Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season 4
Shake pretends to fall down a well, where he meets the legendary New Jersey monster known as Dirtfoot.
57Boost Mobile
You should go buy a boost mobile phone. They're fantastic! Really!
58Aqua Teen Hunger Force Star Studded Christmas Spectacular Starring Rhon Geremi
Shake, Meatwad, and Carl present deleted scenes from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.
A fast food restaurant’s rip and win contest awards Carl the prize of genital mutilation.
The Aqua Teens’ new genetically engineered dog is friendly with Carl.
61Party All the Time
Andrew W.K. guest stars in this very special episode about tragedy, courageand ultimately, redemption.
62Bart Oates
A surprise visitor makes Carl reevaluate everything he knows about intellectual property laws.
63Global Grilling
Shake purchases an environmentally unfriendly grill
64Grim Reaper Gutters
Meatwad, Shake and Frylock sit around the house and think back on things that did or did not happen. Tera Patrick eats corndogs while the Grim Reaper tries to sell somebody gutters.
The Mooninites return and this time they’re determined to cure Shake’s Glaucoma.
Shake takes on the greatest role of his life: that of a father.
Carl unwittingly endangers the planet when he accepts 40 dollars a month to maintain an alien antenna.
68Carl Wash
Meatwad practices shape changing at the local car wash where Carl loses his brain.
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