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The Traffic Plan: Social Media Training and Marketing Funnel

Let’s face it, many of the traditional ways to market are simply too costly and no longer effective. I have invested the past several years to learn what I know about online marketing, but that is not easily transferable and surely not duplicable.

It has been frustrating to me as I researched many systems only to find hype and empty promises. I was also frustrated as I know I cannot be all things to all people and we have team members in the US, Canada, Europe, the middle East, Japan, and Australia and I simply cannot train and support thousands of people and neither can you. We needed a system.

I have been looking for the right system to share that would allow people to get trained, equipped and begin to generate leads for their own businesses…regardless of what they are building online. You really have to tour the system to understand the wisdom of this strategy to brand you and then attract the right people to your business.

Also, and this is CRITICAL. I am doing my best to share with my personal team members, BUT if you joined a business with us through one of my team members, PLEASE get their link. DO NOT use mine. There is no way to change the coding if you don’t and I am not going to be concerned with the potential of one person bypassing the right channel vs. getting this out to everyone today.

My personal link is at theTRAFFICplan - Click Here

Take the tour and you will see what I saw if you have been looking to take your business to the next level. I personally don’t care if you just use the free system, but I want you to take ownership for your business and commit to learning something new every week.

People are struggling building their business and there are many reasons for that. Most simply do not have the training, nor the system and they are leading with their primary opportunity or service. This simply no longer works or I should say, this no longer duplicates well.

The above was the answer for my team members after an exhaustive 7 month search for a generic marketing system that can be leveraged to train and build any online business, without the typical hype. It allows even the free members to get valuable training on social media, branding oneself, and lead generation. For the paid members, it is only $37, which is a bargain vs. the thousands I have spent to learn this same information, and I did not have a hosted system either.

Whether we are building a business together or not, you can leverage this generic system to build any online business.

For leaders, it allows us to focus on what we do best. Scroll down the page for my testimonial. If you are looking to learn to market online and grow your network, this is a great place to start. If you have a team, leverage your time and let the experts train and equip them with the proper training and tools, when it comes to time consuming online marketing.

OK, my personal link again is at theTRAFFICplan - Click Here.

Enjoy your tour and theTRAFFICplan owners will be adding a ton of training and functionality in July.

Jack Weinzierl

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