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    The origin of the term "Ladies from Hell" stemmed from WW1, it is what the German troops called the kilted troops that they faced in the trenches in France. The Highland Regiments proved to be worthy opponents for their skill and bravery in head on assaults into German held ground, all to the tunes played by their regimental pipers.

     The "Ladies From Hell" is also a group of lads who believe that kilts are well suited to vigorous physical activities such as climbing hills and hiking in the woods. However, we feel that kilts are best suited to drinking beer in the local pub! The kilt is a manly garment and we like to engage in manly pursuits while wearing our manly kilts.  We come from all types of backgrounds.  What unite us is our stout hearts, strong backs, patriotism and love of the kilt! So when were in the pub drinking a pint we always raise one for the Lads who earned the name “Ladies from Hell”

     The Chicago Chapter prefers it members wear military tartans pleated to the stripe, as this would be they style and type the original "Ladies From Hell" would have been worn. If you don't have a kilt a Military kilt..........wear what you have and join us.


Some of the original "Ladies From Hell"


Our name honors the Scottish, Canadian and Australian Highland Regiments that fought so fiercely in the first and second world wars that the Germans called them the “Ladies From Hell”.   

Current events

The British Government has announced plans to merge the Scottish Regiments.   

Scotland's Daily Record reports:


Mar 9 2005

TOP brass have secretly planned to bring forward the date when Scotland's six regiments are merged.

The Council of Scottish Colonels will recommend to Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon that the 'super regiment' formation should take place onSt Andrew's Day, 13 months early.

Campaigners last night branded the plan an 'insult'.

Jeff Duncan, of Save The Scottish Regiments, said: 'It is a disgrace to disband regiments with hundreds of years of history on Scotland's national day.'

The latest plans were revealed in a leaked memo from a member of the councilIn it, Major General Mark Strudwick, the Royal Scots' regimental colonel, said: 'It has been agreed that we should form the new regiment as early as possible.

'To that end, the Council of Scottish Colonels has decided that formation day should not be later than January 1,2006.'

The memo, dated February 24, 2005, also said a vesting day would be organized before January 1, 2007, when Scotland's six regular battalions would become five.

However, a senior military source revealed that both ceremonies are likely to be joined for one formal event.

He said: 'It is widely known the council will recommend that the amalgamation should take place in November on St Andrew's Day.'

Last night, an Army spokeswoman said: 'The only date set in concrete is that it must be in place by January 1,2007

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To: Scottish Parliament and UK Parliament

I believe that Scotland should properly recognise and celebrate it's Patron Saint, Saint Andrew, by making 30th November a Public Holiday in Scotland.

Only by making the 30th November a Public Holiday in Scotland will we rightfully respect our Patron Saint each year.

I call upon both the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament to act immediately and make the 30th November a day of recognition for Saint Andrew and an annual opportunity for the people of Scotland to celebrate Saint Andrew.


The Undersigned                          Sign the Petition



Black Watch to revive association

As the Black watch parade through the streets of Kirkcaldy yesterday, a call came out for members past and present to attend a special meeting of the regimental association in Glenrothes next month

Fife once boasted a thriving branch of the Black Watch Association, but about four years ago the regiments territorial company left Kirkcaldy, leaving the group no meeting place.

Now the association has announced that it is to gather regularly at the CISWO Club in Glenrothes with the first
Meeting scheduled for Sunday April 17 at 2pm

"We've actually got 100 names on the books, but latterly had about 40 people attending regularly" former Company
Sargent Major Rob Scott of Methil said

"This regiment is very much a family..... I always say your never 
ex-Black Watch because once you've worn the Red Hackle
you're of it for life"

Also playing a part in the resurgence of the association is Dundee-
born Fred Robb who served nine years with the regiment and was
a well traveled member of the pipe band.

"The association helps look after former soldiers who've fallen on
hard times, widows and families" he said "It's also important that
people know that both regular and Territorial Black Watch are welcome"

After making their announcement, the two men attended the Kirkcaldy
homecoming parade where Robb Scott saw his grandson Charles (18)
in the ranks while Fred kept an eye out for his son, Regimental Sargent
Major Mike Robb.

Fife Provost John Simpson took the salute accompanied by Captain Matt Sheldrick of the 1st Battalion, who hails from Inverbervie near Montrose. After the battalion marched past with the pipes and drums playing The Black Bear the provost said " I was delighted to help welcome the lads home and I hope the links between the regiment and the people of Fife continue.

Skirl on the Euphrates ... Pipe Major Scott Taylor plays the bagpipes on a bridge over the Euphrates during a checkpoint operation. British troops of the Black Watch have taken up a "forward operating position" on the east bank of the river.
Photo: AP

Pipers greet Black Watch soldiers as they arrive back from Basra, Iraq. For more pictures of The Black Watch click on the photo


Visit the Official Black Watch web site UK  Visit the Official Black Watch web site Canada


Click here to read more about the 51st Highland Division during the First World War

Question? Has the United States Army ever worn kilts............?  [click here for the answer]

New Member

Mike from Arlington Heights, Illinois. Mike and I work together at AT&T 

Steve from Sulphur,La, Louisiana, wearing a Black Watch kilt. Steve also has a webpage called the  "Dome Oven"......I wonder if you can make Haggis in it?


Out and about.........Most of us who wear kilts on a regular basis know just about every time out is an tell us yours and send a picture, because you know a pictures worth a 1,000 word.  Just click on the photos


I myself wear the kilt as often as possible, mostly at dog shows. My wife and I breed the real Scottish dogs, West Highland White Terriers, here in Germany, using the name and the tartan of the 1s Battalion The Black Watch   The name of our kennel is called Kennel Black Watch (RHR) by appointment to the Regiment.    As late as March The Black Watch were based at Fallingbostel/ Germany and my kilt was tailored by the Battalion tailor, Sean.  I feel bound in honour to the lads who are in service in Basra/Iraq at present when I wear the kilt. Yes, I’m a German, but Sean’s comment on this was: "Thank God, at least your no Englishman!"  

 click on Mike's picture to go to his page


Jed and his visit to the Eiffel Tower.  click on the picture to enlarge



Favorite Pubs

Kerry piper  7900 Joliet Road, Willowbrook, IL 60527 

This is a great place to down some pints, it was the first place I wore my kilt....and to this day that's all they have seen me in. The food is great and they have a good selection of beers......hey buddy...make mine a Black and Tan.  Click on the link and check out their web's a real kilt friendly pub. They also host one of the largest St. Patrick's Parties outside the city of Chicago.

Quigley's Irish Pub, 43 E Jefferson St., Naperville, IL 60540 Phone: 630-428-4774

This is another kilt friendly pub located in the down own area of Naperville, the food is good and they also have a good selection of beers on tap. The friendly waitresses wear kilts also...looks like a Blackwatch tartan 

Tom, Chicago Metro webmaster wearing his Royal Stewart kilt

If you want to join us, or start your own chapter of the Ladies From Hell in your community send us an e-mail. clink  on one of the contact links below and we'll set you up....and try and answer any questions you have. So now you don't have any excuses for not getting a kilt and wearing it.



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