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Universal forelaws of empathy and compassion - empirical attributes of cosmic genealogy seated within the genome of humankind and all intelligent life - form the foundation of evolutionary panaltruism on Earth, moving humanity to a compassionate/cooperative world order with new cornerstones for the United Nations, to global water equilibrium (the state of balance existing between seawater converted to freshwater amply available worldwide, on one side, and, on the other, constancy in planetary sea levels), to development of life-centered cosmologies, and to active membership in the cosmic community of intelligent life (CCIL).&   As part and parcel of the physical unity of being life-centered cosmologies in the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth reflect cognizance of the observable universe of humankind (13,000 million light years in all directions), of solar systems with and without intelligent life, and universal forelaws of empathy and compassion. More pronounced in modern times owing to scientific research and discovery merging astrobiology and astronomy as conducted and led by the late Sir Fred Hoyle, by Chandra Wickramasinghe, Brig Klyce, Halton C. Arp, and others, cosmic genealogy dates as an age on Earth from the landmark and pivotal work of Louis Pasteur in 1859 disproving spontaneous generation. ("Life comes from space because life comes from life." - Brig Klyce, Astrobiology Trust Fund). Intelligent life reciprocally propagated from infinity to infinity by empirical intelligent life, from habited sites to habitable sites, describes cosmic life realism clearly consistent with evolutionary panaltruism and life-centered cosmologies. Searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), such as the Kepler Mission and others, advance ultimate activism by humankind in the cosmic community of intelligent life: interconnected through communication (relayed and exchanged) within boundaries of observable universes and beyond via the phenomenon of overlapping observable universes. Evolutionary panaltruism and holistic forelawsship, interrelated, speak volumes for human unity, indefinable potential, and optimism destined to characterize the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth. Human potential rests, finally, on resolution of deep human needs to know from whence we came, safety and security, and on meaning and purpose (recognizing determinants consonant with universal forelaws of empathy and compassion: individual mate selection, nurturing of offspring, and early childhood education in a healthful, sustainable environment).<<

"The human inclination toward goodness is strong, but it can be strengthened by specific social conditions."  -  Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley


The DEMOCRATHON Process ("people power"), proceeding from the Initiative and Referendum currently available in some form in 24 States in the USA and continuing to grow worldwide, is a political-educational-fundraising mechanism proposed as a new cornerstone for the United Nations with potential and efficacy uniquely more widespread since the advent of Internet communication.  

To be an educational tool with optimum citizen participation (both within and beyond the political jurisdiction of the considered Initiative) a commensurate forum is necessary.   To be successful at the polls and for carrying out stated goals (both within and beyond the political jurisdiction of the considered Initiative) a commensurate funding device is needed.   Areas within the purview of representative government (and thus subject to societal breakthroughs through the DEMOCRATHON process) include the basics of evolutionary panaltruism:  (a) a healthful, sustainable environment for every planetary citizen, (b) universal health care, publicly supported, (c) education for all based upon individual capability, (d) creative/productive employment for every planetary citizen, (e) post-retirement security.  

Citizen activists and progressive governors exercising "people power" (made viable by DEMOCRATHON funding) can achieve pivotal changes in controversial areas where legislatures have failed to act.   An important challenge for DEMOCRATHONS in this respect is the re-introduction in the USA of 
industrial hemp.   Significantly increased worldwide production of industrial hemp - locally grown, processed and manufactured into products locally consumed (and exported/imported where in order) - is a realistic response, accompanied by others, to "Peak Oil" and the inevitable depletion of extractable petroleum.   Any product made from petroleum (including high octane gasoline and plastics) can be made from industrial hemp.   Industrial hemp seeds can produce food such as bread, hempburgers, milk and ice cream.   Hemp fiberboard has been demonstrated to be twice the strength of wood fiberboard.   "Hempcrete" blocks, "lighter, stronger and easier to work with than masonry concrete," have been manufactured at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota (start-up costs were under $10,000.00).

