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I've noticed that Sky/Lior/RedNinja has been picked on and treated like shit, but for what reason? What did Sky do to deserve this? Who cares if he's Jewish? I mean, come on people, being a pussy to him just because of his religion is just making you look bad. 

 If we really want to revive Return to Blockland, we can't just go "kicking" our players out, because eventually, RTB would just be dead forever.

Spider and I are teaming up to put a stop to this nonsense; Spider's already working on getting a few clans to help out; O2D already has his back.


Welcome to the new and improved GRTB. As you can see, It's gone through a decoration.The website is used for a game called RTB, which you can download in my Downloads Section. The site includes a Guide and a Cheats section, too. It even has it's own Forums, and My very own RTB story.The website receives various amounts of Updates, so stand by, and watch the time fly by!

(If you wish to contact me, my email is billisbill@gmail.com)

 since 6/25/09

I HAVE A PLAYLIST WITH A LOT OF RTB MOVIES. SUBSCRIBE. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrApophis


I will not be able to use filefront for uploading shit, because filefront has a login bug right now. I will be using my megaupload.


Current Events


Well, you might of heard that I had a bunch of pornography stashed in my mod pack thing, but you were right.. It contains no viruses, but it is around 5 mb in all, 800 pictures.. If you want to know, I hid the pics in rtb/rss, for one folder, then the other is in rtb/rss/ui. You're going to enjoy these. here is a link (Lotsa hentai) PornPack


 July fourth is Independance day, a time for red necks to shoot fireworks to amuse their dull-witted brains; a time for nerds to just sit on their computers, jackin it to hentai; a time for everyone to do something as usual, but me? I don't really do "holidays". Not much to say; I just don't really give a fuck about  Independance day, well I kind of do.. I respect my troops at my fullest; what I'm saying is, I respect them so I think of them on 7/4

The News

 July 5th, 2009.

 Wow, this site's getting popular fast! Currently, since now, there have been 51RTB sites I have found, putting me at the #1 in RTB site discovery! My website is the largest, and most frequently updated website, so please rate it 5 stars, and comment on it. I'm working my butt off to provide a fun website for you, please support me. I've made a project that will definity make RTB more popular then Retail blockland. It's a 65 minute long movie, and It will boost RTB popularity by 165,000% if we advertise the movie. I've also worked on removing almost all bad words on my site. Hmm.. Not much to say, but enjoy the website, and join the forums at http://www.blockland.myfanforum.org


June 30th, 2009.

 To prove how much I hate Retail Blockland, I'm going to give my code away! My code is AAFEF-6SHH-LP3Q-EHF6 enjoy. Ha, I'm just kidding ya, it's fake. No, it's real, I'm just yankin-yer chain. Enjoy.


June 19th, 2009.

Well, I'm tired of people talking about how bad RTB is, and how we're talking about how bad REFAIL is, as well, but we have a point. I think we should just ignore the fact that REFAIL even exists. I'd say, we should rebuild RTB, together, (not sexually, pervert..). Okay, I'm getting more epic, and I have a lot of Ideas shining in my head.



June 13th, 2009.

It's official. My new Hamachi network is up and ready. I'm working on some builds for 2.0, so whatever.. Join. It's name is GanonRTB, and it's password is catdog. Enjoy baby.


June 10th, 2009.



June 10th, 2009.

 I AM OFFICIALLY BACK FOR GOOD. I WILL BE PLAYING ON A BASIS OF 3-24 HOURS A WEEK. BAC'S PACK 1.04 WAS FAMOUS, BUT I LOST THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR IT, SO NOW, I'M PRETTY FUCKED, SO I HAVE TO MAKE A BAC'S PACK 1.05/2; I have had permission from back to participate in the creation of 1.04. Now, I will make 1.05/1.5/2.0. (If you didn't know, it was a medium update to 1.03.

Help me out in the making of this if you want. billisbill@gmail.com


 March 24th, 2009.

There have been rumors that I've been secretly back on RTB. Do I object? No. I'm mostly on Retail, but I'll host some mods for RTB here. The whole flippin' community of RTB is almost.. well, evaporating. A lot of the people on RTB think that Retail isn't that good, and that TBM is completely shitty. If you're one of them, you're wrong.Retail Blockland has it's ups and downs. The annoying little eight year olds, perhaps, is one of the most annoying parts of Retail. The fact that Badspot himself never releases any updates unless he feels like it is even worse. On the positive side, Retail has 600 players, easier game play, and a butt  load of mods, it's just a hell of a lot better. In retail, you can save the blocks from another person's server, and play them on your own. You can make Mini games, up to 12 at once, as well as the fact that if you host 1 server, unlike in RTB, you'll have 20-30 people on it.

