Think the off-season is all about resting for 2009 NBA Champion Jordan Farmar? Not quite. Check out these NBA player offseason workouts!
Two-time MVP Steve Nash walks through his workout plan.
Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace shares fit tips.
All-Star forward Chris Bosh discusses his daily workouts.
Check out stretching tips from NBA and WNBA players and conditioning coaches.
The Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard discusses his pre-game meals and how he manages to stay fit during an 82-game season.
Ready to break out? Find out what the New Jersey Nets point guard eats and drinks to help perform at the maximum level.
Find out what this Detroit Pistons guard, a three-time All-Star, does to keep in shape during both the regular season and off-season.
You'll learn a lot your rookie season. The 2009 NBA Rookie of the Year complements his talents with a ambitious workout routine and diet.
This New York Knicks forward works hard year round, which allowed him to play 81 games this past season.
This Indiana Fever guard is one of the most fit WNBA players. Why? She focuses on eating healthy and training hard.
The Detroit Shock forward, a U.S Olympic Gold Medalist, explains the importance of maintaining a strong core and eating healthy.
Sleep is very important to overall performance on and off the court. The Phoneix Mercury Guard explains how she prepares for a game.
The New Orleans Hornets Head coach explains the type of training and fitness programs his team uses.
The New Jersey Nets Head coach is the second youngest in the league and instills a strong training program for his team.
He's not done yet! The two-time Slam Dunk champion still remains fit after retirement. How does he do it?
The former NBA Star, known as Junk Yard Dog, shares his favorite food and discusses the importance of eating healthy.
The WNBA Legend can't get enough fitness. Find out more about the WNBA Cares Community Ambassador's fitness routines.
The head athletic trainer of the New York Knicks has been a certified athletic trainer since 1971 and knicks trainer since 2005.
Washington focuses on the importance of remaining fit and stretching before and after each game.
Basketball officials play the whole game. Courteau discusses the importance of remaining fit and and eating healthy pre & post game.
Ready to get started? Check out these fun and productive workouts - just for beginners.
Hornets' Strength & Conditioning Coach Jack Manson discusses common nutrition myths.
It's beginning to warm up outside. Learn more about how to appropriately dress for the summer season.
What kind of fitness and healthy living programs does your favorite team have? Find out!
Get your own Personal Fitness Tracker to journal your progress toward achieving your fitness goals.
Feeling overwhelmed to start? Take a look at these small steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle.
These guidelines can assist runners in experiencing a greater running efficiency and a reduced risk for injury.
Are you ready to be NBA FIT? From conditioning tips from NBA and WNBA players, coaches and conditioning coaches to nutrition information from health professionals, you are well-equipped to take your healthy living to the next level.

Putting quality food in your body will maximize your performance on the court. Eating 5 or 6 or even more fruits and veggies every day will help power-up your game by giving your body the fuel it needs to run faster and jump higher.

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