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Exclusive Pics: Copenhagen

Posted under Blog, Photos on July 12, 2009

Britney performed for her largest audience yet on Saturday night. The crowd in Copenhagen was filled with 40,000 fans!

Photos by Jeffrey Fiterman

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July 13, 2009 1:15 PM

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  1. raeez jacobs said:
    1 day ago

    britney is so hot coppenhagen loves britney...
    rock on're the best!!!!!

  1. Sascha Christensen said:
    1 day ago

    This was amazing! She looked so hot, and she did such an amazing job! And I know this isn't the last time i'm going to see Brit!
    Keep doing what you're doing, i'll always believe in you <3

    love from denmark, copenhagen ..

  1. forthekoolnu said:
    1 day ago

    Hey lady .....looking good as always....always love your style ..........good luck on your tour........

  1. Lang said:
    1 day ago

    Simply AWEsome!

  1. Amandine said:
    1 day ago

    We attended britney's concert in PARIS and she is fabulous, elegant, and exteremely talented. With my husband we were amazed by her show. Keep your brown hair!

  1. EGR said:
    1 day ago

    very beutiful and hot

  1. dylan said:
    1 day ago

    amazing !!!!

  1. Dorthe said:
    1 day ago

    Fantastic show... It was just amazing finally seeing Britney live!
    The song variation was also great, both a lot of new ones and the classic ones...

  1. sjkahjsak said:
    1 day ago

    britney you the bestttttttt ily!!

  1. stephaniee said:
    1 day ago

    Wow wow wow wow and wow!!Britney u look amazing!!Love the new hair do!:D


  1. Jane Margaretha said:
    1 day ago


  1. alex said:
    1 day ago

    britney i loveee u!

  1. johnathan said:
    1 day ago

    she looks amazing here wow I am impressed

  1. liz said:
    1 day ago

    I saw Britney's Show in Anaheim in April, SHE WAS FANTASTIC!! BUUUT looking at these photos, SHE HAS LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT, she looks AMAZING! WOW! the tour has really toned her up!

  1. leslie said:
    1 day ago

    i hope i am beautiful as you!!!

  1. alan said:
    1 day ago

    OMG... Brit u look amazing.. cant wait to see u again in houston.. love :)

  1. paranel said:
    1 day ago

    Britney rules the world of pop music. Belgium Loves Britney Spears.

  1. Leonardo said:
    1 day ago

    Wow!! It's great to see how gorgeous Britney looks!!

    I really like her...!

  1. Alice said:
    1 day ago

    Wow, that looks so fun. (: Britney, your body looks amazing!

  1. antu said:
    1 day ago

    very beautifull, i love brit (L

    TOUR ARGENTINA! please..

  1. aaron said:
    1 day ago


  1. Aubrey said:
    1 day ago

    OMG Britney looks so gorgeous!!! 40,000 is a lot and it just shows how much people love Brit Brit!!

  1. Erin said:
    1 day ago

    She looks great, wish I could see her live!!

  1. francisco said:
    1 day ago

    Hey britney you look soooooooooooooooooo HOT!! Cant wait to see you again in HOuston !! you should totaly do a duet with Beyonce will be awsome

  1. brittany said:
    1 day ago

    Britney you are so gorgeous. never stop doing what you do :)

  1. Mariii said:
    1 day ago

    my DIVA!!!!!!!
    I LuV You so Much!!!!!!
    You look so Preeetyyyyyy

  1. michael r said:
    1 day ago

    Go Britney!!! That's alot of fans that came to see you. Lol the 4-28 Chicago was the best yet can anyone beat that? LOL. Damn I can't say it enough your body is amazingly tone! Love the brown hair! You are HOT!!! Keep it up girl!!!

  1. momo said:
    1 day ago


  1. Emilie said:
    1 day ago

    I should have been to this koncert but there was no tickets back :CI try to win tickets in so many Competitions... I hope you will give koncert in Denmark again soon!:D
    I LOVE YOU<3emilie from denmark..

  1. Annie said:
    1 day ago

    Wow! I love her brown hair, she looks really beautiful and sexy.

  1. francisco spears said:
    1 day ago

    you're so sexy and the best sing of pop

  1. Valerie said:
    2 days ago

    I hope everyone who call Britney fat look at those pictures and swallow back their words. She looks HOT.

  1. Efka said:
    2 days ago

    I was there !! Every show was amaizing !! I love Britney !! <3 regards from Copenhagen

  1. mehrdad said:
    2 days ago

    she looks so good