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  march 98

ELEFANT recordings for March/April:
SPRING "The Last Goodbye" LP/CD
FUTURE BIBLE HEROES "Memories of love" CD (Spanish edition. No extra tracks and the same cover that the american edition)
VARIOUS "SUPERMARKET" (another electrodinamic elefant compilation) with rare tracks.
TREMBLING BLUE STARS "Lips that taste of tears" CD (Spanish edition. No extra tracks and the same cover).
ELEFANT will issue too during the spring and summer things like PATRULLERO MANCUSO and LE MANS singles, THE CECILIA ANN first album and the "CASABLANCA" compilation.

Meanwhile SIESTA will release another compilation called "EXPRESO"(10"/CD) and the first volume of the FREE DESIGN songs ("Bubbles"-2x10"/CD) during this month.

The Luis Calvo -Elefant records- and Joako spanish national radio show, celebrate the "VIAJE A LOS SUEÑOS POLARES" awards 1998 party in Barcelona (7 March 1998, Zeleste Venue). Bands like Alpha, Beef, Teenage Fanb Club, Los Fresones Rebeldes and Ocean Colour Scene will be playing in the ceremony of the awards.
The Viaje a los sueños listeners poll winners 1997 :

Best International Lp: The Verve "Urban Hymns"
Best International Single: The Verve "Bitter sweet symphony"
Best Spanish Lp: Telefilme "Pocket horror symphony"
Best Spanish Single: Los Fresones Rebeldes "Al amanecer"
Best International New Band: Belle & Sebastian
Best Spanish New Band: Los Fresones Rebeldes.
Best International Live Band: Suede
Best Spanish Live Band: Manta Ray
Musical Event of 1997: FIB
Best Spanish music magazine: Rock de Lux
Best 1997 Song: The Verve "Bitter sweet symphony"

The Viaje a los Sueños Polares staff poll 1997:

Best International Lp: Mono "Formica Blues"
Best Spanish Lp: Ana D "Satelite 99"
Best International Single: "Teenage Fan Club "Ain´t that enough"
Best Spanish Single: Le Mans "Mi novela autobiografica"
Best International Live Band: Portishead
Best Spanish Live Band: Beef
Best International New Band: Alpha
Best Spanish New Band: Migala

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS will be playing in Spain during March.
The tour dates are:
12-3: Barraca Bar + Kindergarten in Valencia, 13-3 Casa de la Cultura de Lasarte in Donostia, 14-3 Maravillas + Astrud in Madrid, 16-3 Casa de la Juventud + El Hombre Burbuja in Cadiz, 18-3 Colors in Murcia, 19-3 La Paloma in Alcala de Henares, 20-3 La Bascula + Astrud + Fang in Barcelona, 21-3 in Sala Morrissey en Zaragoza.

The new issue of the spanish fanzine YOYO will contain articles & interviews about: Rachel´s, Peeches, Mary Lou Lord, Beef, Amelia Fletcher, God is my co-pilot, Cat´s Miaow, Cannanes, Francoise Hardy, Unwound...
Contact: Yoyo, P.O.Box 51247, Madrid 28080, Spain

The ELEFANT SINGLES CLUB change their system of sales. Now, you don´t need to be a member of the club. So everybody can buy the singles. The last Elefant club singles are: Frank and Walters, Ana D, Los Fresones Rebeldes, Cecilia Ann, She*Riff (JR+Nosotrash), and Jack.


february 98

LE MANS will release a new ep in March or April with four new songs: "Ying and Yang", "Jueves 27", "Hay que ver" and an instrumental called "Belleza arrebatadora". The mood of the songs is the traditional smooth and quiet acoustic pop that they usually play. The most important rupture are the lyrics, full of maturity (they are a veteran band, you know). The main song, "Ying and Yang", talks about a pregnancy... The fourth Le Mans album will be issued in September.

