[07/07/2009] "FOREVER IS THE WORLD" album cover!

We are proud to present the 7th Theatre of Tragedy album cover!
This was one again made by the ingenious artwork wizard Thomas Ewerhard. Following up his excellent work on "Assembly" and "Storm", Thomas has once again managed to amaze us with his skills.
The album artwork is also a challenge to the die hard ToT fan.Somewhere inside this cover there are incorporated elements from all 6 studioalbumcovers for the band.
See if you can find it?

[06/30/2009] Album done! Official Tracklist!

The album is finally completely done!
Mastering went great and Mr. Engelmann did a marvelous job.
We can now officially announce the final running order for the upcoming "Forever is the World" album:

01. Hide and Seek
02. A Nine Days Wonder
03. Revolution
04. Transition
05. Hollow
06. Astray
07. Frozen
08. Illusions
09. Deadland
10. Forever is the World

The album will be available in three different versions.
A limited digipak with one bonus song, a very limited double vinyl version with two bonustracks (one exclusive only for vinyl edition!) and finally a regular jewelcase.
The albumcover is almost done and will be announced shortly.
August 1st should see the premiere of the first soundclip. Stay tuned!


The 7th Theatre of Tragedy album has finally gotten a real title:
The official release date has been set for september 18th in Europe. Other releasedates will follow.
The songs are currently in the middle of mixing and the results sounds great. Very ToT like, and not! Mastering will be done by the infamous Bjørn Engelmann at Cutting Room in Sweden.

[06/01/2009] News update 7th album!

All the basic recordings are finally done and the final and most important part of the albummaking process have started.
Alex (producer) started mixing the album on june 1st and will spend the better part of the month making the album as great as possible.
Some songtitles are "Frozen", "Deadland", "Illusions", "Hide and Seek", "Forever is the World", "A Nine Days Wonder" and "Hollow".
As of now no one really knows which songs will be on the 10 track album.
Here are some videoclips from the studio. Enjoy!

The Album title and cover art will soon be revealed!

[05/22/2009] studio may 2009

[05/21/2009] studio report: guitar recordings

Twin feeds - Tales of the Terrible Twosome

In true rock'n'roll spirit, the Toxic Twins stuffed a car full of hardware and hit the road, due East.They pulled up to the studio in spectacular sunshine, on the first dayof May, under a sky so blue it hurt your eyes. The Two wasted no timeunloading, getting indoors and below ground before the fresh spring aircould do any serious damage.Thick walls. Old, heavy carpets. Locked doors. No windows. It was home away from home.

Neither of the Twins had really met Alex the Producer before. Butlittle did it matter - halfway into their first cup of splendid coffee- freshly brewed, strong, and black as a wet bible on a starless night- the three were as comfy as three pensioners on a cemetery bench.

From here it was all smooth sailing; nothing broke down, amps and axesplayed along nicely, nothing burned, fizzed or started smoking (unlessit was lit on fire), and communication was so good that saying "thisguitar needs more top hat" made perfect sense.In fact, the recording sessions went so incredibly smooth that it makesfor an incredibly dull read. The fun stuff only happens when somethinggoes wrong, and things just wouldn't.

Big hands go to Alex (Møklebust), for his perfect balance ofprofessionalism and sillyness (and damn good coffe); T1 for his knobfiddling and an acoustic guitar that deserves its own hat; T2 formaking the e-bow sessions painless; Magnus (Westgaard) for his rocksolid (get it?) bass guitar mastery; and Mads (Størkersen), for hisdeadpan cheerfulness (you can tell he's enjoying himself, really).

[04/29/2009] Album update

The studio is getting closer now!
Start date is Friday 1st of may and Vegard and Frank have all the guitarstuff ready and will head for oslo thursday evening, punkrock styled, with the car full of weird guitarshit.
Hein and Pzy_coma ( from The Kovenant) are nearly done editing the drums and Lorentz is completing the last synth and piano lines.
Raymond and Nell are brushing up on their lyrical creativity and some song titles will be revealed soon.
Expect some real surprises on this album!
As a taster here is a small videoclip from the drumrecordings.
Da ToT Crew

[02/10/2009] New album update

Time for some updates.
Things are slowly moving forward with the next album.
As usual with the Theatre machinery there are many things to take into consideration when doing stuff and recently we were forced to change collaborators for the production of the album, and postpone the recordings.
But fear not the heavy responsibility has been entrusted to Alexander Møklebust (Zeromancer, Seigmen, Gåte, Monomen, Delaware etc) and the ToT crew will enter Room 13 in May and June for recordings and general mayhem!
Estimated release from AFM is end of september. Rumour has it that there will be a vinyl version for the diehard fans.
We´ll keep you posted.

[12/14/2008] new demo clip for christmas

Another year has passed and not much has happened publically with the band.
Rest assured we haven´t just been lazy (well a bit of that too :-). The year has mainly been spent writing and rehearsing the new material for the upcoming 7th theatre of tragedy album.
So far 12 songs are done and 10 of those will make it to the album.
As usual we are nowhere near a title for the album, not even a songtitle is ready, but it will come.
The drums have been recorded together with a really nice guy called alexander nyhus ( and now we are waiting for our producer to finish up his current project with some elderly pop legends :-)
Recordings are planned for february and march so a release date should be either june or august depending on what AFM Records want to do.
Erik Ljunggren will be handling the production side of things. We are very pleased about working with him again. He knows the band very well and is a wizard when it comes to sound.
He has turned the knobs for the kovenant, kari rueslåtten, a-ha, seigmen, zeromancer ,satyricon. But for us he will alway be the mastermind of the legendary industrial metal band Vampire State Building. We even played support for VSB in our early beginnings of 1995. Time goes by fast.

As the year reaches an end we want to wish you all a nice christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and a happy new year.
Here is a new democlip for all of you to enjoy over the holidays!

theatre of tragedy

[10/02/2008] 15 years of ToT celebration

Today, thursday 2nd of October, Theatre of Tragedy celebrate the bands 15th birthday!
It is 15 years since Hein, Raymond and Lorentz met each other in a smelly old basement to put together the band we know and love.
To mark this occasion keyboard player Lorentz Aspen has issued this statement:

"As the youngest member and spending half of my time on earth as a ToT member, the band and the music has been a great part in my life.
It has been a journey of tremendous emotions, both good and bad that I'd never be without.
A great thank you to all of the people in the world that have made all of these things possible for us. I sincerely hope that we will be able to perform for you for years to come.
Thank you."

We want to show our appreciation for our fans by offering a special version of the song "beauty in deconstruction (original version)" that has the extra one minute that was cut out of the version from the EP "Storm".
You can download the track here.

Singer Nell has this to say about her time in Theatre of Tragedy:

"For about four years now I've been in this theatre.
No doubts it's been good, and it's been... not always so good. Being forced to deal with 'other issues' instead of focusing on the music, has been kind of frustrating from time to time.
I want to say thanks a lot to all of you that's been supportive to the band.
Hope to see you all on tour soon!
And remember this: Rock is not dead! :-) "

Drummer Hein Frode Hansen has this to say:

"To imagine doing what I love the most in this world for so long is incredible!
Theatre of Tragedy is in my blood. This will never change.
We have been to hell and back and back again and so forth. Nothing can break the bond we have.
A million thanks to all the fans out there that have made this possible!"

The band has just finished the preproduction of 12 songs for their upcoming album and are very exited about the material.

Theatre of Tragedy will try to keep you all informed about the progress right here on the website.

Champagne and Jack Daniels will flow tonight!
Here's to the Theatre...

[08/21/2008] Alive and Kicking!

We are happy to announce we're still alive and kicking!

The recordings for Number 7 are planned for Jan/Feb 2009, with an AFM release in May/June. The new material will be as diverse as every Tragedian - so stay tuned!

Plus, we've enclosed some pictures right out of our holy halls - only Ray was too shy to smile into the cam. Who will encourage him?

[03/18/2008] 15 years ToT

15 years in the business this year!
7th album in the making.
More news soon!

[10/09/2007] Poland gigs cancelled

Bad luck or bad promoters?

Once again shows had to be cancelled in the last minute.
This time both polish shows will have to go.

It is very important to stress that it is NOT the band that has made this decision! We had everything ready on our part and were waiting for the final flight and travel details.
These never came from the promoters and they told us they were not going to supply them either.
In other words: we have no way of doing the shows.
Nice of you :-(

These shows were actually going to help us finance and be able to do the Moscow show.
When these shows were cancelled it made things a bit difficult. But fear not, after days of hard work and persistence we have managed to arrange for this show to happen. Thanks to the Russian promoter as well as our patience and persistent tour manager/booking agent at pluswelt.

So Moscow here we come!
Be sure to be there to show your support for your local promoter and ToT!
We are very sorry, Poland. Blame your local promoter!

[07/26/2007] ToT concert live broadcast!

The concert in Tirgu Mures (Romania) tomorrow (27.07.07) at the Peninsula Festival will be broadcasted live via webcam through!

[07/04/2007] MOSCOW Rrrrraz, dwa, drie!

For all the ToT heads in Moscow we have decided to add Moscow and the Tochka club to the Polish dates.
The date: Sunday 14.10.2007.
Looking forward to ravaging Russia again.
Hope they let us in the same day we arrive this time!
Da ToT crew

[06/24/2007] THEATRE OF TRAGEDY TOUR 2007

10-14-2007 - Moscow (RU), Tochka

[06/24/2007] ToT in Poland

Theatre of Tragedy have scheduled two shows in Poland. See Tourdates for more info.
Check out the tour poster.

[05/25/2007] Festival appearance and album news

The Theatre awakens from their slumber: Theatre of Tragedy will be one of the headliners of this years Peninsula Festival in Tirgu Mures, Romania.
The band will play a full headliner set on friday the 27th ofJuly all the way up in the transylvanian mountains!

In further news the band has started rehearsing and writing new material for their upcoming 7th studio album.
As of now there are many ideas floating around and ToT hope to have them all neatly arranged into some kick ass material by the end of the year.
Stay tuned!

[04/05/2007] website down/band news

"Some of you might have noticed that the website was down, some didn't.
The rumours of our demise is highly exaggerated we just forgot to pay the webhosting bill and one thing turned into another and the site was shut down. So fortunate for some we are still here. Unfortunate for some as well.

Many have mailed the band and asked what is going on these days. Let’s try to sum up some of the things.
Being in a band for as long as we have takes more time and effort than people might imagine.
Not millionaires yet (not even Raymond) and still have to work for a living makes the actors in the Theatre tired after a long day of being slaves to the grind (yes we know it is a Skid Row song). And with a few studies and family expansions things are taking even longer. ;-)

Even so the work has started on a new album. There are some ideas that were lying around since “Storm” and there are some new ones as well.
Nobody knows what things might sound like in the end. Too early for that. When the album will be recorded is a mystery for all.

There will be some shows from july and on but nothing is finalized yet. Apart from a full hour and half show in Romania. More details later.

So keep spinning “Storm” and for those that didn’t get it yet: GET IT! It won’t be 4 more years for the next. And it is a damn good album!

By the way, Nell has contributed some vocals on “The Mundane and the Magic” on the forthcoming Dark Tranquility album. Or maybe it is out already. Who knows."


[01/16/2007] END OF ANOTHER YEAR

So another year comes to an end.
The business is not like it used to be. Cancellations can do something to your motivations.
There is talk, there is plans. Nothing structured, nothing organized. Going through ideas that might be songs or not. A few songs ready. A couple of shows will go down.
Let's see what the new year can bring forth!
Happy new year to all of our listeners, old and new.
Thanks for the support in 2006!

