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Melbourne Amateur TV Group


**** The second digital test transmission from VK3RTV will take place of Saturday 20th June 2009 at 13:30 Local time ****

VK3RTV to go Digital see latest VK3RTV information for details

**** If you receive a digital picture from VK3RTV on the 20th June please let us know at vk3rtv@hotmail.com or come up on 147.400MHz FM ****


Amateur Television (ATV) transmissions in Melbourne are mostly via the VK3RTV amateur television repeater on Mt Dandenong although a number of operators make simplex contacts on both 70cm, 23cm and 3cm. The ATV repeater is in operation 24 hrs a day and provides coverage of the greater Melbourne area.

The output of VK3RTV is 444.250 MHz ( Below Channel 28 on most UHF Televisions ).

Voice contact with other ATV'ers can be made on the ATV liaison frequency 147.400 MHz FM simplex, it is also a good idea to keep an ear out on this frequency when operating ATV. If unable to transmit on 147.400 MHz and require a picture to be put up on the repeater then drop a short note to the email below and I will see what can be arranged.


For more information email : vk3rtv@hotmail.com

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