I love Sphinn

I do. It’s great. Since it’s launch I have been introduced to so many great articles on great blogs that I have never even heard of, never mind subscribed to. In fact, of late my attention has been drawn very much away from my RSS subscriptions and more towards the popular posts of the day on Sphinn. It is essentially a user friendly, user controlled version of the searchengineland daily searchcast, plus a whole load of gems from relatively unknown search engine enthusiasts that otherwise wouldn’t have reached the masses. Looking at the home page content today, just some of the great reads are:

That is just a selection of articles I ended up reading in full, fom the Sphinn homepage this evening. Of those sites, 6 I had never even heard of and 8 I didn’t have an RSS subscription to. That really emphasises the power and usefullness of Sphinn to anyone in the search industry

It’s not just about the varied, great quality content - it’s also about the lack of spam, lack of childish ‘contributors’ (*cough* digg *cough*) and the fact that those using it are people genuinley interested in the SEM industry and it’s daily developments.

I just hope it’s popularity won’t be it’s downfall. If it becomes too popular it will become filled with ‘noise’, digg style. That is, below average content ’spamming’ its way to the top in an attempt to gain traffic and ultimately links. That, along with a bunch of left wing Ubuntu lovers waiting to flame anyone not in their select group of virtual geek friends is the reason why I haven’t visited Digg for weeks, if not months. I really hope the same doesn’t happen over at Sphinn.

That said, anything of Danny Sullivan and co normally works out for the best so I have every confidence in it retaining its integrity.

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