floor knowing your geek cred is firmly intact.

I’m kind of partial to this Cyberdyne Systems/ Skynet number inspired by the Terminator movies myself…

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Back to the Steampunk GeekDad Bling

A while back, we blogged about some neato steampunk jewelry we found.  Well, turns out the artist has rebooted with an all new website, and we’d like to give her a proper plug. Designer Ricky Wolbrom creates some fun pieces - rings, cufflinks, pendants and more with a cool retro look using old watch movements.  Check out the images below, and consider checking out her website at They’re even offering free shipping anywhere as they kick things off this weekend!




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Function Over Fashion: The NES Belt Buckle

There are hacks and then there are haxxors. The following video contains both, and yet neither. Behold the full-size, fully functional NES belt buckle. It’s the NES you can take with you. On your pants. To Circuit City.

You can buy this dream(?!) accessory for a mere $300 from NESBuckle. Assuming, of course, that your dignity is for sale.

Via Engadget

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Spiffing Your Lids

6a00d83451647b69e200e55387f01488335 Hey, you…got a ballcap?

Silly question, I know. Geeks seem to accumulate ballcaps the way that space under the bed accumulates dust mice — caps from work, caps from gear manufacturers, caps from geeky conferences or events, and on and on and on. After time, the caps are about as attractive as the dust, too.

Sweat, grease, garden dirt and all manner of assorted grime accumulates on caps from, it sometimes, seems, out of nowhere. Washing them is a pain, because clothes washers beat them completely out of shape and eventually destroy them. Fortunately, Danny Seo has a solution.

Geeks everywhere tip their ballcaps to you, Danny!

(cap tip to CRAFT)

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That’s No Moon… It’s a T-Shirt!


Pardon our dust. Death Star Under Construction. Just wait until they see the awesome power of this fully functional t-shirt! Available in sizes S-XXL (sorry Jabba…) from