So here were the angels what were going to rock the late 80's. The nation wide search began in 1988. The search took three months and eleven cities to find the newest angels for the new show Angels'88 to air on Fox Network in the fall of 1988.

Yet, this series was set up a little differently than it's big sister series Charlie's Angels which ruled in television in the late '70s. The series was based on the four angels who were ex-actresses who started their own detective agency when their detective series is canceled.

In the nation wide search, Tea Leoni was discovered in Boston, MA. She was one of the thousands who auditioned. She had written on the bottom of her photo "Yikes!" - this one word got her in to read for the part and won one of the prized roles of Angels '88. The other three Angels were LA based actresses.

Although there was a huge media frenzy over the newest Aaron Spelling "Angel" project the series had a tough time making it to the small screen. There seemed to be problems with writing of the scripted which turned the series to be filmed in 1989. After the delays the title had to be changed from Angels '88 to Angels '89!

Finally the show never made it on the air. The stars of the show were Claire Yarlett as Connie Bates, Sandra Canning as Pam Ryan, Karen Kopins as Trisha Lawrence and Tea Leoni as Bernie Colter. It was been rumored that the Angel '88 never went before the cameras, but it has also been said that there was a pilot shot. Yet, no one has ever seen one! This series went to heaven even before getting on the air!

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