Angels of the Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Angel of Eastern Lawn. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia) This website relates clairvoyant exploits into the angelic realms and therefore into an aspect of human consciousness about which little is exoterically known.

One of the foci of information used here is in the study of devas of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, Australia. The author spent about three years "on and off" attuning to the angels in and around Melbourne with a view to sharing the experiences with people. A map of the gardens is included, which enables people to actually visit the site where the Angel is located so that it may be attuned to. In addition, there are a few artist's sketches of the devas (angels) as they are described herein.

This work is in the context of future conscious co-operation between the devas and humans. To most people this is fantasy, but to some there is a realisation that the time is nearer than we might think.

The ability for humans to "see" angels is latent in each of us, and not really very difficult to develop. Knowing how is the secret key. There are wonderful things to experience in all this, but there are also dangers, and the devas themselves are made of fiery energies which may harm humans if they open too directly to them. Caution is the word.

It is nevertheless my hope that readers of this page will gain an appreciation for the unseen help that the angels offer, and that this help is available to us all in the Service of our planet and its inhabitants.

This information has arisen from several types of source. The reader will soon see this, as the text has a series of stories strung together, and at the same time a jumble of visions held as true by some who say they have seen.

To gather these tales, I spent about five years in a spiritual ashram, in which many talks and shared moments covered so called ‘visions’ of angels. In this time I heard stories of inner worlds, prayers and myths; some sworn to by the people who claimed them. I also had a smattering of first hand experiences myself.

Landscape Angel positioned on a hilltop. Some years back I gave a series of talks on nature spirits. These covered many anecdotes drawn from teachers and friends. Such stories, whilst entertaining, were also good for teaching the relevant myths to people. These myths, whilst not always claimed as true, were often true in symbol, and worth recounting as lessons in life.

As a result of my talks and some publicity, young and old of all faiths and dissents came to me with their stories to tell. These were like earlier tales from people who had related their visions to me. Some saw angels in churches, in ashrams, or at crucial times in their life such as the death or birth of a loved one. These accounts agreed with sacred texts such as the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, and with more recent ideas as in Theosophy and some New Age books.

There are good so-called Spiritual groups whom these days teach about energies and how to attune to them. I was fortunate to learn my techniques from such good and responsible types of groups. There are many other groups who take the aspirant on a spree and mix truths with half truths. These are hard to avoid for the person starting out in this sort of quest.

There is less need for people today to join a group as such. The knowledge and wisdom are in a huge variety of book and video forms, and to find one’s way through the many options is the main hazard. Common sense should prevail in this matter, and for some people it is best that they belong to a group; the right group. Finally it comes back to the reader to decide whom they should follow or at least read. I give some reference texts at the end of this website, but do not favour one text above another. If you want to know more more about me, I have written some book reviews at at "Dr Geo, and some book reviews".


1. What are Angels, Fairies and Gnomes?
2. The Angel Hierarchy in the Botanic Gardens
3. The Main Angel of the Gardens
4. The Angel of Princes Lawn
5. The Angel of Southern Lawn
6. The Angel of Eastern Lawn
7. The Angel of Ornamental Lake
8. The Angel of Central Lawn
9. An Out of Body Experience in the Gardens
10. Angels of the Skies
11. A collection of Sylphs
12. Messengers and Handmaidens
13. The world of Fairies
14. Lights in the foliage
References & Links

A guided walk through the Gardens

Images of Botanic Gardens Angels
Angels slideshow with pix by Peter F Christiansen

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Thanks are due to the Danish artist Peter Fich Christiansen for enhancing and redrawing my sketches and impressions.

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