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Out of Georgetown (directions) Out of Pierce Mill, Rock Creek Park (directions) Out of Capitol Hill Washington DC is a terrific running city, full of parks, bike paths, trails and bridges. Such features are most pronounced west of Rock Creek, where the Atlantic Coastal Plain ends and the Piedmont Plateau begins.

We have broken down the routes into three categories: Runs originating from Georgetown, runs from Pierce Mill in Rock Creek Park, and runs from Capitol Hill (3rd and Pennsylvania Ave, NW). 

Recommendations? Rock Creek for its shade, its hills, and its trails. The C & 0 Canal has the rare advantage of being a route that is flat, dirt, with no interruptions.

All these routes are reasonably safe - though one should exercise caution at all times, and especially at night, in the woods, and around busy traffic areas, both auto-like and human-like. Have fun and don't get lost!

Many thanks to David Keating, John O'Donnell, Gerry Ives, James Scarborough, and Josh Adelman for their help in developing this list. 

Carpe Viam!

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