[10/20/2006] ToT gig at Metal female voices fest cancelled!

Unfortunately we have to announce that THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have to cancel their show at the METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST in Belgium this weekend due to sickness of 2 band members (one of those is the singer).
The band has already announced to be willing to do the show at next year`s event. Apologies for this inconvenience.

[07/17/2006] Nebelmoor festival cancelled!

Unfortunately the Nebelmoor festival 10.09.2006 has been cancelled completely.
Hard times for small festivals. Too bad. Were looking forward playing it.

[07/14/2006] UK Press reviews

Some killer reviews has been appearing in the UK press lately:

Terrorizer 8/10
Kerrang 4/5

Maybe time to come over there for more shows and conquer?


ToT will appear at the METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST 4.

Date : 21st of October 2006

Venue : Oktoberhallen

Address : Schroverstraat, 18 - 9280 WIEZE - B

Shows in Israel and Turkey are in the planning later this fall as well.
Unfortunately the planned South America tour has been cancelled due to various reasons. We hope to find replacement shows in the near future.

[06/08/2006] ToT radio interview

An interview with ToT's drummer Hein will be broadcasted on the Batcave show on Tuesday 13. June from 9-midnight UK time at

[05/19/2006] Competition winners!

Finally the competition winners have been selected.
We're sorry that it took somewhat longer than planned.
We are proud to present you the 4 winners of the creative competition together with their creative entries now:

ToT-Debris (Yntrope Mix) - Nate Witwer, USA (signed "Storm" album)
Polish ToT fansite - Ayin, Poland ("Storm" t-shirt)
ToT Wallpaper - Nashroll, Malaysia ("Storm" t-shirt)
ToT cover - Ioannis Palaiologos, Greece (signed ”Storm” album)

And we also have drawn a couple of winners from the normal competition:

signed "Storm" posters:

  • Syakirin Zikri, Malaysia
  • Kirsten Jensen, Denmark
  • Pierre Chatila, France
  • Maja Spiljak, Slovenia
  • Kristof Gielen, Belgium

signed "Storm" EPs:
  • Jeff Tierno, USA
  • Søren Jensen, Denmark
  • Dallas Handcock, Australia
  • Joël Loyens, Belgium
  • Marco Melley, Italy

2 concert tickets (any show in 2006):
  • Carlos Tirado, Chile
  • Dalila Cornejo Ramirez, Chile
  • Xavier Altamirano, Mexico

2 girlie shirts:
  • Elke Hendrickx, Belgium
  • Peggy Treyße, Germany

The winners will receive their prizes soon.

[05/05/2006] STORM release dates

A big thanks to all the people who have attended our shows during the "'Storm" tour!

Releasedates for "Storm" across the world:

North America: 27th June
South America: 26th May (they really wanna do a big campaign with bigadvertisements, etc.)
Russia: 26th May
Japan/Asia: 27th June

There is also a South American tour in the planning for the first half of August. More details will follow.

[04/04/2006] New competition

We have created a new competition for you!
Check out this page to see the prizes and enter the competition.


No tourdates announced

Info: / Tickets in Germany:

[03/28/2006] Chart entry

The band recently entered the DAC charts with the song "Storm".

[03/28/2006] ToT Video to be featured in Norwegian Topp20 show

ToT’s new "Storm" video will be shown on the Norwegian Topp 20 TV show on NRK1 on Friday the 31st of March.

Tune in to the channel from 16:00-18:00 to catch a glimpse of the video!

[03/28/2006] Nürnberg Show cancelled

The show in Nürnberg is cancelled. The promoter is working on a replacement show. Stay tuned for updates.

[03/27/2006] Storm raging over Europe

The new Theatre of Tragedy CD "Storm" is now out in the European shops!
In Germany it has already been released last Friday (March 24th).

Get swept away by the Storm, too!

[03/22/2006] Show in Rome cancelled

The show in Rome, Italy on the 12th of April is sadly cancelled, but the date will be replaced by a show in Genoa, Italy at the Logo Loco club.

[03/22/2006] Bjørnar Landa session guitarist

Bjørnar Landa (Deathfare, Artifact) will be stepping in for Frank Claussen on the upcoming European tour.

Since Frank sadly couldn't make the tour, we are very happy to have Mr. Landa along for our stormy ride over Europe.

[03/21/2006] ToT month in Tel Aviv, Israel

The Velvet Goth Fashion shop in Tel Aviv, Israel have made April an exclusive Theatre of Tragedy month. The first 20 customers to purchase items over 500 shekels will receive a free "Storm" CD. This is the same shop that hosted a signingsession with the ToT DJ-Crew last week.See for more info.

[03/19/2006] Storm video online!

The complete video for Storm is now available online for your viewing pleasure!

[03/15/2006] New videoclip to "Storm" will be aired this weekend!

The "Storm"-video is ready for rotation!
This weekend we will post the clip on Pages of Tragedy for you to watch.

The band was just featured in an interview with the local TV-Vest channel and also the national TV-Norge.
The interview will be aired this week and the video will be shown as a world premiere on this Saturday, March the 18th.

[03/15/2006] New soundclip "Fade" from the forthcoming album "Storm"

This clip is from the song Fade. A monumental song which maybe some of you already heard on our liveshows in recent time.

[03/03/2006] New soundclip "Ashes and Dreams" from the forthcoming album "Storm"

An excerpt of "Ashes and Dreams" from the album "Storm" is now online!

[03/03/2006] ToT finished with shooting the video for ”Storm”

The video was shot Saturday the 25th of February in Nürnberg.
The location was at a huge old building and the video was shot inside the wall in catacomb-like rooms. There was no more than maybe 1 degree Celsius and with the heavy use of windmachines we made excessive use of the gas heater on set.
The band was filming many different scenes and wrapped everything up at 00:30 Saturday night, luckily no one got ill from this freezing day. Here are some pictures.

[03/02/2006] ToT DJ-Crew heading for Tel Aviv

Hein Frode Hansen and Lorentz Aspen are heading for Tel Aviv to DJ at the Living Dead Tel Aviv Club the 16th of March 2006.
In the biggest club in Tel Aviv the “Back2Back” Dj-crew of ToT will play some tasters from the forthcoming album “Storm” as well as some rocking gothic metal tunes, especially selected for this night.

At the same time Ronan from VNV Nation will also DJ in the electro room in the club.

[02/28/2006] Single "Storm" released in Europe

The single "Storm" is released throughout Europe!

Check your local recordstore for the new single "Storm". It contains two exclusive tracks only for the single.

The band has just shot the video for "Storm" last weekend. Watch this space for more info and pictures.

[02/17/2006] New soundclip "Begin and End" from the forthcoming album "Storm"

Here is another taster from “Storm”.
It is an excerpt from the song "Begin and End". Enjoy!!

[02/17/2006] ToT will capture "Storm" on video

The band will travel to Germany next weekend to shoot the video for the single "Storm".
It will be produced by AVA-Studios.
The video itself will be very dark, old fashioned colours, and be shot at an old vault in Nürnberg. Windmachines will be heavily used and abused.
So watch out for stormy weather over Nürnberg...

[02/14/2006] Hein Frode Hansen guest appearance in Greece

ToT drummer Hein Frode Hansen will make a guest appearance as a DJ this coming weekend at the Underworld Club in Athens, Greece.
Expect songs and versions of new material to be played!

[01/27/2006] Single tracklist and cover artwork

The final tracklist for the "Storm" Single is:

1. Storm (album version)
2. Begin & End (album version)
3. Beauty in Deconstruction (unreleased track)
4. Storm (Rustflower Inc. tornado mix)

The single will be released as a special digipak in Europe on monday 27th of February and Germany on friday 24th of February.
You can view the artwork here.

[01/27/2006] Extra Support Band

Germany's Catastrophe Ballet will be additional support on the Hannover and Frankfurt shows.
They have a new EP out now called "The Seed of Beauty". Check it out!

[01/19/2006] Final Tracklist "STORM"

Here is the final track list of the upcoming album "Storm":

1. Storm
2. Silence
3. Ashes and Dreams
4. Voices
5. Fade
6. Begin & End
7. Senseless
8. Exile
9. Disintegration
10. Debris

The limited edition will have one bonustrack called "Highlights".
More soundclips will follow soon.

[01/19/2006] Exclusive track on Rock Hard Sampler

The February issue of Rock Hard (Germany) has a label special on Theatre of Tragedy's new label AFM Records which will feature an exclusive track from the upcoming album.
The song is "Begin & End". Check it out!

[01/17/2006] storm single

As a first taster for everyone the title track "Storm" will be released as a single on the 24th February through AFM Records/Soulfood Distribution.
Next to the song itself and a club-remix of it, the single will contain another track from the new album ("Begin And End") as well as an exclusive song only on this single called "Beauty in Deconstruction".
There will most likely also be a video made in the near future for "Storm".
Artwork and more details will follow.

[01/13/2006] First soundclip from "Storm" available and album artwork revealed

The first soundclip from Theatre of Tragedy’s upcoming album can now be found here first on the official website.
The song is called "Storm" and it's the titletrack of the new album.
You can also check it out at ToT's official My Space page.

At the same time you can view the frontcover artwork made by Thomas Ewerhard (

Also check out some of the brand new promophotos of the band taken by Emile M. Ashley.

[01/13/2006] Final tourdates

plus special guest: GOTHMINISTER (31.03. – 16.04.2006)

31.03.2006 DK KopenhagenThe Rock (The Black Cat)
01.04.2006 D GlauchauAlte Spinnerei
02.04.2006 D NürnbergLöwensaal
03.04.2006D FrankfurtBatschkapp
04.04.2006 D BerlinKato
05.04.2006 DHamburgMarkthalle
06.04.2006 DDuisburgPulp
07.04.2006 NL LeidenLVC
08.04.2006 B GentArena van Vletingen
09.04.2006 UK LondonIslington Academy
10.04.2006 F ParisLa Locomotive
11.04.2006 CH ZürichAbart
12.04.2006 I RomeAlpheus (New!!! Venue change)
13.04.2006 I BassanoLa Gabbia
14.04.2006 A WienSzene Wien
15.04.2006 D Bad SalzungenKallewerk
16.04.2006 D HannoverMusikzentrum
27.04.2006 N OsloJohn Dee
28.04.2006 N BergenKvarteret


Tickets in Germany:

[01/04/2006] Tour update

Theatre of Tragedy are happy to announce that the support act/ special guests on the "Storm across Europe" Tour 2006 will be Norway's Gothminister.
Check them out here.
More dates will be confirmed shortly.
Gothminister will appear on all shows except the Norwegian dates.

[01/04/2006] Unreleased cover song released

Theatre of Tragedy is featured on the compilation album "Cover it Up Vol. 2" out now on Nuclear Blast.
The song included is the band's unreleased interpretation of the Kim Wilde/The Supremes hit "Keep me hangin' on". The song was recorded during the "Assembly" sessions in 2002.
Other bands featured are HIM, Dimmu Borgir, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative and Nightwish among others.


