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Natural Laundry Soap

Introducing, Cheeky Maiden Essential Oil Blends!
Simply add several drops of our Grapefruit Lavender Essential Oil blend to your cloth bag of Cheeky Maiden Soap Nuts to add simple, fresh, natural fragrance to your laundry!

2 oz. Price: $16.49 Introductory Price: $12.49

Cheeky Maiden is pleased to make Soap Nuts Natural Laundry Soap available to you!

Soapnut Sampler (3-5 Loads) $2.49

3.5 oz. (20-40 Loads) $6.99

7 oz. (45-75 Loads) $12.99

3 extra cloth bags $2.00

Our Soap Nuts Sampler will provide you with everything you need to try them out (5 nuts inside of one cloth bag). Our 3.5 oz and 7 oz packages also come with one cloth bag. You may want to go ahead and grab some extra bags while you're at it in case you lose one.

What are soap nuts?

Soap nuts are the shells or husks of the fruit of the Soapberry Tree. Grown in India, these shells contain natural Saponin. Saponin is the very thing in soap that makes it cleansing. Soap nuts have been used for centuries as a 100% Natural, Chemical Free Laundry Wash as well as body wash, and household cleansing agent. Soap nuts have not been processed in any way.
Soap nuts are low-sudsing, making them perfect for today's high technology washing machines. They contain none of the chemical surfactants or perfumes that are known to irritate skin and respiratory systems.

How do you use soap nuts?

Simply drop 3 or 4 soap nuts into the included cotton bag and toss into your washer before adding your laundry. You'll be amazed at how fresh and clean your clothing and linens can be- Naturally! For really soiled loads, or brighter brights, it is recommended to add some oxygen bleach. You should also pretreat stains as you normally would.
Soap nuts work best with warm, not hot, water.
Reuse each bag full of soap nuts up to 5 times, depending on your laundering methods. Basically, when the nuts get smooshy and grey, you can toss them into your compost pile and replace them with fresh ones. (How is THAT for eco-friendly?) If you like fragrance, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the bag before tossing it into the washing machine. (Our favorite combination is Lavender and Grapefruit).

Variations in washing methods...

Your own personal washing methods and habits will influence how you implement soap nuts. This is why load sizes are given in ranges. Temperature of water, size of load, soft v hot water- all of these factors will influence how you use the soap nuts. What is certain is that you will find soap nuts to be an economical asset once you find your groove.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email missi(at)cheekymaidensoap(dot)com. This item is newly introduced, so once we get a feel for our customer's concerns and needs, we'll be posting a FAQ section.
We frequently get asked if Soap Nuts make bubbles, or suds. Enjoy this brief video demonstration to show you how they work in the water! (And please ignore the mess in the back ground. i was in the middle of making bread when we started the video!)