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What’s On In The Garden Of Unearthly Delights This Week

The Bosco Theater
The Chronicles Of A Sleepless Moon: 6.30pm Thu Mar 22 - Sat Mar 31
Holy Cow: 11pm Thu Mar 22
The Hiptones: 8pm Fri Mar 23
Hoodwinked: 11pm Fri Mar 23 & Sat Mar 24, 8pm Sun Mar 25 & 11pm Wed Mar 28-Fri Mar 30
Stephen Cummings: 8pm Sat Mar 24
Chopper’s Bingo: 5pm Sun Mar 25
Monique Brumby & Jude Elliot: 11pm Sun Mar 25
Rory McLeod: 11pm Mon Mar 28 - Tue Mar 27
Jude Elliot & Tecoma: 8pm Wed Mar 28

The Umbrella Revolution
Kids Gala Comedy: 1pm & 3.30pm Sat Mar 24 & 1pm & 3.30pm Sun Mar 25
Tom Tom Club: 10.30pm Thu Mar 22
Chopper’s Australian Tour: 7.15pm Thu Mar 22 – Thu Mar 29(not Mon Mar 26)
Tim Minchin: 8.45pm Thu Mar 22Sat Mar 31
Laughapolooza: 10.30pm Sat Mar 24
The Space Cowboy: 10.30pm Mon Mar 26 – Sat Mar 31

The Garden Shed
The Man With The Dominant Claw: 10.15pm Thu Mar 20 – Sat Mar 31 (not Mon Mar 26)
Debutante Diaries: 7.45pm Thu Mar 22 – Sat Mar 31 (not Mon Mar 26)

SoCo Cargo
VulgarGrad & SoCo DJs: 10pm – 3am Thu Mar 22 – Sat Mar 24
Lawn Bowls After Party With SoCo DJs: 10pm – 3am Sun Mar 25
SoCo DJs: 10pm – 3am Mon Mar 19
De Jah Groove & SoCo DJs: 10.30am Mon Mar 26 – Wed Mar 28

For more information, please visit <>.

Monique Brumby

by Robert Dunstan

ARIA award winner Monique Brumby is quickly coming back to town following her involvement in the launch of local singer songwriter Emily Davis’ debut CD, Moving In Slow Motion, which Monique produced. Monique is also working on her own new album and will showcase some of the newer songs when she performs at The Bosco Theater (accompanied by bass player Maryanne Window) on Sun Mar 25 as special guest of rising local singer songwriter Jude Elliot.
“Maryanne and I will do a set – we’re on first and that’s fine - and then Jude will come out and do her thing,” Monique explained over the telephone from Melbourne.
The singer songwriter has demoed some 16 new songs and recently sent them off to Vicki Peterson of The Bangles whom she befriended when Monique toured Australia last year with the US-based pop rock band.
“So I’m just waiting to hear back from Vicki because she’s got a few people in mind over on Los Angeles to mix my next album,” Monique stated. “She’s been giving me lots of advice in that regard and, obviously, knows a lot of people in the industry.
“And I’m very excited about the new songs,” she then added. “I went ‘home’ to Tassie for a month and just demoed the songs using a vocal booth and a little eight-track recorder. It was very relaxing – it’s always good to get back to Tassie and reconnect – and then I brought the demos home and played around with them using ProTools and added reverb and stuff like that before sending them off to Vicki.
“I also gave copies to people such as David Bride and Jeff Lang who are going to be playing on the album so that they could begin thinking about what they might be able to add,” Monique revealed.
Monique was invited to produce Emily Davis’ debut album, Moving In Slow Motion, after playing a few shows with her in Adelaide.
“I’d played The Wheatsheaf a couple of times and Emily had opened for me,” she explained. “And Emily was looking for a producer so I’d realised her potential and said I’d be interested in helping out. Emily’s eyes kinda lit up and it went from there. And it was a great experience as I’d never produced anyone before. So I learnt a lot, especially with ProTools. And we actually mixed Emily’s album in my lounge room after we’d laid down some good bass and drum tracks at Doug Roberts’ studio.
“And Emily’s Adelaide launch was fantastic with so many people coming along,” Monique added in conclusion. “Adelaide seems to have a real sense of a music community and I felt very proud – I actually had a bit of a moment at the gig [laughs] – that I’d been involved in some way.”
Monique Brumby (accompanied by Maryanne Window) and Jude Elliot play The Bosco Theater from 11pm on Sun Mar 25 in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Pk.