Theatre of Tragedy will be heading out on tour in connection with the release of their album "Storm". Here are the tourdates that are confirmed so far:

31.03.2006 DK KopenhagenThe Rock (The Black Cat)
01.04.2006 D GlauchauAlte Spinnerei
02.04.2006 D NürnbergLöwensaal
03.04.2006D FrankfurtBatschkapp
04.04.2006 D BerlinKato
05.04.2006 DHamburgMarkthalle
06.04.2006 DDuisburgPulp
07.04.2006 NL LeidenLVC
08.04.2006 B GentArena van Vletingen
09.04.2006 UK LondonIslington Academy
10.04.2006 F ParisLa Locomotive
11.04.2006 CH ZürichAbart
12.04.2006 I RomeBlackout
14.04.2006 A WienSzene Wien
15.04.2006 D Bad SalzungenKallewerk
16.04.2006 D HannoverMusikzentrum
27.04.2006 N OsloJohn Dee
28.04.2006 N BergenKvarteret

More dates will be announced shortly.
Theatre of Tragedy wants to wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year!

The Storm is coming to a Theatre near you!

[12/06/2005] Frozen images – a chilling experience

With temperatures approaching zero degrees centigrade the band threw their caution to the chilling winds – along with their jackets and any general common sense – in connection with a photo-shoot for the upcoming album "Storm".
In keeping with the title, the band visited a number of windy outdoor locations, along with photographer Emile M. Ashley (
Samples of the final photos will be published in the very near future. Until then, we provide you with some behind the scene-photos from the photo session.

[12/06/2005] Album release update

Storm will be released in Germany and Switzerland on Friday the 24th of March 2006.
The release date for the rest of Europe will be Monday 27th of March.
US releasedate and label will be announces later.


After months in the studio, the work on the new Theatre of Tragedy album is coming to an end.
Producer Rico Darum has met up with mixmaster Greg Reely(Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy etc) at The Green Jacket, Richmond, BC, Canada. What remains is the final twisting and turning of knobs.
12 songs have been picked out of the 15 that were recorded.

10 will make it to the the final version of the album. The remaining songs will either be bonustracks or included on future releases.

The title for the 6th Theatre of Tragedy album will be "Storm".
Some of the songtitles that will be included on the album are "Storm", "Begin and End", "Disintegration", Fade" and "Dust".
More titles will be revealed later on.

[11/15/2005] Theatre of Tragedy in "Manhattan Chase"!

A series of Theatre of Tragedy songs from their album "Musique" have been included in the PC game "Manhattan Chase" officially released on the 7th of October 2005.
The game is still not available in all countries but will be released in various countries at the end of the year.

The following songs are used in various places in the game: Fragment, Retrospect,Image, Crash/Concrete, The new man, Machine and City of Light.

For wallpapers, screenshots, movies and demos (featuring Theatre of Tragedy's"Crash/Concrete") can be found at

This is your chance to crash cars to the hard hitting songs of Theatre of Tragedy!

[11/08/2005] tour booking

At the same time as Theatre of Tragedy is hard at work on their album they can offer some good news to their european audience.
The band has officially joined forces with Pluswelt Promotion for booking in Europe. Pluswelt will handle all European affairs (except Norway) in connection with festivals, tours and shows in general. They are already hard at work booking the first proper Theatre of Tragedy tour in

If you are interested in booking Theatre of Tragedy to your country for a show or a festival, please get in touch with:


fax +49 40 18980413

Serious offers only!

[10/25/2005] Studio Update 3

From the sweat off our brows; the grinding of our teeth; the ooze of our blisters; the ham, cheese and crisps of our sandwiches; from Frank's special, boiled waffles; on top of Magnus' reinforced concrete bass, we have, with hardwood and metal, erected a grand structure of guitars. It thunders, wails and whispers, at times hard as the heel of the iron boot – at other times soft as the lint from the bellybutton of a beautiful woman.
Doesn't sound too shabby, actually.
Now that the Terrible Twins have finished laying down the guitar-tracks, and with all of Lorentz' bells and whistles in place, the time has come for Cow and Chicken to rise to the occasion and add that last detail – vocals.
For those into trivia and pub-quizzes, we'd like to mention that this will take place in the studio owned by Erik Ljungren, who produced Musique, only a couple of golfer's whacks from Nell's home. It should also be mentioned that this marks Rico's return to civilization, having spent what no doubt must feel like the better part of a decade cooped up in Toproom Studio, which we lovingly call 'The Shed'. As he'd started to speak, at length, with the mouse that lives there, it was indeed time to release the gimp, so to speak.At any rate, things are progressing largely as planned, which is in itself no mean feat. And we recently received confirmation that mixing duties for the album will be handled by Mr. Greg Reely of Canada, who has previously worked with acts like Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Skinny Puppy and Delerium, to name but a few.
Stay tuned, kids. It'll be a hot one in the old town tonight.

[10/12/2005] Studio update 2

Things are coming together now and the songs are already now sounding great.
Last week the finishing touch on the bass were laid down by Magnus Westgaard (Nell’s brother), our “rent-a-brilliant bassplayer”. He went through the songs like knife through butter. One of the best sounding bass rig we’ve ever heard.
We started by recording the synths last week as well. This time we actually recorded the songs live, instead of programming lots of stuff. It sounds and feels much better with all the songs. On some songs we even got the chance to record some real grand-piano. Last Friday the boys (Lorentz, Rico, Børge & Vegard) went into Fagerborg Studio in Oslo to record on a Steinway & sons C4 grand piano.
Not used to the heavyweight keys Lorentz hammered his way through hell and back to get it right. After the molestation of the grand piano we all went back to the studio happy as hell. It sounds Fantastic!!! We’re going to put up some video clips of it. Just hang around this space for more info.
As most of the songs has strings as a major part of the sound, we brought in Sareeta from Ram-Zet (whom we befriended on the “Assembly” tour 2002) to play some violin for us. She just received a new electrical violin which she used for these recordings. A pure evil specimen, with the beautiful name Thea. You can see it in the picture section.
Right now Frank and Vegard are in the studio electrifying the songs with a wall of guitar sound!. Just to make sure the sound is going to be killer, we amped them up with Engl, Mesa Boogies and Marshalls to play their Gibson Gothic guitars through. IT SOUNDS HEAVY AS F**K!

Watch this space for more updates...

[10/12/2005] Greece Concerts confirmed!

After being confined to the studio for several months what better way to come out of hibernation then to travel to Friendly Greece for 2 shows!
Theatre of Tragedy will co-headline with Samael the following dates in December:

17th of December at Mylos ( Apothiki Venue )/Thessaloniki

18th of December at AN Club/Athens

Visit for ticket information!
This will be the first time the band will perform some of the newly recorded material from their 6th, yet untitled, album!

[10/01/2005] Studio Report and New Photos

At last we have entered the studio!
Drums have been layed down on tape. Most bass and rhythm guitars have been recorded too and it is sounding GREAT!! We are exploring several musical approaches in order to make the best album possible. 15 new and fantastic songs will be brought to life, most of them will make to the album, and some won't.
Time will tell :-)

New pictures to be found here

[09/14/2005] ToT signed with AFM/Soulfood to record new album!

Theatre of Tragedy sign with AFM/Soulfood, studio sessions imminent.

Following an extended period of silence, speculation and uncertainty, the band is now pleased to announce their joining with AFM Records/Soulfood Distribution.
The band already start the recording next week, and a release is scheduled for 24th of March 2006.

The new album will be recorded at Toproom studio, which has previously hosted such acts as Mayhem, Extol and Tristania, to name but a few.

The style of the new material could be regarded as the natural follow-up to the Aégis album, with the rough edge of contemporary rock, spiked with occasional electronic shrapnel, but with a generally darker atmosphere than has been the case for the past two albums. And for thoseof you still not aware, this will be the first album featuring the new female singer Nell, whose voice has added a new passion to the band's sound.

Watch the website for more news.

[04/06/2005] New Live Photos!

New live photos from the recent European tour as well as some photos from the Stavanger shows from february has been added to the gallery here and here.
Thanks to all the photograpers that have submitted pictures.

[02/15/2005] Tour report christmas tour 2004-2005

Finally the tour report for the christmas tour 2004-2005 has arrived.

Lots of backstage photos from that tour are also available in the gallery now.

[02/15/2005] ToT to make special appearance with Pain!

Theatre of Tragedy are confirmed to play a special, previously unannounced support gig with recent tour-mates Pain (SE) at Folken, Stavanger, on Friday the 18th of February.
The gig was prosed on Friday (11.02) and confirmed Sunday (13.02).
This kind of resolve and speed of action is a quite unprecedented - and thus historic - diversion from the band's otherwise glacial modus operandi.
The band will mount the stage at 21.30 to perform a 45 minutes set consisting of both old and new material.

[01/15/2005] Vote for ToT!

Please vote for Theatre of Tragedy to win this year's Bylarm (norwegian musicindustry gathering) "band of the year" with a NOK 100.000,- award to be invested in the band and the upcoming album!


You can also vote on the internet here.
Locate "Theatre of Tragedy" and click on "stem(vote)". Then enter the letters in the popup window and press enter.

Theatre of Tragedy appreciate any help you might offer.
2005 will be the the Year of ToT!

[01/14/2005] A new baby!

Some time this fine morning, Thursday the 13th of January, Frank's wife Tone gave birth to a healthy and wholesome baby girl.
Her name shall be Hanne, a name of Hebrew origin meaning "full of grace".
The rest of the band, and their families, wish to extend the heartiest of congratulations.

[12/24/2004] ToT update December 2004

We are nearing the end of yet another year of tragedy, and although it started out in uncertainty, all is well that ends well. And what better way to conclude a year like this than touring with Tiamat, not to forget Sirenia and Pain.

We hope to see as many of you as possible when we hit the road, and those who feel left out – hopefully you’ll get your chance some time next year.
A special opportunity will arise for those of you in proximity to our hometown Stavanger, as we'll be featuring "A Midwinter night's Scream", at a special goth/metal/dark elektronika event during the 2005 by:larm convention inFebruary. Check out the links below for more details.

And so, to all ye still of faith, we wish you a merry yuletide, and a great new year!

See you soon!

Frank, Hein, Lorentz, Nell, Raymond, and Vegard

Links: |
PS: Both sites are mainly Norwegian

[10/28/2004] official ToT european tourdates

Here are the official Theatre of Tragedy tourdates for december 2004/january 2005:

Date Location Country Bands
December 26th 2004 Hof Ter Lo, Antwerpen Belgium Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
December 27th 2004 Haus Auensee, Leipzig Germany Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
December 28th 2004 JZ, Andernach Germany Pain, Sirenia
December 29th 2004 Kallewerk, Bad Salzungen Germany Pain, Sirenia
December 30th 2004 Ohrakel, Ingolstadt Germany Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
December 31st 2004 Planet Music, Wien Austria Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 2nd 2005 Rockhaus, Salzburg Austria Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 3rd 2005 Z7, Pratteln Switzerland Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 4th 2005 Rainbow, Milan Italy Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 5th 2005 Substage, Karlsruhe Germany Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 6th 2005 O 13, Tilburg Netherlands Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 7th 2005 Live Arena, Münster Germany Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 8th 2005 Columbia Fritz, Berlin Germany Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia
January 9th 2005 Faust, Hannover Germany Tiamat, Pain, Sirenia

[10/22/2004] 1 images added


It is time for Theatre of Tragedy to hit the road again and do some serious damage around Europe.
It has just been confirmed that the band, along with Tiamat (Swe) and supporting bands Pain (Swe) and Sirenia (N), will embark on a 2 week European tour from end of December until January 9th 2005.
Tourdates are being compiled and confirmed now and dates will follow shortly here on this website!
Countries that will most likely be invaded by the band is Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.
These will be the first shows outside Norway featuring Theatre of Tragedys new singer Nell. Expect a very exclusive playlist made especially for this tour!

