M E N U       D E S C R I P T I O N
The Face How much do you know about your face?
Family (1) Father, mother, brother, sister .. etc. .
Family (2) Family members and relations
Family (3) What relation between these members?
Opposites This is a vocabulary quiz.
Opposites (2) Find the opposites you don't know! .
Irregular Verbs Search the past & past participle of irregular verbs .
Language Put the verbs in their correct forms .
How ... ? How long? How far? or How often?.
Verb Translate Search the French equivalent of irregular verbs .
Adverbs Match the adverb with its description.
Odd plurals. A small dictionary for irregular plurals.
Professions (1) What do you do ? (1).
Professions (2) What's your job? (2).
Professions (3) What are you? (3).
Colours A list of colour names.
Ali's Story A short text with questions of comprehension.
Continuous Match the sentences with the pictures
Comparatives Choose the correct form of the comparatives.
Functions What do these sentences express?
Global Test A global test for Common Core Students. Easy to do!
Easy English for Common Core / Tronc Commun