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Red Plaid Wool Cover Here is a wool cover I made from a pleated wool skirt. I ripped the seams out and had a lot of fabric! I felted the red plaid (washed it on hot) to thicken it up. This cover has two layers. The edges are bound with fabric from a black wool skirt. (I wish I would've had black touch tape to use instead of the white!)
Wool Diaper Cover This cover was made from a cream-colored wool sweater. I felted the wool first. This cover is just one layer. The edges are bound with the fabric from an orange plaid wool shirt. The shirt was only 85% wool, but I figured that was enough.
Cut out Cover Here are the easy instructions for making your own wool cover:
Cut out your wool cover. You may want to felt your wool first. Use one or two layers depending on the thickness of the fabric. This is a piece of my mother's old wool coat that she donated to the cause. It is thick fabric, so I didn't felt it first. I put notches to show where the ends of the elastic go.
Cut out binding Cut out strips to use as binding on the edge. This is fabric from a pair of black wool pants. The strips are two inches wide and cut on the bias (at a 45-degree angle to the grain of the fabric). If you are using a stretchy fabric for the binding, such as a thin sweater, don't worry about cutting on the bias.
Roll of Wool Binding Sew the ends of your strips together, then roll it all up like this. I never iron the binding, the seams usually become flat and smooth while they are sitting in the roll.
Sew Binding to Wrap Sew the binding to one side of the wrap. When I start sewing, I leave about 1 centimeter of the binding free at the end; this is the extra seam allowance where I join the two ends. I never measure it out first, just start sewing it on and cut it when you are finished sewing. Leave about 1/8-inch edge of the wrap peeking out under the edge of the binding. The binding will have a 1/4-inch seam allowance, and the wrap will have a 3/8-inch seam allowance.
Attach elastic Measure and cut three pieces of 3/8-inch elastic. (The elastic should be several inches shorter than the distance it will cover. I always guess on this part.) Flip the cover over and tack the ends of the elastic to the seam allowance.
Finish sewing binding Then I roll the binding over the edge and sew it to the other side of the cover. Make sure that you do not catch the edge of the elastic as you are sewing. The elastic should be able to move freely through the casing that is created as you sew the binding to the edge. As you sew around the elastic, frequently sink the needle, lift the presser foot, and gently pull the elastic forward.
Almost Finished Now the cover is almost finished. You can add snaps or hook-and-loop fasteners. You may also fasten the cover with diaper pins if you desire.
Wow, wasn't that easy?