Stephen Cummings

by Robert Dunstan

Melbourne based singer songwriter Stephen Cummings is heading to town to play once again. He’ll be accompanied by guitarist and vocalist Bill Miller, once of The Ferrets but now more often seen performing with Dave Graney, and the duo will be treating us to some new songs as well as old favourites.
We spoke to Stephen over the telephone and he began by saying that he and (guitarist and producer) Shane O’Mara had just finished mixing a new album that will be issued later this year.
“It sounds really good,” Stephen enthused. “It’s called Space Travel and there’s a lot of harmonies on it. Rebecca Barnard and Billy Miller are doing those with me. And although Shane produced the album, he’s not playing much guitar. I got Danny Luscombe in to do that. He’s playing with The Drones now but I had him as my guitarist when he was only about 18 or so. I gave him his first break and he’s an incredibly good guitar player now.
“But it’s good playing live with Billy because he can do all the harmonies that are on the album,” he added. “He’s got the whole vibe and it’s sounding great.”
A few weeks ago, two of Stephen’s earlier albums, Lovetown and A New Kind Of Blue, were issued in remastered form as a 2CD set with a couple of bonus offerings.
“They’ve both come up really well,” he noted. “They’d been put out on CD before but never remastered. So I’m really happy with the mastering job. And they’d both been deleted so they weren’t available.”
Stephen and Bill Miller recently went on a regional tour with Dave Graney, the Melbourne-based musician with whom Stephen penned the song Three Dead Passengers (In A Stolen Second Hand Ford) many years ago. (Interestingly, Adelaide-based Mambo artist Gerry Wedd once made an urn in 1993 as a piece of art and titled it Three Dead Passengers.)
“That tour with Dave and Billy was very funny,” Stephen revealed. “And I also did a full band gig in Melbourne recently using Paul Kelly’s band. I didn’t do any Paul Kelly songs though.”
The musician recently gave up cigarettes and suggested that while it had certainly improved his voice, giving up the nicotine habit had also improved his guitar playing.
“That’s because I’ve been practising a lot more,” he laughed. “I needed to do something with my hands so instead of smoking, I now pick up the guitar.”
How did you give up the addiction?
“I just got sick and couldn’t smoke and thought, ‘well, that’s it. It’s over’,” he revealed. “It’s only been two months but I really feel like it’s it this time. No more.”
Stephen then said some of the new songs from the yet to be released Space Travel would get an airing at his Adelaide gig.
“I’ll play a couple of them, yeah,” he declared in conclusion. “But it’ll be a bit of everything. And I do an incredible version of How Come. Billy and I have worked up a really different way of doing it and it sounds fantastic. It sounds great. So I’ve also picked out some other older songs that I haven’t done for ages. For whatever reason, I’m really enjoying playing live at the moment and I’m doing it better than I’ve ever done for quite some time.”
Stephen Cummings (accompanied by Bill Miller) plays The Bosco Theater at 8pm on Sat Mar 24 in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Pk.

Charlie Pickering

by David Knight

Former Triple J drive host and all-round funny guy Charlie Pickering returns to Adelaide. The Melburnian and part-time London resident has been trotting the globe of late taking his show Autoeverywhere from South Africa to Ireland. Now, he’s back in Adelaide with a new show, Impractical Joke, but let’s hope more people rock up to his show than at one Charlie Pickering Adelaide appearance a few years ago.
Four people were at that performance and of those four; Pickering said at least one member of the audience was receptive.
“She was ace, she had interviewed me like the day before or something and she came to see my show and three other people,” Pickering remembered. “So, I’d be telling jokes and it’s going okay, but its only going to go so well when there’s four people in the room. So, she just kept yelling stuff like ‘Keep going Charlie! You’re doing awesome!’
“And she was really encouraging then there was another guy who was just a bit uncomfortable for the whole thing and that was fair enough. Then there was another couple and they sat at the back and I’m not sure they might have started making out during the show, so by the end I was playing to maybe one and a half people.”
So was Pickering tempted to just take the audience out for a drink and tell them a few stories over a beer?
“I was tempted, I kind of wish I done that,” he answered. “And now I’ve got a rule: if the audience outnumbers me I do a show but if it’s equal, if it’s one-all I’ll just take them out for dinner and I’ll get to know them and tell them some stories that way. I think I now understand that there is a critical mass you need for an audience, maybe it’s more than four?”
Pickering’s new show is guaranteed to get bigger crowds than that performance, as his show has an intriguing subject matter, as it is based on a true story about his dad.
“It’s about a practical joke war between my dad and his best mate that lasted for 10 years, and ended with an entire city block being shut down and a state of emergency called when we hit a gas main.”
Charlie Pickering performs at The Bosco Theater at 9.30pm from Thu Mar 22 until Sat Mar 31 in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Pk.