[10/03/2004] More photos from Kristiansand

You can find some more photos from the gig in Kristiansand in the gallery.

[10/03/2004] 16 images added

[09/19/2004] photos from the gig in Kristiansand 09/10/2004

A couple of new photos from the latest ToT gig have been added to the gallery.

[09/19/2004] 4 images added

[09/08/2004] Some more gigs

Just a reminder of the following upcoming shows:

10.09.04 Markens, Kristiansand (N)
For more info and tickets
25.09.04 Samfundet, Trondheim (N)
For more info and tickets
02.10.04 John Dee, Oslo (N)
For more info and tickets

Magicka from Norway is confirmed as the opening act in Oslo.

ToT is still busy writing new material for their, yet untitled, 6th studio album.
New songs will be showcased on all the above shows.


Nell, Theatre of Tragedy's brilliant new female vocalist, debuted live with a stunning show on the 12th of June.
The exclusive concert was held in Stavanger, ToT's hometown and it was sold out.
The response from the devoted fans present was fantastic as the band entered the stage. Nell met the expectations from the crowd and proved to be a strong, warm and sophisticated voice that blended perfectly with the rest of the band. She enchanted everyone with her presence. ToT granted their audience a diversity of old and new material. They also played four new songs from their forthcoming yet untitled album.
Reviews from the press and feedback from our fans has been overwhelming. Photos from the show can be found here.

Theatre of Tragedy is currently planning a Norwegian tour to warm up for the upcoming album's recordings, as well as to get down to the dirty rock and roll lifestyle again! So far the following shows are confirmed:

10.09.04 Markens, Kristiansand (N)
25.09.04 Samfundet, Trondheim (N)
02.10.04 John Dee, Oslo (N)

More shows are planned and will be announced as they are confirmed.

Nell Live Norway June 2004
Photo by: Per Eivind Knudsen

Some quotes from the press:

"....Nell's more powerful, warmer and darker voice suited the atmosphere of the older songs and she adapted them as her own..."

"The amazing power that was unleashed on the audience was largely due to Nell's strong voice, but also the insane energy from the new songs that was played for the first time."

"The most impressive part was the brand new songs; dark Goth ballads that develops themselves into infernally chillingly beautiful climaxes and lots of piano created an incredible tension, nerve and beauty."

”The fans couldn’t get enough this evening. When the curtain fell it also opened for a new era for the band which celebrated their tenth years anniversary”

(Quotes translated from Stavanger Aftenblad and Rogalands Avis 14.06.04)

Reviews of the show can be found here (in Norwegian only):

Stavanger Aftenblad
Fan translation of the review above

Rogalands Avis

All the members of Theatre of Tragedy wants to extend their congratulations to Andreas Oelke and wife Stephanie with the arrival of their 2nd daughter Keisha Samara on the 23rd of July. Best of luck!

[07/10/2004] 14 images added

[07/04/2004] 4 wallpapers added

[06/17/2004] Interview in newspaper

You can read a brand new interview with Lorentz, Hein and Frank in connection with the upcoming ToT concert here (in norwegian only!).


After the announcement of Theatre of Tragedy parting ways with lead singer Liv Kristine in late August 2003, Theatre of Tragedy decided to withdraw and keep a low profile.
All the while, the song-writing activity was kept steady, and at the same time started the search for a new singer. The search had not lasted very long until a strong candidate emerged, and very soon found a natural position within the band, even before an actual decision was made.The new singer, Nell (origin: Norway), quickly proved a refreshing addition to the group, being honest and outspoken, enthusiastic, and with a general working attitude that further strengthened the band’s internal bonding.
With a strong and temperamental voice, she fit well into the current style of the band, aiming more for a darker atmospheric, brooding and simplified style, rather than the efficient rock/pop song with dense layers of electronics. And although largely lacking the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ contrast of the band’s early recordings, there is still a complementary tension between Nell’s and Raymond’s vocals.

The band is continuously writing new material for its 6th studio album. Recording sessions are planned to commence this coming fall. You can find some sound excerpts of two new songs here.

An exclusive concert at Stavanger’s local rock-club, Checkpoint Charlie, will take place the 19th of June 2004, where the band will perform both old material as well as new and unreleased songs. This will be the debut concert for Nell with Theatre of Tragedy. Check out the concert flyer here.

Brand new Theatre of Tragedy promo pictures can be found here. The photos were taken by Trond Andersen May 2004.

[05/31/2004] Exclusive gig in Stavanger

Theatre of Tragedy will do an exclusive gig at the local rock-club, Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger on Saturday 19th of June 2004.
This will be their first show in 2 years and will be the debut on stage for Theatre of Tragedy's yet unannounced new singer!
It will be a somewhat unique show where the band will perform both old material as well as new and unreleased songs.

More news with exclusive band photos and samples will be posted shortly!

[12/30/2003] New rehearsal photos

These new photographs were made on the momentous occasion of the band being gathered at the rehearsal-room, in all it's might and splendor.
Also present was a person who may - or may not - become the next addition to the Theatre; the twelfth tragedian, as it were.

So feast your eyes upon our mangy mugs, and keep watching this space for the Disclosure of the Year - who will take up the microphone?


[12/30/2003] ToT new years greetings

Theatre of Tragedy would like to wish all of you a happy new year.
2003 might have seemed a quiet year for the Theatre, but we have not been slacking off too much. There is plenty of new songs written, and a new female vocalist that will be revealed when time is right.

2004 will be an eventful year! You will hear about it here first!
Special thanks also to all the discussionboard members that have the insight and time to see beyond the surface. You know who you are.
Here's to the end of the 10th year of the tragedy ;-)

Hein, Frank, Vegard, Lorentz and Raymond

[12/30/2003] 7 images added

[10/03/2003] 10 years celebration

Well today, it is exactly 10 years since we had our first practise together of what would be known as Theatre of Tragedy.
It was a dark and misty October night and we drove in our then band van, Raymond’s Ford Transit with the hypnotizing ceiling pattern to a rehearsal room outside Stavanger. After that first rehearsal we actually came up with something called a song (Lament of the perishing Roses) and from there on we just went with the flow.
During these years as most of you know, we’ve been through a lot of changes musically and also regarding the line up. We have experienced much and developed even more during these years and we still feel we have lots to contribute with. One might say that looking back to the beginning and the intensions of playing in this band caused some of the recent events.
The fine line of finding the joy and combining that with the work demanded to bring together so many different persons as a whole. It has been a struggle, but no more than it has been a delight for all of us still in the band and hopefully for those not with us anymore.
In retrospect we’ve have been lucky, to say the least, to be in the position we have been and are in. We feel a lot of gratitude towards the people that have been at our concerts, bought our albums, listened to our songs and made all this possible for us.
But that said, we are still working hard to bring you more music and hopefully lots of new shows for you to experience in the future.
Thank you for giving us your valuable time! Cheers, and here is for another 10 years, if we still have our hearing!

Raymond, Lorentz, Hein, Frank and Vegard

As treat for you to celebrate this occasion you can download the unreleased “Let you Down (Rico Darum and Superdead remix) here.
(Please don`t tell the record label…..)

[10/03/2003] No Greece gig!

Just to end the confusion, the gig(s?) the band were
supposed to do in Greece next week are not happening due to the current circumstances in the band.
Don't buy tickets!

[08/27/2003] ToT without Liv Kristine

It is with mixed emotions that we hereby announce the band’s decision to part with singer Liv Kristine. Having worked together for almost ten years, we have now reached a point where we find ourselves with differences of opinion that cannot be bridged, and completely incompatible sets of ideas for the band’s further development.

The rest of the band will continue working with full force under the name Theatre of Tragedy, and sees this as an opportunity for further musical experimentation and evolution. This also involves finding a new, permanent, female singer, although not necessarily a replacement for Liv.


Let it be said that there is no animosity from the band towards Liv, and we wish her all the best with her work.


Raymond, Lorentz, Hein, Frank and Vegard


[07/10/2003] Liv's wedding

Liv Kristine and Alex Krull (Atrocity) married on the 3rd of July 2003!
The wedding took place at castle Lichtenberg in Southwest Germany. The rest of the band wishes them both the best of luck and happiness in the future!

Liv & Alex
Photo from:

[05/30/2003] 5 images added

[05/29/2003] New Kid on the Block - Tottler #1

Following a spate of marriages both completed and in planning, the first Toddler of Tragedy is among us!
Hein’s wife Margrethe gave birth to a healthy, strapping young lad yesterday, Wednesday May 28th, at 1133 hours, just in time for lunch.
The rest of the band members convey their heartiest wishes of a long and prosperous life to the young man and his family.

[04/29/2003] New tracks

The band is currently working on several new tracks for the upcoming album.
No release- or recording plans have been made, but watch this space for additional news in the future!
For photos on the creative process click here.

[04/29/2003] Frank and Zeromancer

Frank has recently been awarded a free trip to Oslo, including loads of cash and tons of free coffee for laying down guitar tracks for the upcoming Zeromancer album to be released in September.
Expect some hard hitting eurotrashindustrialmetal!

[04/29/2003] Time for marriage

To end all rumors once and for all! The true and hard facts for all you girls (and guys) out there:

Vegard has married his longtime girlfriend Anna!
The event took place on Friday 21st of February this year.

Frank has married too. He escaped all the fuzz and fanz by eloping to Reykjavik, Iceland with his girlfriend for ages, Tone, and got married on Monday 14th of April.

And to top it all, Liv will marry her beloved Alexander on July 3rd 2003.

The best wishes to them all!

So that leaves Raymond and Lorentz as the only two single members of Theatre of Tragedy.
So all you hot single girls out there, send them a nasty photo and wait for a reply!

[03/12/2003] 1 image added

[02/24/2003] "Let you down" video statistics

The unprecedented popularity of “Let you down” continues, as it achieves a place among the ten most popular songs on the weekly statistics for the interactive Svisj! music video-show on Norwegian National television. This is the second week the video achieves such a high rating, surpassed by acts like Sum41, Shakira, Pink, and the in Norway immensely popular Kaizer’s Orchestra.
Interested parties may read more here

[02/16/2003] Theatre on the Telly

By mysterious ways the 'Let you down'-video has been submitted to the daytime Svisj! SMS-chat/video show on the Norwegian National Broadcast Channel NRK2, where people can vote for videos they want to see.
The video enjoys unprecedented popularity, having a surprisingly high rotation, at times being voted to the top as much as three times within the space of two hours, overtaking acts like System of a down and Audioslave. Main contenders often seen to sneak past your own theatre are Elton John and Michael Jackson.

While Norwegian listeners might partake in the glory, listeners abroad may hopefully find comfort in the knowledge of this sudden flare of 'success'.

[02/16/2003] Men at work

A handful of snapshots have been added to the gallery as proof that we actually do get together and do things. Take a peek behind the magic and see how we work.

More pictures will be added as we go along.

[02/14/2003] 5 images added

[11/26/2002] News from a Silent Theatre

As some of you have noticed there has been little or no activity from the band members on the web-pages lately. Ill omens, you might think, but fear (not)! We're basically too busy plotting world domination and a new album to be bothered mucking about too much. So relax; we will be back, after a short commercial break.

