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Moomba Waterfest » Moomba history » Moomba Monarchs

Moomba Monarchs

Moomba Monarchs

The Moomba Monarchy has been one of the most celebrated and controversial components of the festival over the years. The Queen of Moomba was the first to be introduced in 1955. This was followed by the crowning of the first Queen of the Pacific and first King of Moomba in 1967. At times, all three Royals reigned concurrently, but by 1988 this gender-specific system was supplemented by a single representative monarch. The final Moomba Monarch reigned in 1999.

Moomba recently introduced a new role of honour. 'Beyond Blue' representative Carrie Stoney gained title of Young Ambassador in 2003 and Deaf Olympian basketballer, Sam Quinn, was awarded the title in 2004. Alan Wu was recognised for his contribution toward youth advocacy in 2005 and in 2006 Natalie Bassingthwaighte was awarded the honour for her Variety Club charity fundraising.

Moomba Queens""

1955 Beverley Stewart
1956 Fay Chapman
1957 Patricia Bramwell
1958 Norma Jones
1959 Honnie Freger
1960 Pat Tudor
1961 Rhonda Parker
1962 Gillian Munro
1963 Anne Maree Cafarella
1964 Ria Luyben
1965 Pauline Verey
1966 Erica McMillan
1967 Patsy Earp
1968 Judy Fenelon
1969 Janine Forbes
1970 Fiona Ross
1971 Carolyn Gibbs
1972 Debbi Scott
1973 Janice Bridgeford""
1974 Marianne Perrott
1975 Aurora Laurins
1976 Julie Costa
1977 Sharyn Duncan
1978 Deanna DeBona
1979  Michelle Worsley
1980  Elizabeth Egan
1981  Kim Formosa
1982  Sharon McKenzie
1983  Linda Knight
1984  Kim Kermonde
1985  Anne Erikson
1986  Ingrid Johansen
1987  Marita Jones

Queens of the Pacific

1967 Betty Lim Saw Yim (Princess of Malaysia)
1968 Baby Santiago (Princess of the Philippines)
1969 Hiroko Suzuki (Princess of Japan)""
1970 Deirdre Bruton (Princess of New Zealand)
1971 Nelia Sancho (Princess of the Philippines)
1972 Abigail Banglos (Princess of Hawaii)
1973 Irene Soetanto (Princess of Indonesia)
1974 Doris Dodge (Princess of California)
1975 Fransisca Warastoti (Princess of Indonesia)
1976 Suzie Cross (Princess of Australia)
1977 Lei Maa (Princess of Hawaii)

Moomba Kings

1967 Robert Morley (British Actor)
1968 Tito Gobbi (Italian Opera Singer) *Believed to have abdicated
1969 Alfred Marks (British Actor)
1970 Johnny Famechon (Champion Australian Boxer)
1971 Lou Richards-Jester (Singer)
1972 Johnny Farnham (Singer)""
1973 Sir Douglas Nicholls (Aboriginal Minister)
1974 Sir Robert Helpmann (Ballet Dancer and Choreographer)
1975 Rolf Harris (Entertainer)
1976 Barry Crocker (Entertainer)
1977 Mickey Mouse (Disney Character) & Ugly Dave Gray-Jester (TV Personality)
1978 Bert Newton (TV Personality)
1979 Graham Kennedy (TV Personality)
1980 Paul Cronin (Actor)
1981 Lou Richards (Sportsman and Television Compere)
1982 Frank Thring (Actor)
1983 Darryl Somers (Entertainer)""
1984 Kevin Bartlett (Champion Footballer)
1985 Ian Molly Meldrum (Entertainer)
1986 Peter Brock (Driver)
1987 Paul McNamee (Tennis Player)

Moomba Monarchs

1988 Jo Pearson (Television personality)
1989 Con the Fruiterer (Comedian)
1990 David Hanison (Civilian – Taxi driver)
1991 Tony Shaw (Collingwood Footballer)
1992 Keith Dunstan
1993 The Oarsome Foursome (Olympic Rowers)
1994 Andrew Gaze (Sportsperson)
1995 Cathy Freeman (Sportsperson)
1996 Marina Prior (Singer)
1997 Lano and Woodley (Comedians)
1998 Denise Drysdale (Television Personality)
1999 Zig and Zag (Clowns)

Young Ambassador

2003 Carrie Stoney (BeyondBlue - Walk Beyond the Blues)
2004 Sam Quinn (Australian Deaflympic Basketballer)
2005 Alan Wu (Committee member of various Youth Councils & Committees)
2006 Natalie Bassingthwaigthe (Variety Club Ambassador & Entertainer)


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