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Dark Forces

Star Wars goes Doom with some success
In a galaxy far, far away, in the days of the Old Republic, wise leaders ruled the galaxy under a common government. This Utopian dream, however, was soon to be shattered, as the traitor Palpatine appointed himself as Emperor of the newly formed Empire, and called upon the aid of Darth Vader to hunt down and destroy the remaining Jedi Knights. A small band of rebel fighters struck back at the Empire's tightening grip over the galaxy. The Rebellion soon blossomed as hatred for the Empire grew, and entire planets choose to fight against the system. Even with the odds stacked heavily against them, the Rebel Alliance became a force to be reckoned with...Just as the Empire threatened the galaxy with the potentially devastating Death Star, the Emperor has now created an all-new weapon that is endangering the existence of the Rebellion. As Kyle, the objective is to hunt down the Imperial bases that are developing the Dark Trooper, steal the blue prints and then destroy the Imperial flagship to prevent the enemy attack from even beginning.

As for the game itself, it is first-person perspective shoot eem up like Doom, but one that isn't quite so simplistic. There are more puzzles to tackle, the levels aren't quite so linear and there's also a lot more freedom to explore every corner of the game. Technically Dark forces is superior to Doom, but still is visually dated compared to some of the more recent 3D blasters.
The creation of a more believable environment is also aided by Kyle's ability to look up and down. The essence of Star Wars has been captured perfectly, from the stark futuristic look of the Imperial starships to the grotty depths of the city sewers. The films have obviously influenced the style of the levels with many familiar locations cropping up, including the vast towers Obi-Wan Kenobi climbed around to deactivate the shield generator, and the long white corridors from the opening Imperial attack in Star Wars.
Most of the characters are instantly recognisable too, from the white-suited stormtroopers who attack en force, to the weedy Imperial officers who cower behind cover and shout for your surrender. But Imperial enemies aren't the only form of resistance Kyle will encounter, and countless aliens pop up for taste of Rebel blood.

// Overview
Disappointing as it doesnit really live up to the Star Wars legend, Dark Forces is nevertheless an engrossing adventure that combines a compelling storyline with frantic and often challenging gameplay. Visually dated but capturing the Star Wars efeeli perfectly, this is an enjoyable but by no means ground-breaking blast that could have been so much better.
// Interactive
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