Update.. I don't really support Rephail anymore; never mind this post...



January 18th, 2009.

It's 2009 now, and if you've been wondering where I have been for the past year, I've been on Retail with most of the other people that used to play RTB. I DON'T hate RTB it's self, but when I said I hated RTB, I meant how the community turned on me for playing on TBM. I have returned, but only privately. A year back, I was one of the most popular players on the game....


Bac's Pack 1.05/1.5/2.0?

Yes, I have gotten permission from back to make 1.04, a few months ago, and It was a huge success, so now, I'm going to be working on 1.05/1.5/2.0. Should include a lot. even a few things made by me >:)

Okay, so I've went to Carlsbad, NM, and we were 3 minutes late from getting in the caverns.. So fuck it, I'm finally allowed to NOT GO ON FUCKING VACATIONS. I'm on Maplestory, and RPG2003 a lot, so I'm busy.

I've been able to make a better looking GUI for the HP, MP, $, and Time screen, but I don't know how to save it like that permanently. Please help me on this. Yay, the site's getting more popular.


How to Host a Server if You Cant Port Forward

If you get TNG, it's awesome like that, or if you're too lazy, then follow the steps below.

 To be able to host, all you have to do is go to This Site and download it. Click Commercial version, then click the Icon and make your own network. Get some people on Hamachi to join your network. To be able to join someone's network, ask them for the name and password. Then Join. To join their server, find their IP, and enter it in the Find Server menu on RTB, then click join.NOW ESTABLISHABLE IN RETAIL BLOCKLAND AND THE BETTER MOD OF BLOCKLAND.


This website I have made has updated a lot. Finally, I would like to post the updates here.

7/05/09 - I've added a lot of stuff; I've added some more to my website, and I have

7/04/09 - Independence Day, you though I would care and take a break? screw you, I'm working my butt of so go flipping join the bloody forums! 50 damned sites I've found RTB related, and so, I'm rewarding myself with a Platinum Trophy! I've also edited the home page, added a few more pages to my site, and have added VOL2 of RTB news! I've decided to make a movie idea.. a year or two if we're lazy..

7/03/09 - I've added a bunch of text; I've deleted Dorso's forums, as well. 51 sites now.

The Guide page has been updated heavily.

7/02/09 - Links section updated; Dorsos website is on. I've edited the "Tricks" section as well.

I've added a Sidebar, a new content box or two, I've added the "Secondary Forums" the forums Dorso owns that I'll help out with, I've added a "Contact people" place too, and I've added a lot of text.

7/01/09 - I've added Sky's website on my links; In total, there are exactly (51) websites in the links section! The Guide has been heavily updated. Bac's Pack 2.0 section updated. I've been working my ass off finding all these websites; I've gotten 10 or more on that are extremely rare.

I've added a Sidebar too.

6/30/09 - I've edited some of the text; no more sex, I've added some content. Added more videos to the collection. ALL VIDEOS FROM THE YEAR 2006 OF RTB THAT I HAVE FOUND HAVE BEEN ADDED ON.

6/25/09 - I've added 2 more sites to links section; yay btw. I've edited my rtb life a little bit, I've added some more text. I've removed the "Remember; World of Whorecraft sucks"; though I prove a point. I've expanded Bac's Pack 2.0 Release to December 31st, 2009. (I need to take a break from the computer) Oh yeah, pulverize my black ass! Shut up Michael! Michael Jackson was a good musician, I'll listen to his 80's music 4ever bitches



This is for other shit....

For fucks sake, the fucking chat server is Here


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News Volume One

Well, I've noticed that RTB is dieing out hastily, and at that same moment, a lot of old players are coming back; old members including Me, and others. There are around 600 members of RTB, from what I have seen. 2006, It was very popular for a blockland game... but 2007, over 60% of all those people went away, leaving us under 100 people.. then, slowly.. there's been 30 people.. If this rate keeps up at this speed, while the speed old people are coming back.. by my calculations; we're fucked.

But don't worry, there is hope.. :D If we advertise RTB, raise and treat our newbies well, we can have the RTB we have wanted; the old RTB. J3wel is back.

News Volume Two

Well, Return to blockland is getting a little more popular.. My website as well. I'm producing a movie; If you wish to join, you'll find how. Look around my site.

There have been a lot of updates, and I would appreciate if you advertise my website. Please, enjoy.

There are more people coming back to RTB! I have a plan, I plan to advertise a vid of RTB and put video responses of it everywhere.

It seems that 40% of the RTB community is against Sky because he's Jewish. Man, I wish I was a Jew, then I'd become even more intelligent then I am now, as an Agnostic Atheist.

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