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Monday, August 3, 1970

Fanzine Library: Newfangles #8 (March 1968)

News included: death of Rocco (Rocke) Mastroserio; the end of King Comics; the birth of Mort Walker's Boner's Ark; output of Jeff Jones; Gil Kane's leaving DC; plugs for On the Drawing Board and Nostalgia Book Club; articles by Jacquelyn Harper; the "long-long-promised checklist of Dell special edition titles" by Don and Maggie Thompson; and an obsessive chunk of information about circulation statistics.

And this item on page 4: "Fan Makes Good Dept.: Robert Crumb, onetime science fiction fan (publisher of Foo), whose work appeared in the late lamented Help!, is now doing a comic strip called Fritz the Cat for Cavalier. It has been described as the greatest thing in comic art appearing these days. We are unwilling to go that far, but it is great. No kids."

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