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Public lighting is the single largest source of local government's greenhouse gas emissions, typically accounting for 30 to 50% of their emissions. There are 1.94 million public lights - one for every 10 Australians - that annually cost $210 million, use 1,035 GWh of electricity and are responsible for 1.15 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Current public lighting in Australia, particularly for minor roads and streets, uses large amounts of energy and financial resources, while often failing to provide high quality lighting. There are many ways to improve lighting quality while reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions as well as lowering costs.

LIGHTING THE WAY - a Local Government Guide

This guide provides information to assist local governments in improving the public lighting of minor roads in their communities while reducing their greenhouse emissions, lowering their costs and decreasing their liability and risk.

Case Studies - Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Efforts by local councils to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from public lighting are gathering momentum. These case studies illustrate what local government is doing around Australia.

Public Lighting Calculator

The Calculator allows you to compare current lighting for a council area with alternative lighting solutions.

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