Summer HEAT: Mario Chalmers

Want to know what your favorite HEAT player is up to during the summer? HEAT Insider caught up with second-year HEAT guard Mario Chalmers for the following interview: 

HEAT Insider: How’s your summer going? 

Mario Chalmers: “It’s going good. I’ve been spending most of the summer here in Miami. All I’m doing is hitting the gym and working on my game. I’ll be taking off a couple of weeks to go back to Kansas for a basketball camp and to give back to the community.” 

HI: Is Kansas your off-season home? 
MC: “No. Alaska and North Carolina are. 

HI: You’ve been in Miami for a year now. Have you finally settled in? Have you found any great places to eat?
MC: “I’ve settled in perfectly. I know my way around the city now, and I know how to get where I need to be. I love People’s Barbeque because I love soul food, and it’s the best soul food around.” 

HI: HEAT camp this week was a reunion of the 2008 NCAA National Championship Game with you, Antonio Anderson, and Robert Dozier. Did you remind Antonio and Robert about the game?
MC: “(Laughs) It was a lot of fun out there. (HEAT second round pickup) Pat Beverley was reminding Robert more than me. It was definitely great with all of us being out on the court again.” 

HI: Do you have any posters of your shot?
MC: “I have a couple of posters at my house. They’re a nice size. You can’t miss them. But I didn’t rub it in his face too much.” 

HI: How do you think you performed this week?
MC: “I think I did alright. I was a little fatigued, but that’s how you get better; you have to keep fighting through it. You have to keep working hard even when you’re tired and try to keep improving.” 

HI: What did you get out of the workouts?
MC: “I got a lot out of them. I got a lot of repetition. I got to run the offense without D.Wade being there. I’ve gotten more comfortable running the offense and directing people on the floor.” 

HI: How was it playing in front of a crowd during practice?
MC: “It was cool playing in front of HEAT Season Ticket Holders. That’s who we’re going to be playing in front of during the season, so it’s good for them to come in and see how hard we work and get a taste of what the team will be like next year.” 

HI: You’ve really been in the gym a lot this summer. Is that more of a statement to the coaching staff and front office?
MC: “Definitely. I want to make a home here in Miami, and to do that I have to get better each year. That’s what I’m trying to do – staying in the gym and trying to get better.” 

HI: Pat Beverly recently said he was the closest to you on the team. Can you talk about your relationship with him?
MC: “Pat and I are clicking really well. We’re still competing, but at the same time, I want him to learn the game as I learned the game. It will make the transition to the NBA easier for him.”

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