[11/22/2002] 6 images added

[11/22/2002] New media gallery

Since there are no band news currently, I've done some improvements to the media gallery.
You can post comments about any file now and if anyone wants to submit something (like pics, tabs, videos or whatever) I can now give you the rights to upload everything yourself.
Remember that you have to register to download any videos. If you have already registered for the old media gallery you have to do it again now, sorry.

[08/14/2002] 1 guitar tab added

[08/14/2002] 41 images added

[08/07/2002] Gothenburg show broadcast

The Gothenburg (Sweden) show from May 12th 2002 that was recorded by The Swedish National Radio P3 will be broadcasted at the end of August. The exact date will follow.
Hopefully we will also be able to put excerpts of some of the songs on the website.

[08/07/2002] Recent gigs

Theatre of Tragedy would like to express their gratitude to all the crazy fans from Beirut, London, Moscow and Mexico City for showing up and partying with us on the last part of the "Assembly" tour.
We had a great time! See you all soon!

[07/13/2002] Mexico city back on!

I just received a confirmation that the gig in Mexico city on July 20th will still take place!
So only Guadalajara and Leon got cancelled and Mexico city is on!

[07/11/2002] Lebanon report

Due to a technical glitch, the remaining part of the tour-report has been made unavailable and will have to be recreated from memory.
Hence, as the concerts in Beirut, London and Moscow are more recent and fresh in mind, these will take priority.
So we start with the Lebanon report for now.

[07/11/2002] All Mexico gigs cancelled!

And now for some really sad news...
After the Guadalajara gig was cancelled the gig in Leon got cancelled too now.
Because of that it's not possible for ToT to visit Mexico at all this time.
The band is very sorry about this and hope they can make up for it some time in the future!

[06/28/2002] Mexico gig cancelled!

The concert in Guadalajara, Mexico on July 19th 2002 was cancelled!
The information we received was that the concert venue had closed down. We are sorry for this but unfortunately there is not much we can do about this situation.

[06/27/2002] Equipment Update

There are some updates on the equipment list with some new items and on which songs they were used.

[06/15/2002] Band chat

Another chat with Theatre of Tragedy will finally take place on June 23rd at 20:00 Central European Time in our chatroom.
So think of some cool questions and ask the band members what you always wanted to know.

[06/06/2002] 23 images added

[06/03/2002] Norwegian EP postponed

The Norwegian EP is postponed.
It is not clear when it will be released, but most likely in the fall.
In the meantime here is a sample of the Supremes/Kim Wilde coversong to keep you all content over the summer!

[06/03/2002] 1 audio sample added

[05/31/2002] 27 live images added

[05/31/2002] 1 interview added

[05/31/2002] 1 Wallpaper added

[05/17/2002] Paris show compilation DVD

The Paris show was filmed by D-Side Magazine.
One of the songs from the show is planned to be featured on a compilation DVD with live performances from La Locomotive.
Planned release is early 2003.

[05/17/2002] live gig radio broadcast

The Gothenburg show from May 12th 2002 was recorded by The Swedish National Radio.
It will be broadcasted in the biggest channel in Sweden P3 in the near future. More news will follow.

[05/17/2002] UK Festival news

ToT will play the Dark Jubilee Festival in London on Monday June 3rd.
This is Theatre of Tragedy's debut show in the UK. Other bands to play are Paradise Lost, VNV Nation, Icon of Coil, Das Ich, In Strict Confidence etc.

[05/11/2002] 1 video added

[05/11/2002] Concert news

It has now been confirmed that Theatre of Tragedy will play in Beirut - Lebanon on the 31st of May, Moscow - Russia on the 7th of June, and Mexico City, Guadalajara and Leon - Mexico on the 19th/20th/21st of July.
Theatre of Tragedy have also confirmed to appear on a festival in London on the 3rd of June.

The band admits being very excited over the opportunities to play in new countries.
However, the band will regrettably not be appearing at this year's Zillo Festival.

[05/11/2002] Tour report 2002 - Part 1

So here's part one of the new tour report.
Enjoy it!

[05/09/2002] 21 live images added

[04/29/2002] Tour report announcement

Once again the band will try to elaborate the touring experience in a written tour diary throughout the tour.
Hopefully this time we will be able to include all the dates and complete the list for once. Let's not bet on it !
Watch this space for updates and news!

[04/29/2002] EP delayed

The norwegian EP is delayed until the end of may, possibly the 27th.

[04/22/2002] Tour news

Theatre of Tragedy is currently working on shows in Beirut - Lebanon (May 31st), Moscow - Russia (June 7th), Zillo Festival - Germany (June 13./14.), Guadalajara, Mexico City, Leon - Mexico (July 19.-21.).
Hopefully all of these shows will be 100% confirmed shortly. The band is very excited to play in such diverse places! More information will follow soon!

Unfortunately once again plans for US shows fell through due to financial issues.
The band is very disappointed about this but there is unfortunately nothing as of now that can make it possible.

[04/16/2002] Assembly US release

Finally Assembly is also available in the US!
So check out your local CD store and get yourself a copy.

[04/14/2002] New EP!

Finally the wait is over.
Theatre of Tragedy will release the "Let You Down" single! The CD-single will contain the following songs:

1. Let You Down (Rico Darum & Superdead Remix. Both ex- Apoptygma Berzerk. A heavy as hell dancefloor remix!)

2. Let You Down (Album Version)

3. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Unreleased re-rendition of the old Supremes/Kim Wilde classic for the "Assembly" recording sessions)

4. Universal Race (Man-i-kin Remix. An industrial/psytrance/electrocrash version of the Goth/punk/metal song from "Assembly")

5. Envision (Conetik Remix. A mellow and relaxing version in the Underworld landscape!)

The release date is most likely May 6th and it will hopefully come in a digipak version.
Unfortunately this release is for the Norwegian territory only. This is beyond Theatre of Tragedy's control.
We will on the other hand try to offer the EP for sale through the website as soon as possible!

[04/03/2002] Competition winners!

The winners of the creative competition have been selected by the band and we also have drawn the winners of the normal competition now.
All winners, their prizes and their creative entries can be found on this page.

[04/01/2002] The competition has ended!

The winners for the normal competition and the creative competition will be announced tomorrow on April 2nd!

[03/11/2002] Competition time again!

So it's time for a new competition... or better, two new competitions!
This time you can enter two competitions and have twice the chance to win one of the cool prizes!

For all you creative minds out there we start a creative competition where you can participate with the desktop theme, wallpaper, screensaver, flash animation, winamp skin or whatever you have created that is related to Theatre of Tragedy.

Of course there's also the usual competition with 5 easy to answer questions (if you search a few areas of this website)!

In each competition 10 prizes can be won.

[03/11/2002] Tour support confirmed

It is now 100% confirmed that Entwine and Ram-Zet will be the support acts for the whole european tour including the Norwegian shows.
This should be a very diverse and interesting package!
See you all there!

[03/11/2002] Assembly in german album charts

Assembly entered the german album charts on no. 75 in the first week.

[03/08/2002] 1 video added

[03/08/2002] "Let you down" video online!

Finally the new ToT video "Let you down" is online in the media-gallery!

[03/04/2002] Assembly out in Europe now!

Assembly was released throughout Europe today.
So check out your local record-store!

[03/04/2002] Assembly release competition

Due to some problems with my PC the planned competitions for the Assembly release will be delayed until next week.
There will be a creative competition and the usual competition where you have to answer a few questions.
More about this next week...

[02/27/2002] ToT climb DAC charts

The "Let You Down" club-single has climbed from no.8 to no. 4 this week on the German Alternative Charts!
In addition the "Machine" single was number 15 of the German Alternative Charts TOP 100 Singles in the year 2000!

[02/27/2002] ToT in Spanish Rock Sound Magazine

Theatre of Tragedy is featured in the February issue (No. 48) of the Spanish Rock Sound Magazine.
The magazine also has an exclusive preview of the song "Let You Down" on their sampler CD that comes for free with the magazine!
Spanish fans should check it out!

[02/25/2002] Assembly samples 10 & 11

Finally the last two samples of Assembly, "Play" and "Superdrive", are available in the media gallery!
If you happen to live in germany you can buy Assembly today!

[02/25/2002] 2 Assembly lyrics added

[02/25/2002] 2 Assembly audio samples added

[02/25/2002] German Release of 'Assembly'

Finally the wait is over(at least for some :-)! "Assembly" album is released and available all over Germany today. So all you Theatre of Tragedy freaks run out and get it NOW!

[02/21/2002] Assembly sample no. 9

Here's the 9th sample from the new album Assembly.
Check out the song "Flickerlight" in the media gallery!
Next samples on monday.

[02/21/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[02/21/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[02/21/2002] Orkus Magazine cover story

This months Orkus Magazine has a splitcoverstory with Theatre of Tragedy & Tiamat.
For all the german speaking fans out there: check it out!

[02/21/2002] Tour support bands

It is now confirmed that the support bands for the upcoming tour will be Entwine (Fin) and Ram-Zet (Nor).
On the other hand it is not confirmed that Ram-Zet and Entwine will also play the norwegian shows.
More news on this matter will follow shortly!

[02/21/2002] ToT enter german alternative charts

Theatre of Tragedy's promo-single "Let You Down" is debuting on No. 8 in the DAC this week.

[02/17/2002] Assembly sample no. 8

"Motion" is the 8th sample from the new album Assembly. Check it out in the media gallery now!
Next sample on thursday.

[02/17/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[02/17/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[02/14/2002] Assembly sample no. 7

Only 12 days to go until Assembly is released in Germany and here's another sample for you, this time from the song "Liquid Man".
Next sample on sunday.

[02/14/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[02/14/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[02/09/2002] Assembly sample no. 6

Another sample, this time it's the song "Universal Race", can be found in the media-gallery now.
Next sample on wednesday.

[02/09/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[02/09/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[02/05/2002] Assembly sample no. 5

You can find a sample of the song "Starlit" in the media-gallery now.
Next sample on saturday.

[02/05/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[02/05/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[02/02/2002] Assembly sample no. 4

And here's another sample from Assembly...
You can find the song "Automatic Lover" in the media-gallery now.
Next sample on tuesday.

[02/02/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[02/02/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[01/29/2002] Assembly sample no. 3

This time you can find a sample of the song "Let you down" in the media-gallery.
Next sample on friday...

[01/29/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[01/29/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[01/25/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[01/24/2002] Another Assembly sample

You can find the next sample from the new album Assembly in the media-gallery now. The sample is from the song Episode.
A new sample will be added every 4 days now.

[01/24/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[01/22/2002] US Release Confirmed!

The US release of "Assembly" is definitely confirmed.
It will be available on April 16th from Nuclear Blast USA.

[01/20/2002] New website

So here it is, the new Pages of Tragedy...

There might be a few problems here and there during the first days but I hope the most things will run fine already.
Because of the larger size, a screen-size of at least 1024*768 would be recommended but it should also be fine with 800*600 when you maximize your browser window and use small icons.
I'm really interested in your opinions about the new layout, so feel free to send me a mail or post your opinion in the discussion board.

[01/20/2002] First Assembly sample!

The Pages of Tragedy web site is proud to present the first preview from the upcoming Theatre of Tragedy album "Assembly".
The preview is taken from the song "Envision".
The Pages of Tragedy will present a new track every week until the release of the album.
So check back frequently for more samples and news!