DEMOCRATHON fundraising centers on the generation of pledges/contributions equal in amount to the total number of valid signatures collected in the considered DEMOCRATHON (based on official estimates).  Contributors include private citizens of all ages, public/private organizations, corporations, schools, churches, and others.  Signature collectors are the lifeblood of direct/participatory democracy and their contribution in the framing of DEMOCRATHONS is earnestly solicited.   DEMOCRATHONS do not terminate with the qualifying of Initiatives, but continue until election  day (VOTE) in order to maximize fundraising, public education, and voter turnout.  Disbursement of surplus monies generated by a DEMOCRATHON successful at the polls - an additional incentive targeting worthy projects consistent with evolutionary forelawsship  - is effected as predetermined by organizers.  If unsuccessful at the polls, surplus monies are disbursed as previously agreed (but tied to a built-in contingency fund earmarked for a repeat DEMOCRATHON).   Should signatures gathered be insufficient to qualify the Initiative on the ballot, surplus monies, if any, become totally committed to a repeat DEMOCRATHON.  Contributors to DEMOCRATHONS are free to fix a ceiling on amounts contributed or pledged (e.g. one cent per each 100 signatures NOT TO EXCEED $25.00, or $100.00, or $1,000.00 or $10,000.00 . . .) 


Note: The DEMOCRATHON as proposed below (stabilizing solar energy), in tandem with DEMOCRATHONS addressing the basics of evolutionary forelawsship, underscores the educational potential of the DEMOCRATHON process, i.e. "Energy reaches Earth from the Sun, of course, but encoded instructions do not.  We have long believed that evolutionary progress takes place in a biologically closed system, because we thought, until recently, that life could not survive in space  . . . . . . . . . . We now know that cells can survive in space and could be delivered in viable form to Earth's surface (NASA, 1999)." (Brig Klyce, Astrobiology Research Trust).

Oregon DEMOCRATHON 2007/08
(Stabilizing Solar Energy)
Add to preamble of State Constitution:  "The people of the State of Oregon, in order to ensure  resident awareness of  the singular relationship of our parent star, the Sun, to life on Earth, and, consequently,  the need to achieve and then maintain constancy of energy from our star, the Sun, do, accordingly, call upon the Oregon Legislative Assembly to  commit to such funding at all levels  of education (and in all age groups) as may be appropriate  to advance resident awareness toward research and development of steady-state energy from our star, the Sun."

Valid signatures needed to qualify Initiative (rounded) _______.

Targeted valid signatures (rounded) ________.

Formula For Determining Amounts of Pledges/Contributions

Pledge/contribution (per each 100 signatures) ___________. 

Amount due at time of pledge/contribution (based on _____________ valid signatures needed to qualify Initiative).

Amount due when Initiative is qualified (based on ______________  valid signature count (rounded)).

Amount due as single sum on pledges/contributions made after Initiative is qualified, continuing to election day  (VOTE)_____________.


Disbursement of Surplus Monies
(Over and Above DEMOCRATHON Costs as Predetermined by Organizers)

$ _____________For Recipient ________________________________________

  $ ______________ For Recipient ________________________________________    

$ ______________ For Recipient ________________________________________

$_______________For Recipient ________________________________________

$ _______________For Recipient ________________________________________

      $ ______________  For repeat DEMOCRATHON in event Initiative is not qualified,
or is unsuccessful at the polls.       

$__________Toward (1) establishment of
Initiative and Referendum in States where not currently available, and (2) toward establishment of National Initiative and Referendum.

$ ____________ Toward advocacy of The Compassionate Global Society.


World Summitry on Economic/Societal Sustainability
     A compassionate world order on Earth faces challenges not least of which include terrorism, fossil fuels, nuclear weapons/energy, and the specter of international trade wars.  World summitry on economic/societal sustainability, ensuring the unifying, forward-moving legacy of Kyoto, Rio+10 and Johannesburg, marshals previously untapped human cooperation, energy and resources toward creation of the compassionate global society.    Itself sustained and embolden by scientific research validating the biological basis for human cooperation (Emory University) - like the first mission designed to search specifically for terrestrial-like planets (Kepler, 2009) - world summitry proposed on economic/societal sustainability embodies the quintessential unity and aspirations of all humanity.   The transition on Earth to a compassionate world order built upon universal forelaws of empathy and compassion - involving societal breakthroughs basic to evolutionary panaltruism, i.e.   (a)  a healthful, sustainable environment for every planetary citizen, (b) universal health care publicly supported, (c) education for all based upon individual capability, (d) creative/productive employment for every planetary citizen, (e) post-retirement security - presupposes new cornerstones and new guidelines for the United Nations.   Ending international terrorism by employing the total resources of the United Nations requires, primarily, remedial education emphasizing intrinsic, compassionate humanness and proper scrutiny of all social dichotomies ranging in realm from religous dogmas, to political ideologies, to economic systems.   Although following a philosophy antithetical to evolutionary panaltruism, adherents of global terrorism carry the same gene of empathy and compassion joining together all members of the human family.   World summitry on economic/societal sustainability draws global attention to
a democratically planned and shared global economy (DPGE) infrastructured and dedicated to reverse desertification and sea-level rise through global water equilibrium (Project Ice-SHARE/Green Earth). Proposed as new cornerstones for the United Nations, a democratically planned and shared global economy and Project Ice-SHARE/Green Earth mark important progress toward societal sustainability, toward the compassionate/cooperative global society, and toward qualitative escalation of human values and relationships.   Agenda items at the first and successive world summits on economic/societal sustainability necessarily include conflict resolution    -     overpopulation    -    world hunger    -    social justice     -    the integrity of the human gene pool    -     and the environmental impact of ascendant worldwide vegetarianism.

