Although the Fisher Body Division of General Motors was disbanded as 1984 came to an end, there still remains a surprising  amount of interest in the role it played in automotive history.  This site is dedicated to those who were employed by Fisher Body.  
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  The written history of Fisher Body from its founding in 1909 to its conclusion 76 years later.
  Photographs of Fisher Body operations dating back to its earliest years.   
  There is still great interest in the Napoleonic coaches and futuristic cars crafted  by boys for the contest sponsored by Fisher Body decades ago. 
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Fisher In Print
  Fisher Body ran classic advertisements
in national magazines for over 40 years. 
Here is a sampling of them. 
An Off-Beat Fleet
Ever hear of Streamliners and Futurmobiles?  Fisher Body assembled this fleet of unusual vehicles back in the 1930's.  Some still survive. 
Many items with the Fisher Body logo are still around. Here are a few.
Visit the Guild Museum
The mother lode of Craftsman's Guild coaches, cars and  memorabilia can be visited in rural Oregon.  They've even had  reunions of the "boys" of the 1930's who built coaches.   Then there's the story of three coach-building brothers.  An now, one of the two prototype coaches has been added to the collection. 


How a Craftsman's Guild winner with four coaches and model car in competition became an inventor and renown industrial product designer. CLICK HERE
Want to Contact Your Old Co-workers Online?
  Place your e-mail in an online directory so you can write to old Fisher Body  associates.
The E-Mail Directory
At  last, the e-mail directory of former Fisher Body folks has appeared.   Why not join?
The Fisher Brothers...
Their Life & Times

A 13-part magazine article provides
more detail into the lives of the brothers
The Fisher family carriage building works in Norwalk, Ohio,  circa 1900
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Fisher Body  Craftsmanship
Goes To War

Photos and story of the
Division's role in World War II.
Craftsman's Guild Book
Now Available Online

360-page history of the Guild with 150 photos now on sale!   More details inside.
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Prototype Coach Arrives At
Craftsman's Guild Museum

    One of two original coaches takes winding road to  new  home in Oregon.
What's New?
Who's that curly-headed boy in this early Fisher Body advertisement?  He's now 80!