[01/20/2002] French magazine special

A notice to all the French fans:
D-Side Magazine #8 is out now, featuring a 4-page special interview with Liv, Hein and new man Vegard from Theatre of Tragedy.
The new song "Envision" (taken from "Assembly") is featured exclusively on the accompanying sampler CD!

[01/20/2002] ToT received Folken award

On Tuesday the 18th of December Theatre of Tragedy received the Folken Award.
It was given to us for being the band from Stavanger to give the best live performance at the local venue Folken during the year 2001. Contending nominees were Cloroform and the rapidly progressing Kaizers Orchestra.
The band-members were well pleased to receive such acknowledgement from the local establishment after so many years in relative obscurity.
The band was also awarded a gift-voucher of 4000NOK (plus a 20% discount!) from Musikksenteret AS, local purveyors of quality musical gear for these many years.
Collective gratitude is extended to all parties involved.

[01/20/2002] European tour

The European tour will start on April 29th and you can check out the date on the tourdates page.
Supporting acts will be announced soon. Check back soon for further details.

[01/20/2002] Assembly news

Nuclear Blast has licensed Theatre of Tragedy's new album "Assembly" to the Norwegian label/Distribution-company Tuba Records, who will exclusively handle the release in Norway.
The band is very happy about this and are looking forward to co-operating with them in the future.
The official releasedate will be the 4th of March, except for Germany, where the album will be released one week earlier on 25th of February.
The US Release for "Assembly" will most likely be April 16th. This is still to be confirmed.

By all appearances there will be no commercial single released from "Assembly" at this moment.
On the other hand, there will be a limited number of club singles containing the track "Let you down", also featuring a remix by Rico Darum & Superdead (both ex- Apoptygma Berzerk).
A remix of "Envision" (by Norwegian electronica act Conetik) has also been made, but will be saved for a future release.

A video for "Let You Down" will be filmed on location somewhere in Germany during the last weekend of January. Watch out for it on hopefully as many channels as possible!

"Assembly" will be released in an exclusive, limited edition digipak version. So when the release approaches, buy your grandmother some sweet biscuits/sprouts and park her outside your favourite record-store to secure your copy!

[01/20/2002] 1 Assembly lyric added

[01/20/2002] 1 Assembly audio sample added

[01/20/2002] 21 images added

[11/17/2001] 3 images added

[11/17/2001] Studio-Report Part 3

Part three of the studio report 2001 is finally online!

[11/11/2001] Assembly album cover!

Here's a first look at the album cover of the next Theatre of Tragedy album "Assembly":

And here's also the final running order of the songs (please note that the song "Vicious" was renamed to "Let you down"):

1. Automatic Lover
2. Universal Race
3. Episode
4. Play
5. Superdrive
6. Let You Down
7. Starlit
8. Envision
9. Flickerlight
10. Liquid Man
11. Motion

[11/11/2001] Studio-Report news

Dear readers, as some of you may have noticed the studioreport has not been updated during the last few weeks.
This is all due to me and Frank not having access to a computer, which sort of made it difficult to write anything at all about our exploits in Finland.
Now that we've returned to Stavanger, however, we will try to reconstruct the missing bits of the report so you can muse at our funfilled stay in the land of a thousand mobile phones.
It will probably consist mainly of drinking stories and poetic descriptions of bars, but by popular demand we may include a shot-by-shot description of a typical working day in the studio.


[11/11/2001] Competition winners!

The winners of the 5 special surprise packages are announced on the competition page now.

[10/30/2001] New album: Assembly

The title of the new Theatre of Tragedy album will be "Assembly"!
The release date is most likely March 4th 2002.
Here are all 11 song titles in no special order:

Automatic Lover
Universal Race
Liquid Man

[10/25/2001] 5 year anniversary!

Hi Everyone,

today is a special day in the history of the Theatre of Tragedy website. We are celebrating the 5-year anniversary of our homepage!
It all began when Andreas started it for fun just to prove that he could make a better-looking site than the one we had at the time.
The band really liked it a lot and shortly after we “upgraded” it to our official homepage.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude and thanks to our beloved Webmaster, Andreas Oelke, on this day of celebration.
We should all send him a virtual birthday cake! We really appreciate all you have done for us over the years. You have been a true friend and a fighter in good and bad times! Here's to another 5 years!

With Deepest respect and Gratitude,
Hein Frode Hansen and Theatre of Tragedy.

[10/25/2001] Anniversary competition!

To really mark the glorious occasion of the 5th anniversary of our website we have decided to have a Celebration competition.
One question from each year the website has existed 1996 – 2001. Five winners will get a Surprise Package from the band with different goodies!

[10/25/2001] Anniversary Remix MP3!

And if that is not all, we also have a freshly made remix made by our friends in "Pride and Fall" (
The "City of Light" remix is free to download for a limited time!
Only here on the official Theatre of Tragedy Homepage! Note: The remix is no longer available for download, althought it might appear on a compilation near you in the future:-)
Warning: Contains highly electronic and danceable elements! Do not download if easily offended!

Note: The remix is no longer available for download, although it might appear on a compilation near you in the future!

[10/18/2001] New promo shots!

A small collection of the first new promo shots with the newest band member Vegard are available for your viewing pleasures now.
Much more new pictures will follow soon!

[10/09/2001] Studio Report Part 1 & 2

Part one and two of the studio report 2001 is now online!
More parts will follow in the next weeks.

[09/22/2001] 12 images added

[09/19/2001] New album update

The band has entered the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland on September 17th and will not come back until they have finished the new album.
Most likely 12 songs will be recorded, including a surprise cover song.
The album should be finished by mid november. Expect some smashing good tunes!

[08/08/2001] 7 images added

[07/12/2001] Some album news

Theatre of Tragedy are currently hard at work writing and rehearsing new songs for the yet untitled 5th album.
The production chair has been handed to the up and coming producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (Him, Apocalyptica, Moonspell, Bush, 69 Eyes, etc.) this time. The recordings will take place in Finnvox Studios and other locations nearby Helsinki, Finland.
The notorious ones will lock themselves in the studio during the period from September to November. This will also be the first studio album that the new man Vegard Thorsen will appear on.
The release schedule will hopefully be a single in January with an album release following in February. More news to follow...
You'll get the latest news right here on the official website!

[06/21/2001] Tommy Olsson news

Former ToT guitarist Tommy Olsson's band Elusive has signed a deal with Pandaimonium Records.
The album should be out in October and will be entitled "Destination Zero". Expect some cracking good dark rock and roll!

[06/14/2001] Closure:Live samples!

I have added MP3-Samples of all the songs from the new live album "closure:live" to the media-gallery now.
The two videos will follow shortly!

[06/13/2001] Buy ToT albums online

Since a lot of you have asked where they can order Theatre of Tragedy CDs online, I have put up some order links in the discography section below the cover images now.
You can order from anywhere in the world and you will receive a 5 EURO (more than 4 US-$) discount for your first order which gives you the possibility to get an album really cheap.
Please note that the discount is only available for the following albums: Closure:Live, Machine CD-Single, Inperspective Mini-CD, Musique, Aégis, Velvet Darkness They Fear and the first self-titled album

[05/29/2001] Live album out now!

The live album "closure:live" was released on May 28th as a limited edition digibook and it contains live-videos of Cassandra and Tanz der Schatten on a special CD-ROM part and the following tracks:
1. Intro/And When He Falleth (7.41)
2. Der Spiegel (5.04)
3. Cassandra (3.46)
4. Venus (4.49)
5. Black as the Devil Painteth - Remix2 (4.48)
6. Siren (6.10)
7. Poppæa (5.16)
8. Bacchante (5.51)
9. A Distance there is (5.12)
10. Der Tanz der Schatten (5.40)

[04/23/2001] Festival news

Confirmed festivals for this summer are:
Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig 1-4. June (Germany), Arvika Festivalen 13./14. July (Sweden) and Mera Luna Festival 1./2. September (Germany).
These will most likely be the only ones the band will play this summer.

[04/23/2001] Competition winners!

Finally here are the 4 winners of the photo-competition along with their photos as they are printed in the live-album booklet:

Stefanie Oelke

Kristoffer Oustad
Hans Vranken

[04/04/2001] Live album news

The live album "closure:live" will be released by Massacre Records on May 28th and it will contain live-videos of Cassandra, Bacchante and Tanz der Schatten on a special CD-ROM part and the following tracks:
1. Intro/And When He Falleth (7.41)
2. Der Spiegel (5.04)
3. Cassandra (3.46)
4. Venus (4.49)
5. Black as the Devil Painteth - Remix2 (4.48)
6. Siren (6.10)
7. Poppæa (5.16)
8. Bacchante (5.51)
9. A Distance there is (5.12)
10. Der Tanz der Schatten (5.40)

[03/30/2001] Live gig broadcast!

The Theatre of Tragedy gig in Hamburg from February 21st will be broadcasted on the net on April 8th through, and
The repetition will be shown on May 6th.
At you can also watch an interview with Liv and Hein currently.

[03/22/2001] New material

The band is currently working on new material for the next record.
Producer, studio and release date is not yet decided.

[03/22/2001] Photo competition ends

The photo competition has ended now and the chosen photos and the names of the photographers will be announced on this page in about two weeks.

[03/07/2001] U.S. Tour is off!

A statement from the band about the cancelled U.S. tour:

This is just a note to briefly inform you that regrettably the U.S. tour, which was planned for April, has been cancelled.
The reason for this is that we have come up short of both time and money; we are pressed for time when it comes to making the new record, and the sufficient funds we need to mount the tour at present simply are not available. However, we like to think of the tour as being delayed, not cancelled, and that efforts will be made to organize a new tour at some point in the foreseeable future.
And to end all speculations before they even begin; yes, this would have been a non-profit tour. This will still be the case when the tour eventually happens, so lack of profits is not the reason for cancelling.
We’re sorry if we got your hopes up, but we’ll make it up to you.

[02/27/2001] Download mirrors

There are two other download mirrors available now for you to download the large music-video and live-video files.
So if you don't want to wait any longer for your username and password just try these mirrors:

[02/20/2001] New videos online!

Finally the new Machine video is online!
It's about 27 MB in size and to control download traffic it is password protected. You have to send a mail to to get access.
Also the live-video of Fragment shown by VIVA2 is available now!
The file is even larger (29,1 MB) and the password-protection is the same.
You can find both videos in the video-section of course.

[02/12/2001] ToT on german tv!

There will be a special 2ROCK show with Theatre of Tragedy today (02/12/2001) at 20:00 on german VIVA2 tv (re-run tomorrow at 15:00).
Expect to see the new video and interviews with the band!

[02/09/2001] Poland gigs cancelled!

Here is an official press-release I received this morning:

Unfortunately we received today a statement of the promoter M.I.N.T.A., Lucas Minta of the shows in Poland with Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and Beseech that he has cancelled the shows in Katowice - Mega Club (feb 12) and in Warsaw - Proxima (feb 13).
Please note that this is not the bands fault.
They were ready and willing to play for their fans in Poland.
In fact this creates a lack of 3 days off in the middle of the tour.
The reasons that were given to us are very dubious. We have sent 1400 posters to M.I.N.T.A. in december to promote the shows but obviously nothing happened.
We advice the fans to get the tickets refunded at the local ticket shops or whereever they bought them.
Needless to say that the bands are very frustrated about this situation but due to the cancellation of the promoter there is nothing we can do then trying to reschedule the dates in the next future.

