You’re racing through the desert in a 4-wheel drive truck, doing 100 miles an hour. And all you can see is dirt and dust flying off the truck in front of you. Suddenly, a speeding 4-by-4 swerves directly in your path. You jam your foot down hard on the brake and prepare for impact…and then you remember, it’s only a movie.

When the image is so real you can’t tell it’s a motion picture, it must be Showscan. Because the remarkable Showscan film process creates an astonishing level of quality that nothing else in the film, video or computerized virtual reality industry can match.

This heightened sense of reality is possible because of one simple fact. The human eye perceives the world as if it were running at a film speed of approximately 60 frames per second. Unfortunately, conventional motion pictures operate at 24 frames per second. And most other special film formats operate at 30 frames per second. As a result, there’s a large gap between what you see in a motion picture and what you see in reality. But Showscan has changed all that.

The Showscan process projects 70mm film at the accelerated rate of 60 frames per second (fps). This produces extraordinary images with far greater depth, clarity and realism than has ever been seen in motion pictures before. In fact, the Showscan process approaches the maximum amount of visual information that the human eye can process each second. More than ten times that of conventional 35mm film.

And because our 70mm film frame allows more light to be projected through the image, our colors are brighter, truer and more vivid.

Other special format film may offer large screens, but bigger isn’t all it takes to be better. Because when it comes to image quality and clarity, what’s really important isn’t the size of the screen but the speed of the film projection. That’s why Showscan’s 60 frames per second process produces a clearer, more realistic image than any other film format in the world. Period.

It’s taken almost 100 years for motion pictures to produce an image comparable to reality. But now, thanks to the remarkable Showscan process, the true power of film has finally been unleashed. And movies will never be the same.

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