President Omar Bongo

President Omar Bongo

President Omar Bongo is the head of state for Gabon. Research and learn about Gabon at this community portal.

Thousands attend Gabon first lady's burial

Gabon's first lady Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba was laid to rest Sunday in her native country of Congo in front of thousands of people and seven presidents, including her husband and her father.

The wife of Africa's longest-serving leader, Gabonese President Omar Bongo Ondimba, and daughter of Congolese President Denis Sassou Ngesso was buried in the family cemetery in the northern town of Edou.

The burial, nationally televised in Gabon and Congo, was also attended by the presidents of Benin, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Togo.

Gabon's first lady died on March 14 in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, where she had been undergoing treatment for months. She died of an undisclosed illness aged 45.

A doctor of medicine, she married Bongo in 1990 and the couple had two children together.

Edith Bongo, renowned for action against AIDS in Africa, helped create a forum for African first ladies to fight AIDS and founded associations for vulnerable children and people with disabilities.

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