In 1952, Si Fu Wu and the late Si Gung Wong Shun Leung were classmates during their years in secondary school. In order to compensate for each other’s weaknesses in their studies, both Si Fu Wu and Si Gung Wong Shun Leung held frequent discussions on assignments, and this was how they became best friends. During this period, Si Gung Wong Shung Leung was practicing Ving Tsun under the Grandmaster Yip Man. Si Gung Wong Shun Leung had convinced Si Fu Wu in numerous occasions to learn Ving Tsun, but because Si Fu Wu had not heard of Ving Tsun, he refused the offer numerous times. Finally, Si Fu Wu was invited by Si Gung Wong Shun Leung to attend Wong’s fight with another martial arts practitioner. It was at this time that Si Fu Wu was convinced enough to learn the martial art, when Si Gung Wong Shun Leung beat his opponent with flying colours. From that day on, Si Fu Wu became Si Gung Wong Shun Leung’s first student. The fact that Si Fu Wu was practicing Ving Tsun was revealed in 1954, as Si Fu Wu did not like to boast about his learning of the martial art.

              During the period of 1954, besides training with Si Gung Wong Shun Leung, Si Fu Wu had also been training with other Si Suks such as Ma Hang Lam, Chan Chi Man, Wong Man, Wong Chuk, and Pang Kam Fat etc. As Si Fu Wu was very determined and serious during his training, in addition to Wong Shun Leung’s dedicated teaching, Si Fu Wu was rewarded with full knowledge of the concepts and essence of Ving Tsun. Besides Chi Sau (sticking hands) with other students of Wong Shun Leung, Si Fu Wu was offered the chance to “talking hands” (one-to-one combat) with another martial arts  practitioner.

            During 1961, Si Fu Wu earned his experience of “talking hands” with another martial arts practitioner who was practicing the Northern Style Praying Mantis at that time. Under Si Gung Wong Shun Leung’s arrangements, the fight was to be held on top of a roof of a residential building, and this was a great chance for Si Fu Wu to show to what level his Ving Tsun had reached after years of hard work and practice. Despite the fact that the fight was illegal, there were still referees present to judge the fight such as “Wong Kiu”, and a press reporter “Wah Tin Wang” from a local newspaper in Hong Kong (Ming Pao Newspaper) to attend the fight, and to report the details of the fight. Without doubt, Si Fu Wu was able to use what he had learnt in Ving Tsun, and was able to demonstrate the power of Ving Tsun. Si Fu Wu eventually won the fight brilliantly in just 52 seconds. During the fight, the newspaper reporter took numerous pictures, and these pictures were printed on the editorial page of the newspaper the next day after the fight. Si Fu Wu was also given the PICTURES that were taken during the fight by the newspaper reporter. These pictures are still existent until now, and are one of the treasures of Si Fu Wu. The fight was also recorded on an eight-millimeter film camera. Unfortunately, the film was lost when Si Gung Wong Shun Leung lent the film to Bruce Lee for his own reference many years ago. However, the copy of the tape has finally been retrieved and is now safely kept by Si Fu Wu.

             Si Fu Wu has never stopped practicing Ving Tsun even up to now. He started to teach his own students in 1969, providing many Ving Tsun enthusiasts the opportunity to learn the art. Si Fu Wu’s teaching method has always been very serious and strict, and has always put heavy emphasis on mastering the foundations of Ving Tsun. His determination to teach good students was his ultimate objective, and Si Fu Wu’s inheritance of the traditional teachings of the late Si Gung Wong Shun Leung is also included in his teachings. In 1974, Si Fu Wu was given an opportunity to teach in a local girl’s school (True Light Girl’s School), which also gave the students an alternative extra-curriculum to choose from. Si Fu Wu taught the girl’s school until 1987 when he left the school, and thereafter, Si Fu Wu continued his teaching in low profile at his own home.

             During 1999, Si Fu Wu was invited to become one of the honorary guests to talk about the history of Si Gung Wong Shun Leung, as well as their past in the First World Ving Tsun Ceremony held in Hong Kong. It was at this ceremony that Si Fu Wu became acknowledged by the other Ving Tsun practitioners, and he was encouraged by the others to share his experiences as well as his views on the art.

             Currently, the chairman of Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute Si Fu Luk Tei, and also the principal of Wah Xia Gung Fu Institute Si Fu Cliff Au has invited Si Fu Wu to teach Ving Tsun in the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute. All enthusiasts are welcomed to learn the martial art. Furthermore, people are more than welcomed to share their experiences and share their views, thereby, developing and spreading the art of VING TSUN.


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