Welcome to the
Frackville Area Historical Society


104 Broad Mountain Avenue

Frackville, PA 17931

 Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.
at the society headquarters, 50 E. Oak Street, Frackville. 

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History of Frackville

Coal Region


Photo Archives

FAHS  Heaquarters


Welcome to the Frackville Area Historical Society. 

A little bit about us

The mission of the Frackville Area Historical Society is to collect, preserve and maintain items relating to the history of the area, including artifacts, physical structures and the stories of the community and its people; and to promote an appreciation and sense of pride in local history.

Whats Here

To get an appreciation for how much the town of Frackville has changed and grown over the years, read the "History of Frackville" and also see a picture of the gentleman who started it all, Daniel Frack.

The "Coal Region" site will introduce you to the significant role that coal mining played in the history and the development of the area. This "initial" collection of information and pictures focuses on the "Mahanoy Plane" and the impact of coal mining operations in the region. More information and photo's will be added on different aspects of the coal region soon.

Take a nostalgic tour of Frackville's first "Schools."

The "Society Headquarters" fomerly the Good Will Hose Company will be the headquarters of the Frackville Area Historical Society. Renovations are underway to restore this 1911 building. The society plans a museum for showcasing artifacts and information pertaining to the region. A photo and description of this historic building is also featured.

Visit the "photo archives" and step back into the past.  A great place to see some pictures of the town and it's residents.

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