The Yearlings, Suzannah Espie & Ian Collard

by Robert Dunstan

Local duo The Yearlings (Chris Robinson and Rob Chalklin) have teamed up with Melbourne-based Suzannah Espie (once of band Git) and harmonica player Ian Collard (of blues band Collard Greens & Gravy) and have been out on tour around the country under the banner Bless This House.
The tour, which includes some club gigs as well as more than few ‘house concerts’, will wind up in Adelaide for three shows that will include a performance in The Bosco Theater.
We spoke to Chris Robinson over the telephone and began by asking how it had all come about.
“We’d played a few festivals with Suzannah and Ian [who are ‘together’ and travelling with their one-year-old son Johnny Lee] and had always thought it would be good to tour together,” Chris responded. “And it’s been going great – we’re all having a ball – and the ‘house concerts’ are great because everyone shuts up and listens.”
What format do the concerts have
“Suzannah and Ian open up and do a few songs and then I get up and do a few songs with them on guitar and then Rob and I get up as The Yearlings to do some songs and Ian gets up and does a few songs with us on the harmonica,” Chris explained. “What a brilliant harp player he is! And then Suzannah gets up to do some harmonies so it ends up as a four-piece doing some Yearlings songs as well as a few old-timey covers.”
Have any of the shows been recorded?
“Not yet but we have to do that,” Chris said. “It would be great to have something recorded with us all together. We might even get Mick Wordley [of Mixmasters} to come along to one of the Adelaide shows with his little mobile recording device.
“We’ve been playing together now for almost two months so it’s starting to sound half-decent,” he then added with a laugh.
Where are The Yearlings up to as far as your third album goes?
“We’ve got the songs and can’t wait to record again,” Chris said. “We’ve built a little studio at home so I think we’ll be doing most of it there. And we’ll get some mates in to embellish it a bit and take our time with it. The last two albums were pretty rushed I must say. The first one [a self-titled affair] has some special moments on itas well as some dodgy one but the second one [Wind Already Blown] was pretty smooth.”
The Yearlings, Suzannah Espie & Ian Collard play The Bosco Theater at 8pm on Thu Mar 29 in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Pk. They also play The Singing Gallery, 133 Main Rd, McLaren Vale on Sat Mar 31 and the Grace Emily on Sun Apr 1.

Rory McLeod

by Robert Dunstan

Travelling troubadour Rory McLeod is heading to town armed with a new album, Brave Faces, as well as his guitar, trombone and harmonica. He reckons it’s been about six years since he last hit Adelaide although I recall first seeing him almost 20 years ago on his first tour during which he performed in a local venue that no longer exists.
As I recall, I had left that gig before UK-born Rory had completed his set as he’d already been playing for something like three hours unabated and had announced that when there were only six people left in the room, they’d all go out for breakfast.
“Oh, I remember that,” he laughed. “I’ll always remember the name of that club. And I’ve also played the SA Folk Centre and some place called The Hindmarsh. The Governor Hindmarsh is it? But this is my first trip to Adelaide for quite a while.”
Rory, who recently played Port Fairy Folk Festival and didn’t repeat a single song during his three appearances, has a new album out, Brave Faces.
“It’s my first one for a while,” he admitted. “But it’s funny because some of the songs on it are really quite old. One or two of them were written in Austin, Texas, about 25 years ago when I was living over there. I’d just never got around to recording them but thought I’d better do that before they got completely forgotten about.
“And there’s a few covers,” Rory added. “I’ve done Hank Williams Snr’s Ramblin’ Man and there’s also O Death which is the Georgia Sea Islands version rather than the Ralph Stanley version that was used on the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. I’ve also done a Dylan one – The Man In Me. And a lot of them are a capella. I’m doing the pedal steel sound on Ramblin’ Man with my voice.”
Rory, who now doesn’t travel quite as much due to having a young family but has recently toured the US with Ani Di Franco, now lives on The Orkney Islands.
“It way up north of Scotland,” he explained. “It’s a whole load of little islands [20 according to the ever trusty internet] and I live on Hoy [pronounced Hoa-ee] but there’s a good musical community. Lots of sessions at the Ferry Innevery Friday nightand lots of fiddle makers and harp makers. Aimee, my partner, her father makes bohdrans. And there’s also some mandolin makers. It’s a lovely place. In fact, one of the oldest libraries in Scotland was in the Orkney Islands and there’s a lot of history with the Hudson Bay Company and whaling and all that.”
Rory McLeod plays The Bosco Theatre from 11pm until they turn the lights off on Mon Mar 26 and Tue Mar 27 in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Pk.