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Page Title Description or Instructions
Chart Only examples of the transformation in all tenses
Lesson 1.a Learn about the passive voice. A lot of different transformation techniques are explained in details.
Lesson 1.b What sort of sentences are appropriate to change into the passive voice?!
Lesson 2 Enjoy this voice party. See how easy it is to transform Active sentences into the Passive Voice!
Lesson 3 with Examples & Exercises. There's all that you need to change active into the passive voice.
Article Should I use the passive voice in writing?!
Easy Quiz An easy multiple choice quiz. Choose the correct answer.  new
Practice 1 Transformation of Active sentences into the Passive Voice. Is it possible in all cases?
Practice 2 Multiple Choice quiz about the correct transformation of active sentences into the passive voice.
Practice 3 Which of the given sentences are in the passive voice and which ones are active?
Practice 4 Are these sentences active or in the passive voice? It's up to you to decide!!
Practice 5 A global quiz about the passive voice in all tenses
PowerPoint Download cool Passive Voice multiple choice quizzes and others  08.02.2009
Quiz 1 Refresh by practicing
Quiz 2 Enjoy practicing learning through practice. One sentence quiz!
Quiz 3 Choose the right passive form of the given sentences in the active voice!
Relative Clauses Skip to the relative pronoun world and enjoy a series of quizzes
Find out A relative clause in a sentence of Kenny Rogers' song Ruby
Meaning 1 Check if you can understand the meaning of the given sentences.
Meaning 2 A general knowledge quiz.
Vocabulary Can you make the difference between words for Abstruct and those for Concrete objects?
If-clause Check for the principal types of the Conditional: Type I, Type II, Type III & Type 0 + Quiz
Find out Conditional type II in Kenny Rogers' song Ruby
Gerund How and when to use gerund and infinitive with or without 'to'? << CHECK
Lge Test Language Quiz based on transforming or rewriting sentences with the words given

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