L'Equipe: Moreni of Cofidis positive

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

By TdFblog

L'Equipe.fr | Moreni contrôlé positif

cyclingnews.com | Moreni positive for testosterone

Cristian Moreni of the Cofidis squad has tested positive for exogenous testosterone, according to l'Equipe.

Moreni apparently tested positive in a random test after Stage 11, where he finished 102nd. Adding a cruel twist to the story, Moreni and his Cofidis teammates were among those who delayed the start of the stage to call attention to their “Movement for a Credible Cycling.”

Cofidis will exit the Tour - here's the story in l'Equipe.


Yahoo! Eurosport | Cofidis withdraw after Moreni positive

He has been arrested by French police, while the hotel of the Cofidis team in Lescar has been searched.

VeloNews.com | Moreni and Cofidis leave Tour

Notes that Cofidis chose not to ask for a B-sample test (I thought that was the rider's call), and claims Cofidis was “invited to withdraw” as was Astana yesterday.

cyclingnews.com | Stage 16: Moreni finishes stage 16 to face news of his positive doping control for testosterone

James Raia | Who Are the Teams in the Tour de France?

Notes that Cofidis has the 2nd largest budget in the Tour, at about $13.6 million annually (behind T-Mobile, more than $20 million).

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