"The good of society as a whole can be promoted through the science of positive and "prosocial" emotions and behaviors - for example, by studying emotions and behaviors such as compassion, respect, joy, trust, love, empathy, gratitude, and tolerance."  -  Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley

"and then there is the greatest opportunity of all, the prize of securing and safeguarding the planet for our generations to come." - UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on global warming and the Stern Review.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI) projects a positive, life-engaged future for humankind as part of life-centered cosmologies prevalent within the cosmic community of intelligent life.  Although not alone as a harbinger of interplanetary/intergalactic communication and cosmic life propagated from Earth, the Kepler Mission (scheduled by NASA in 2009 to monitor 100,000 stars for orbiting Earth-size planets) deserves extraordinary attention  as the first space mission to search specifically for terrestrial-like planets.   Kepler will be followed by Terrestrial Planet Finder, 2012-2015 and Darwin, 2014.  
A promising ally in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the recent technology breakthrough by NASA will aid observation of planet formation and planet detection by suppressing the light of stars.  This emerging expansion of cosmic focus and direction - likely to involve (complementing NASA) the European Space Agency (ESA), the Hubble Telescope, the International Space Station, and many if not most of Earth's space agencies and observatories - bodes well for life-centered cosmologies.

"Darwinian evolution can produce variation that results from one or two point mutations, and can, by natural selection, lead to adaptation, or microevolution.  But that is not the same as macroevolutionary progress requiring whole new genes that differ from known predecessors by dozens to hundreds of essential nucleotides.   In strong panspermia, those new genes must be supplied from elsewhere."  (Brig Klyce, founder of Cosmic Ancestry and Astrobiology Research Trust).  

"Microbiology may be said to have had its beginnings in the nineteen-forties.  A new world of the most astonishing complexity began then to be revealed.  In retrospect I find it remarkable that microbiologists did not at once recognize that the world into which they had penetrated had of necessity to be of cosmic order.  I suspect that the cosmic quality of microbiology will seem as obvious to future generations as the Sun being the centre of the solar system seems obvious to the present generation." (Sir Fred Hoyle, 1980, concluding a university lecture at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff with the title "The Relation of Biology to Astronomy").

". . . . . this essay will examine the possible role of viruses in the evolution of complexity, including the evolution of human-specific attributes." -
from "Can Viruses Make Us Human?" by Dr. Luis P. Villarreal, Director, Center for Virus Research, University of California, Irvine.

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
-  Albert Einstein

"Of course, today, for science in particular, electronic communication makes possible communities of individuals from all corners of the world.  The most direct evolution toward an enlightened science is for these groups to just go about supporting each other in doing science free of disproved, official assumptions." (Dr.  Halton Arp, astronomer and author of Seemg Red, Apeiron, 1998).

"knowledge gained is always subject to further testing as understanding matures" - The Center for Naturalism.

  Compassionate humanity, appreciative of the grandeur and import of cosmic genealogy, concerns itself with life-centered issues and questions including life-centered cosmologies merging astrobiology and astronomy     -    polar wamder/pole shift - climate change - the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI)   -   infinities in nature unrelated to mathematics and physics    -   the strong version of panspermia (Cosmic Ancestry)    -   Viruses in the Evolution of Life (Villarreal, 2005)   -    locally developed horizontal gene transfer (HGTE) and cosmic life propagated from Earth (CLPE),  both keyed to evolutionary panaltruism     -    ground rules apropos to "artificial life" and "synthetic biology"     how do solar flares impact climate on Earth?     -     parent star stabilization/solar energy constancy     -     industrial hemp    -     ethical vegetarianism     -     the terraforming of Mars     -    the overlapping of observable universes as a communicative mechanism for intelligent life    -    education coming to grips creatively with origins, meaning and purpose     -     all in testament to "concern for others and for those who will succeed us . . . . . " (The Center for Naturalism).

"Whatever you can do . . . . . or believe you can . . . . . begin it

Boldness has magic . . . . . power . . . . . and genius in it."

Johnne Goethe

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