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The Tilden Roots

The name of Tilden, anciently Tylden, is derived from the residence of its first bearers at a place to named in England, probably an estate in the County of Kent, although the exact location is not certain. In ancient English and early American records the name is found in various forms of Tyldene, Tyldenne,Tildenne, Tillden, Tyldon, Tyldum, Tyllden, Tildun, Tildin, Tildan, Tilding, Tildon, Tylden, Tilden and others. Of these, the last is the spelling most frequently used in America in modern times.
Chieftly seated in the County of Kent and, at a later date, in London, the families bearing this name belonged for the most part of least, to the landed and educated classes.
According to family historians, Sir Richard Tilden or Sir Richard de Tylden was Seneschal to Hugh de Lacy, Constable of Chester, during the reign of Henry 11 of Enlgand. (circa 1153-1189). He is further said to have accompanied King Richard I (Richard Coeur de Lion) to Palestine and to have served with him in the Cursades in the year 1191. Sir Richard Tylden, probably a son of the last mentioned Sir Richard, is called " of Sittenborne, in Kent". He married Gertrude, daughter of Sir William Vernon, of Fordsham, in Cheshire. This union was born a son, Sir Henry Tylden, who was probably identical with the Henry de Tildenne who was recorded in Kent about the year 1292. Sir Henry married Phillippa, daughter of Sir Richard Boteler, of Lancashire, and was the father by her of Sir William who married Constance, daughter of Rodolphus Gannett and has issue by her of another Sir William Tylden, who served under the Black Prince in the Battle of Poictiers in 1366. The following is my line of descendents:

John Tilden 1415-1463
Thomas Tilden 1442-1479
Richard Tilden 1475-1558
Richard Tilden 1520-1565/66
Thomas Tilden 1541-1617
Nathaniel Tilden 1583-1641

Joseph Tilden 1615-1670

Samuel Tilden 1660-1738

Samuel Tilden 1695-1774

Samuel Tilden Jr. 1739-1834

Capt Samuel Tilden 1765-1844

Freeman Foster Tilden 1804-1876

Samuel Tilden 1844-unk

John Gould Tilden 1867-1930

John Gould Tilden Jr. 1893-1967

Paul Andrew Tilden-Living

Paula Ann Tilden-Living

As time permits, I will have a page for each of these persons. Thanks for being patient!
If you connect with any of these lines and would like to contribute, please email me! Thanks!

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