Since 1993 we designed and built a variety of boats. Sail and powered. Slops and multi-hulls. Luxury and sport.
On this page you can learn about our own software we use for boat design

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See a demo video on how to use Bio Design and Displacement.

Before you begin

Having sketches on paper before creating 3D model is very important since reproducing the sketched curves in Bio Design requires time and patience. Bio Design is a simple but powerful tool for drawing Bezier curves. Have your 3 projections on paper ready, use ruler to know exact key positions of the connection points for your virtual model. You need to enter only one side of your model. 

Bio Design is not a tool for creating sketches. 

You don’t need to use Bio Design if you have your 3D model in other 3D modeling system, like AutoCAD. You can export your model as a DXF file with 3D surfaces and run hydrostatic calculations on it in Displacement. Bio Design was developed for our needs because in early 90s we did not have a better way to create a precise 3D model for hydrostatic calculations.

Download a DEMO version

The only limitation of the DEMO version is that saving your model files is not allowed. Click here to download the installation of the Bio Design/Displacement software for Win32 platform (Not compatible with VISTA)

Further development

This project was not developed since initial release in 1997. If you see a potential of this software please consider donating any small amount via Secure PayPal button below. We are eager to continue further development of this software with more up to date cross-platform technology and improved usability. Your donation will most definitely accelerate this process


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