Maine Street Station - Enhancing downtown Brunswick

Welcome to Maine Street Station Brunswick, Maine

Maine Street Station is the last in-fill site available in downtown Brunswick, Maine.  This project is located near the town green/ mall area, and is designed to enhance Brunswick as a place to live, work and visit. It will be a multi-modal location, with train, bus, taxi and pedestrian friendly access, along with multi-use spaces ranging from offices, service centers, retail, restaurants, theatre and residential space.  The purpose of this website is to provide the public with information about project progress as reported by the Maine Street Station Council Committee.

For project information specific to building construction or space availability, please contact JHR Development of Maine.

The Maine Street Station Council Committee

The Council Committee asks for participants in the Maine Street Station Process, or any community member who has interest in the process to fill out this survey and mail it in to the town offices in care of the Economic Development office. Or email it to Amanda Similien. Thank you!

The Brunswick Town Council appointed a three Council Member committee to work with the staff and contractors to help work through the Planning Board Process.  The Committee members are Debbie Atwood, Margo Knight & Benjamin Tucker.  Prior to this committee the Maine Street Station Implementation Committee provided oversight to the project during the formulation and up to the planning phase. The committee was comprised of abutting land owners, municipal officials, neighborhood representatives, and members of Brunswick's business community. You can find the committee members list here.

What You'll Find on this Website

We will continue to use this website as a central, convenient source of information about the project. You'll find updates and announcements, photos and details about Maine Street Station. Feel free to contact any of the members of the committee if you don’t find what you are looking for. This is a work in progress, so please bear with our development of both the website and the physical site!

Current Events of Interest

The Maine Street Station Council Committee will meet on Wednesday June 24th, 2009 from 7pm- 8pm at the McLellan Building on Union Street.  Please see the calendar for actual dates.  These meetings are open to the public.  The Committee members are Margo Knight, Benjamin Tucker & Deborah Atwood.


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