Twilight 2000 is a Role playing game set in a fictional future, one where World war 3 began in the late 1990's and eventually slipped into a nuclear exchange changing society as we know it. The players assume the roles of survivors trying to live through the aftermath of the war. Twilight 2000 was published in the mid 1980's by Game Designers Workshop who unfortunately closed their doors in the early 1990's. The copyright was purchased by Tantalus, Inc but there are no stated plans to revive the game. Despite the lack of any new material from a publisher the game continues to expand through the players on websites such as this.

This is my contribution to the game, this site will be in a constant state of change, I plan to add material as I get it finished. This will include new equipment, optional rules, alternate game backgrounds and other material as it accumulates, currently I am working on source material for a World war 2 background, but I also have been completing some optional rules of my own as well as modern equipment. For other perspectives on Twilight 2000 visit the links listed at the bottom of this page.


Twilight 2000 World war 2 material

World war 2 source book


Twilight 2000 Modern equipment

Modern equipment


Optional rules for Twilight 2000



Links to other Twilight 2000 pages

Antennas T2K Page: Focusing on Sweden's forces, equipment and background, also includes archives of discontinued sites and web discussions.

The Dark place: Includes material for several RPG's including Twilight 2000 and Behind Enemy Lines.

Crazy Chuck's Vehicle Emporium: Civilian vehicles, also has information on radios and accessories.

Damian's T2K Page: Australian Sourcebook,Australian and South African vehicles.

Dan Cooper's Site :Some adventures and a Yugoslav source book.

Dawgs Command Post: The OICW, and two adventures, including a World war 2 adventure for Twilight or Behind Enemy Lines.

Ed's Home Page: Coast Guard career path, some vehicles and an adventure.

Grimace997's Page: Careers, source material for Korea and an adventure.

Here there be dragons: Air rules, equipment, vehicles and weapons. Includes a detailed development history of several vehicles including the M1 Abrams, BTR-80 and MI-24 Hind.

Kens Twilight 2000 Page: Material for 1st edition Twilight 2000. Includes many downloadable files.

Loonz's page: Lots of stuff including a Virginia source book, new equipment, new careers, background material and house rules. Also includes information which can help in the search for GDW books and modules. Extensive listings in the links section. Loonz also has sites for Aftermath and The Morrow Project.

Matt Geisler's Page : Optional rules on damage and recovery, stealth, salvage, and zombies.

Megavolt: Optional combat rules.

Michel Boucher's Barebones Homepage: A list of GDW material and Challenge articles.

Mitch Berg's Page : Extensive World Military careers, alternate damage rules, new skills.

Mitchell Schwartz's site: MERC adventures, a WWII adventure and Yugoslav data.

Orrin Ladd's Site:House rules, links and PBEM resources.

Paul Mulcahy's Twilight 2000 site: Includes many files for download.

Peter Vieth's site: Source Materials, Military and Civilian vehicles.

Peter Himbergs site: House rules.

Oly's world: Includes a listing of Twilight players world wide available for regional information, helpful for planning a campaign. Also includes house rules, plans for a missile silo and some mini adventures.

T.R's Site: Lots of material, weapons, equipment, optional rules etc. Also includes material for Merc and Dark Conspiracy.

Other sites of interest

Fist full of games: Includes several free war games, in particular Fist full of Tow's may be of interest for running those large scale battles.

GHQ miniatures: 1/285 scale military miniatures for war gaming.

Osprey military books: Osprey has several series of books detailing military units and equipment. Useful for background research.

Quick reaction force: 15mm military miniatures,includes personnel and vehicles from World war 2 to the present.



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