Best regards

Gerald Wilkes (Continental Concerts & Management GmbH )
on behalf of Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and Beseech
Continental Concerts and Management GmbH

[02/06/2001] Machine CD errors!

Anyone who already bought the new Machine CD Single has probably noticed that some tracks have mixed up:
Track 1 is "Machine (element remix)" instead of "Machine (album version)".
Track 2 is "Machine (element remix)" instead of "Machine (vnv nation remix)".
Track 3 is "Fragment (element remix)" instead of "Machine (element remix)".

Correct versions are being pressed now but unfortunately some faulty CDs have been sold already.
If you have one of these faulty versions, you can either return it to your dealer and exchange it for the corrected version or you can send it to:

Nuclear Blast
Stichwort: Theatre Of Tragedy - Machine
Oeschstr. 40
73072 Donzdorf

They will send you the new Machine CD-Single then.

[02/02/2001] media-gallery favorites

I've just added an exciting new feature to the media-gallery.
You are now able to select your favorite samples, images, videos, or whatever and just download all of it compressed in one ZIP-file afterwards!
There's also the possibility to send a link to your selected favorites to others for viewing.
Hope you like it...

[01/30/2001] Tour report online

The first tour report is online and it will be updated every few days now!

[01/24/2001] Competition winners!

The winners of the latest Theatre of Tragedy competition have been drawn!
Check out if you are one of the lucky winners here.

[01/23/2001] Photo competition!

In connection with the upcoming European tour Theatre of Tragedy want to invite the audience to submit live photos taken on the tour via e-mail.
If you have a digital camera or a scanner please submit your best photo to us at
The band will personally pick the 5 best ones for a presentation on the homepage as well as the possibility to include it in the booklet of the upcoming live CD "Closure: Live".
The winners will receive a surprise!

[01/11/2001] New band member!

It is our pleasure to announce that our long-time session-guitarist and funny man Vegard K. Thorsen is now officially a permanent member of Theatre of Tragedy!
Please check out his profile on this page for more info and be sure to prepare him some questions for the upcoming Theatre of Tragedy webchat.
Adding him goes well with the concept of Theatre of Tragedy never releasing any album with the same line up .
We welcome him aboard!

[01/08/2001] Competition time again!

In connection with the new single/video "Machine" and the upcoming European tour we figured it was time for a new competition!
If you want to win stuff like videos, cds & t-shirts, enter the competition here

[01/05/2001] US tour!

The band recently got a funding from the Norwegian Culturefund for a future US tour!
This is most likely to happen in May. Watch this site for future news and tourdates!

[01/05/2001] Machine video shooting

Raymond and Liv Kristine will be on Lanzarote this weekend for the shooting of the new video for "Machine".
Watch out for it in the end of January!

[01/05/2001] Chat with ToT!

A chat with the band will take place on this website on Friday, 19th this month at 20.00 GMT+1.
All of the band members will try to be present.

[01/05/2001] Former guitarist married

Theatre of Tragedy want to give their warmest congratulations to former guitarist Tommy Olsson and his long time girlfriend Cathrine Finnestad that got married on December 30th 2000.

[01/02/2001] "Machine" single news

The "machine" single will be released on January 22nd, 2001 and it will feature the following tracks:
1. Machine
2. Machine (vnv nation remix)
3. Machine (element remix)
4. Radio (kallisti remix)
5. Reverie (current chill mix)
6. Image (french version)
7. Image enhanced video
+ pictures and other stuff

[11/29/2000] Tour support acts

The bands supporting Theatre of Tragedy on their upcoming tour are Beseech and Lacuna Coil, with Beseech playing first.

[08/11/2000] "Image" single news

The single will now be called "Image". It will still have "Machine" on it and the track listing will be:

1. Image
2. Machine
3. Machine (vnv nation remix)
4. Fragment (element remix).

Look out for it mid-september.

[08/11/2000] Eurorock gig

The band wants to thank all the fans for the great signing session and gig at Eurorock this weekend.
It was great to meet so many friendly people from Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico (Hi Abraham!), Polen, England etc.
It is nice to see that we are still appreciated and not forgotten!

Best wishes Theatre of Tragedy.

[08/11/2000] "Musique" news

"Musique" will be released in a limited edition deluxe digipak version(the best Theatre of Tragedy artwork ever!) with the bonus track "The New Man" on October 2nd all over europe.
Make sure you get it while your store has it.

[08/11/2000] Video for "Image"

A video for the song "Image" will be made within the next three weeks.

[07/27/2000] mini-cd "inperspective"

The new ToT mini-album from Massacre Records will be released in digipack-format.
It will most likely be called "inperspective".
The release is planned for the beginning of next year.

[07/21/2000] mini-cd with rare tracks

Massacre Records will release a mini-cd with "hard to get"-songs from ToT in the vein of "A Rose for the Dead".
With songs like "Samantha", " Virago", "Der Tanz der Schatten (club mix)", "Lorelei (Icon of Coil remix)" as well as 2 new mixes of songs from "Velvet Darkness They Fear" done by Gerald Magin at commusication Studio. More info will follow.

[07/21/2000] "Musique" release date: 10-02-2000

The new album will definitely be called "['mju:zik]" (musique) and will be released on October 2nd!
The first single will be released 3-4 weeks in advance and will be called "Machine".
The band also plans to do their first ever "real" videoclip.

[07/21/2000] New recording contracts signed

Theatre of Tragedy has finally signed new recording contracts.
They are now signed to East West Records (Germany) and Nuclear Blast (for the rest of the world).

[07/09/2000] New album news

Some news about the new album:

The remixing of the songs is done and there are two additional songs, "musique" and "space age" (working title) that will be included on ['mju:zik].

"The new man" will not be on the album anymore but will be released on a single, which will probably be "machine" and which should be released a few weeks before the album.
The album is now planned for a September/October release.

[06/14/2000] Wave Gotik Treffen 2000 cancelled gig

Here's a statement from the band about the cancelled gig at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig on June 11th:

Theatre of Tragedy wants to apologize to all the fans that attended the "Leipzig Wave Gotik
Wave Treffen". The band was really looking forward playing the festival, and
was disappointed when we couldn't.

The whole thing was frustrating and none of the bands knew what was going on.
The band and the crew tried everything to make it happen but everything was closed down.

The rumours and stories got weirder and crazier, and when we were told that there would be no sound check,
no security people, PA people, and that the organizator had a nervous breakdown or had run away (we do not know the real truth),
we thought it would be the best to cancel. Most of the stages didn't even have power!

We really feel bad for all the people there, but it was just as frustrating
for us. We hope to see you at another show under different circumstances in
the future!

Best wishes,

Theatre of Tragedy

[05/23/2000] Live-album "CLOSURE:LIVE" released next year

The new live album will probably be called "CLOSURE:LIVE" and will be released sometime in the beginning of 2001.

[03/20/2000] Sex, Goth And Electronics

Theatre of Tragedy have released an ebm-remix of Lorelei on a new complation CD that is out now.

The album is called "Sex, Goth And Electronics - a collection of norwegian goth and electronics" and it is released on Tatra Records, which will be distributed in Germany by Connected.

Here's a short sample of the song in MP3.

[03/20/2000] New recording contract

The band is currently negotiating about a new recording contract and will also remix and record additional material for the new album.

Because of that, the album will be delayed a bit. Hopefully the record will finally be out by August 2000.

[03/20/2000] New guitar tab

I've added a guitar tab for "Seraphic Deviltry".

Special thanks to Jose Gomez & Edgar Gazca for the transcription.

[03/03/2000] Live-album

The band will record a live-album and home-video of a show in Poland on the 28th of April.
It will be released shortly after the new studio-album.

[03/03/2000] Hein married!

Hein Frode Hansen (drums) will marry his long-time girlfriend Maggi today!
I wish them all the best for their future!

[03/03/2000] MIDI-File

You can now download a complete MIDI-Transcription for "... a Distance there is ..." which was created by Ben.

[03/03/2000] New guitar tab

I've added a guitar tab for "Angélique". Special thanks go to Dobrin Dorian for the transcription.

[01/10/2000] New album tracklist

As promised, here is the complete tracklist for the new album:

The New Man
City of Light

The mixing took a bit more time than expected, so the album is unfortunatly running late and it will take another 3 weeks
before mixing and mastering will be ready. But by February 1st the songs should be finished.

[01/10/2000] Wallpaper and guitar tab

Special thanks to Carlos R. - [CarlitO]]!

He has send me a new guitar tab for Samantha and he also created a Liv Kristine Wallpaper which is available now in the downloads-section.

[01/05/2000] Album news

There is about a week left of mixing and mastering and after that the album is ready!
It will probably be called "Musique", but this isn't confirmed yet.

Some of the song titles are:

The New Man

There are still 4 titles left and I will add these very soon.

[01/05/2000] Eirik T. Saltrø s departure

The reason bass-player Eirik T. Saltrø has left the band is that he was tired of playing bass and has just quit playing for good.

Theatre of Tragedy will continue as a 5 piece with session members on tour.

[11/10/1999] Album news

First of all I have some new infos about the new album for you.
Theatre of Tragedy is currently working with norwegian producer Erik Ljunggren(Seigmen/Vampire State Building) in the Soundsuite Studio in Norway.
There are 11 new songs that will be recorded. Most likely 10 of these will be included on the 4th, yet untitled, Theatre of Tragedy album.
This will be the most variated Theatre of Tragedy record to date and will see the band becoming heavier as well as more melodic at the same time. The lyrics will differ a bit from the earlier days to collaborate with the new direction of the band.
Since I've already heard a few early demo tracks of the new songs, I can promise you that the new album will be a killer! The new songs sound really refreshing and have a faster pace than the ones from Aégis.
The album will be mixed in Lydlab, Oslo, between x-mas and new year as well as the first week of January by Erik Ljunggren and Jon Marius Aareskjold.

[11/10/1999] Personal Information

Since I will be on my wedding trip to Nepal from November 12th until December 6th, there will be no further updates until then. Please be patient if you write me emails during that time because I really wouldn't be able to answer them!
For the curious of you, here are some pictures of my wedding, just in case you're interested.

[11/10/1999] Eirik T. Saltrøs departure

Eirik T. Saltrø (bass) has left the band!
This is all I know so far and as soon as I know more details, I will put it on the page.

[10/26/1999] No news at all...

Sorry about the lack of news currently, but the band is quite busy writing material for the new album and will soon enter the studio in the beginning of November.

[10/26/1999] Personal Information

Now for something more private, just in case you're wondering why I'm quite busy currently and aren't able to answer all of your emails.
I'm going to have a gothic wedding this Friday (October 29th 1999) with my Mistress of Tragedy and you can probably understand, that I have quite a lot of other things in my head right now... ;-)
But don't worry, as soon as there are any more news about Theatre of Tragedy they will be available on this page.

[08/25/1999] Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal video!

Finally the first Theatre of Tragedy video for A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal is now available for download in the Download section!
It's a rather old, low budget video from 1995 but nevertheless very interesting to watch.

Special thanks to Hein for sending me the video!

[06/24/1999] New guitar tab

I've added the guitar tab for The Masquerader and Phoenix. Special Thanks to Attila Salyi for the transcription!

[06/09/1999] Virtual Cards

I have created a new Virtual Card section where you can create and send your own tragic virtual cards for free.
This is just a test yet and if you like this feature I will soon update the page with some more motives for virtual cards.

