Simplified Storage Tiering
Right Storage for the Right Data - Simplified Storage Tiering Cost Effective Backup and Recovery - Ensure Business Continuity Greening the Data Center - Truly power efficient storage Reliable and accessible archiving - Persistent Data Management
Announcing The:
Persistent Data Discovery Tool
Free Persistent Data Discovery Tool
Discover where persistent data lives in your organization with this simple tool.
Best of all it's FREE!
Enterprise Backup and Data Protection
The Revolution 100T Remote Office VTL coupled with the Revolution 300T/TX VTL extends enterprise class backup and recovery to the remote office.
Identifying Persistent Data
A simple six step process which enables you to identify what data to move to optimize your storage environment.
Who We Are
COPAN Systems is the leader in enterprise-class storage solutions
for the long-term protection and management of persistent data.
Purpose built solutions for persistent data utilizing Enterprise MAID architectures that dramatically reduce power, cooling and floor space costs in the data center. Scalable from 28 TB to 8 PB within a single chassis, COPAN Systems delivers unmatched density,scalability and reliability at prices that rival tape.

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