[06/08/1999] New tourdates

I've added two more gigs to the Tourdates section.
These shows will most likely be the only ones in Germany this year.

[06/07/1999] New guitar tab

I've added the guitar tab for Venus. Special Thanks to Alex Averson for the transcription!

[06/07/1999] domain

The Pages of Tragedy moved to their own domain
Please don't forget to update your bookmarks!

Also please take note that the email-adresses have changed. All new email-adresses are listed in the Info section.

[05/20/1999] Tommy Olsson left the band

Guitarist Tommy Olsson has decided to leave the band in order to concentrate on his family and his other musical project, Elusive.
The band will shortly start looking for a replacement.
The "With Full Force" concert on 26th of June will still go along as planned and the band will have a session guitarist for the concert.

[05/14/1999] Order ToT albums online

If any of you has still difficulties finding some Theatre of Tragedy albums, you can now directly order them in the Discography section.
Just click on "Buy it!" under the album cover and you're ready to add it to your shopping cart.

[05/14/1999] With Full Force appearance

Theatre of Tragedy's appearance on the With Full Force Festival was moved to Saturday the 26th of june. They play at about 18.25 to 19.10.

[05/10/1999] New guitar tab

I've added the guitar tab for Bacchante.
Special Thanks to Alex Averson for the transcription!

[04/28/1999] New shape cd

I've got some more infos about the new Theatre of Tragedy Shape CD for you.
It will be a best-of mini-cd which contains the following tracks:

Tanz der Schatten
A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal
Der Spiegel
Black as the Devil Painteth

[04/26/1999] ToT shape cd

On May 31st a special Theatre of Tragedy Shape CD with Velvet Darkness motive will be released.

[04/21/1999] ToT at With Full Force Festival

Theatre of Tragedy will play their first show in almost a year on the With Full Force Festival outside of Leipzig, Germany on Sunday, 27th of June.

[04/13/1999] New album plans

Theatre of Tragedy are working a lot on new songs currently. There are no titles or lyrics ready yet but the band has music for about
5-7 songs so far.
They have booked the Soundsuite studio in Stavanger, Norway, from November 1st until the end of December to record the new album.
For the first time ever they will spend 2 complete month on the recording.
There's no release date scheduled yet but it should be around February/March 2000.

[03/05/1999] Missing lyrics added

I've updated the Discography section with the missing lyrics from A Song by the Hearth?! and Virago.

[03/01/1999] ToT history

I've added a special gift from Theatre of Tragedy for you at the new History section

[02/19/1999] New discussion board

The discussion board is running again, so if you have some questions or want to discuss a few things, please start using it!

[02/13/1999] Virago sample

Added a sample of Virago to the Discography section.
This song is only available on the japanese edition of Aégis.

[02/11/1999] New baby!

The Theatre of Tragedy family just got a little bigger: Tommy Olsson's girlfriend Cathrine gave birth to a boy on the 21st of January.

[01/06/1999] Happy new year from ToT!

Theatre of Tragedy wishes all of you a happy new year!

[01/06/1999] New material

The band will start writing material for a new album soon.

[01/06/1999] Venus mini-cd cancelled

The "Venus" mini-cd was cancelled.

[12/22/1998] Homepage re-design

The buttons and some graphics were slightly redesigned.

[12/22/1998] New discussion board

There's a new discussion board now which is a lot better to handle. So I hope you will all start using it instantly!

[12/18/1998] New Mailing List of Tragedy

Finally there's a Mailing List of Tragedy where you can subscribe to on the main-page.
Just enter your email-adress and you will be informed every time the Pages of Tragedy are updated.

[12/18/1998] Discussion board removed

I removed the discussion board because it was slow as shit most of the time.
Currently I'm setting up another board which will be much more professional and faster to use.

[10/03/1998] New guitar tab

Added the guitar tab for To these Words I beheld no Tongue.

Thanks to Roland de Graauw for the transcription!

[10/03/1998] New live pictures

Added some ToT photos from the Zillo Festival 1998 to the Images Page 6.
Thanks to Fabio Franco for sending them to me!

[09/08/1998] ToT discussion board

I just created a discussion board for Theatre of Tragedy. If you want to talk about the band with other fans or want to ask the band some questions take a look at it!

[09/05/1998] Venus mini-cd

There is a new Theatre of Tragedy release in the works!
It will be called "Venus" and will of course feature the track Venus as well as an unreleased track called Virago.
In addition it will feature 3 yet unconfirmed remixes from other bands in different musical styles. This release will most likely be in a digipak version only and will be released within the next couple of months. Subtopia will do the artwork again.

[06/27/1998] New live samples

I've added some new audio and video samples from the gig in Bochum, Zeche from May 27th 1998 to
the Download-Section.

[06/04/1998] Interview with Hein Frode Hansen

I've added an interview with Hein Frode Hansen which we did at the Zeche in Bochum on May 27th 1998.

[06/04/1998] New ToT pictures

Added some new promo and magazine photos to the Images Page 4 and a bunch of live shots from the gig at the Zeche, Bochum on May 27th.

[05/27/1998] US Aégis release date

Aégis has a tentative street date in the USA of August 18th.
The first album will be released sometime in October.

[05/27/1998] Aégis chart entry

Aégis has entered the german TOP-100 album charts at 40 this week!

[05/27/1998] New exclusive live footage soon

I'm going to the Theatre of Tragedy gig in Bochum, Zeche this evening
and I will do an interview, photos and a video from the show. Tomorrow I will also be at the ToT gig in Osnabrück and on Friday I will go to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. So I will be quite busy in the next few days but I hope I can prepare some live footage for the page during the next week before I will go to Transylvania for holidays.
So if anyone tries to email me between June 5th and June 21st please understand that I will not be able to answer until June 22nd.

[05/17/1998] New images

Added some new scans from the booklet and cover of the limited edition box set of Aégis to the Images page 4.

[05/17/1998] video talk

The video will not be made for Cassandra and the band is currently talking about which song it will be or if there will be a video at all.

[05/17/1998] US releases

A HREF="../disc/aegis.htm">Aégis will be released through Century Media in the USA in August.
They will also issue ToT's debut in the states in September. The Japan release will be announced later.

[05/17/1998] ToT at the Zillo Festival

Added a Theatre of Tragedy festival appearance at the Zillo festival in Germany on August 15th to the tourdates.

[05/17/1998] Bonus track Samantha

Updated the Discography with the lyrics and a sample of the bonus track "Samantha".

[05/03/1998] Tour news

Theatre of Tragedy will play in Stavanger, Norway on May 22nd to present the new material live for the first time.
Please check the tourdates for more details.
They also hope to do a small norwegian tour in fall and try to cover at least Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand and Oslo. If anyone has contacts to clubs which might be interested to book Theatre of Tragedy feel free to send e-mail to

[05/03/1998] Video possible

The band might do a video for Cassandra sometime in June.

[04/30/1998] Aégis samples complete

Added all of the missing samples of the new album Aégis.
Please note that the samples are now integrated in the Discography section.
In the Download section there are only live audio and video samples, related samples and other stuff.

[04/30/1998] New Homepage Design

I've redesigned the complete Homepage. Since I had to change every single page please tell me if you encounter any errors.

[03/31/1998] New Samples

Added two samples of the CD-Single Cassandra.

[03/31/1998] Discography updated

I've updated the Discography section with the pictures and lyrics of the forthcoming CD-Single Cassandra and the album Aégis.

[03/28/1998] Cassandra release date

The release date for the new Theatre of Tragedy CD-Single "Cassandra" is now set for the 27th of April.

[03/28/1998] Tour news

Click here to see some new Theatre of Tragedy tourdates!.
The band will also play on Dynamo Open Air this year!

[03/18/1998] Cassandra cd-single

The new Theatre of Tragedy CD-Single "Cassandra" will be released
4-5 weeks before the album-release, so it will be sometime in the beginning of April.
The songs on this CD-Single will be:

1. Cassandra (cheap wine edit)
2. Aode (edit)
3. Cassandra (album version)

[03/11/1998] Aégis release date

The release-date of the new Theatre of Tragedy album "Aégis" is now definitely May 11th!

[03/11/1998] New sample

I've updated the samples page with the song Downcast
from the new Heavenwood album "Swallow" with Liv Kristine on guest-vocals.

[03/08/1998] Aégis lyrical concept

Here's a short description of Theatre of Tragedy's lyrical concept on the new album "Aégis", a definition of the term 'aégis' and the concept of the band's emblem, the two crossed roses:

"With titles such as «Cassandra», «Lorelei», «Angélique», «Aœde»,
«Siren», «Venus», «Poppæa» and «Bacchante» one can immediately sense the bias of the topic in question; women and their inter- and extra-
affairal relation to men - be it either [loosely] based on fairy tales, or mythological, folklorical, historical contexts - and the archetypal focusing - or maybe, admittedly, pigeonholing - of womanhood as enchantresses, temptresses, lovers, persons of immense beauty - either as ones who enrich ones life to the fullest and brings one to the utter peak of happiness, or as so often happens - the fully opposite - to the bottom of sadness.
Hence the title of the album, «Aégis», which also holds a meaning alternating in directions (cf. woman: happiness/sadness) (def. 'aégis' protection, support, shield, but on the other hand also something that is used to provoke terror - which in the translated lyrical context holds the synonymous meaning of women), is similar as compared with the role of women in the lyrics: lover/killer - the symbiosis in the mind of both positive and negative virtues.
These twofold virtues of women is a de-route of Theatre of Tragedy's bigger concept, represented through the emblem of the two crossed roses - the alive and wilted one - which at an all represent topics such as heaven/hell, good/evil, life/death, love/hate, light/dark - summed up as contrasting issues, yet at the same time the duality, symbiosis, of contrasts."

Raymond I. Rohonyi 1998

[02/17/1998] Album news

The recording of the new Theatre of Tragedy album "Aégis" has
finished and the album will be out sometime in May (probably 11th or 16th).
The following songs will appear on the album:


The limited edition digi-pack will feature a bonus song called "samatha".
There will also be a single available before the release of the album.
The album-cover will be in the theatre tradition again with two roses but in a completely new and different way.

[02/13/1998] New pictures

Updated images page 4 with a promo-picture of Liv Kristine and the cd-cover's of "3AM" and "Deus Ex Machina".

[02/13/1998] Liv Kristine solo-album samples

Added two samples from Liv Kristine's solo-album "Deus Ex Machina".

[02/09/1998] New guitar tab

Added the guitar tab for Cheerful Dirge.
Specials Thanks to Roland de Graauw for the transcription!

[02/03/1998] Tour news

Theatre of Tragedy might play at this years Dynamo Open Air, at the Leipzig Gothic Treff and two additional concerts in Germany at the end of May.

[02/03/1998] New album info

The new Theatre of Tragedy album "Aegis" will be released on the 4th of May.
It will contain 8 songs and the limited edition will have an additional bonus-track.
The album-cover will be done by the famous and creative norwegian designer company Subtopia
and all of the portraits and band photos for the booklet have been done by the norwegian photographer Petter Hegre, who already had several exhibitions all over Norway.

[01/28/1998] Liv Kristine solo-album samples

I've updated the samples page with two songs from Liv Kristine's "3AM"-single from her
upcoming solo-album "Deus Ex Machina".
Although it has nothing to do with the music Theatre of Tragedy usually play or the music I like to listen to, I think you should at least know what to expect!

[01/01/1998] Old news archive 1996-1997

Click here for old news from 1996/1997