GREEN UFO´S will distribute The Village Vert records in Spain. So, you could find cds like "Immobile" by Autour de Lucie or the "Panorama" compilation. By the way, they have issued a new mail order catalogue (with labels like Che, Siesta, Lithium, Fierce Panda, Acuarela, Elefant, Rosebud, Ovni...).
Contact: The Green Ufo´s. Apartado 220. 41500 Alcala de Guadaira. Sevilla. Spain.

A split 7" with STEWART (ex-Boyracer) and FAMOUS BOYFRIEND (the band of Andrew from Hood) will be the next Belmondo records single.

FANTASTIC, the french Siesta band along with Bien, have got excellent reviews. Magic! -the revue pop moderne- wrote that the Fantastic "Montgomery Cliff ep" is... fantastic. The January-February issue contains the best of 1997 too.
Lp of the year: "Come from heaven" by Alpha
other interestings indie lps: 10 Michael Head "The magic world of the Strands" (Le Village Vert), 21 Spring versus Pez "Out of time" (Elefant), 25 Ivy "Apartment life" (Atlantic), 28 Autour de Lucie "Immobile" (Le Village Vert)
Single of the year: "High noon" by Dj Shadow.

SPRING were playing in Mallorca, the Balearic Islands. They showed for the first time their new songs and the "Chuk it up" video clip. The surprise of the night was that they have a new line up, with a real drummer! SPRING will release a new lp - "The last goodbye"- in March (Elefant Records).

SIESTA records delaye the date of release of "Expreso". You will have to wait until the first week of March. The compilation will contain several rare tracks of the Siesta bands.

january 19

ELEFANT RECORDS release two new recordings this week: METEOSAT 7"/Cd single ("Los idiomas vivientes") and a BEEF Lp/Cd ("España a las ocho"). METEOSAT sounds like Sigue Sigue Sputnik meets indie pop and BEEF are a krautrock band from Barcelona. The next singles of the Elefant singles club will be: Frank and Walters, Ana D and Secret Goldfish.

SIESTA will have their own stand in the Midem, the most important music trade show in Europe.

QUICKSPACE and FRANK AND WALTERS will playing this week in Spain. Meanwhile, EL JOVEN BRYAN have two gigs: in Madrid (Sala El Sol, 23 January) and Valencia (Barraca Bar, 24 January)

AIR are in everywhere. The french duo are The Inrockuptibles cover stars and the Melody Maker single of the week. This week they issue their first album in Spain and their single "Sexy Boy" (The B-side of this single have a marvellous duet with Francoise Hardy!)

  january 12

VIAJE A LOS SUEÑOS POLARES come back after the Christmas holidays. This national radio show is conducted and presented by Joako (ex La Sintesis and Sult!) and Luis Calvo (the Elefant records boss) and they play indie stuff. Thie first record of the week of 1998 is "Moon Safari", the Air debut cd.

This is the SIESTA recordings calendar for the first months of 1998:
- 9 Feb: "Expreso" a Siesta compilation CD and LP
- 23 Feb: Free Design "Bubbles" CD and double 10"
- 16 March: Red Sleeping Beauty "Singles" CD
- 16 March: Red Sleeping Beauty "Single" CD Single
- 23 March: Kahimi Karie "Larme de Crocodile" CD and LP
- April/May:
Pastel Collision debut CD album
Arabesque debut full-lenght
Vigil debut full-lenght
Kahimi Karie-single

The first BJORK biography in spanish is out. The author is Jordi Bianciotto and the editorial is La Mascara books

SOUVENIR is a new spanish indie pop e-zine. The first issue will contain interviews with THE MAGNETIC FIELDS, MIKE ALWAY, BLUEBOY, COMET GAIN, PAM BERRY (Glo Worm, Belmondo, The Castaway Stones) and a lot of more stuff. Coming soon in Internet.

  january 5

THE SHOESTRINGS will release a single sung in spanish with Belmondo records, a new spanish label. Until now, Belmondo records have issued one single during 1997 (Poundsing) and one 12" (Mushroom), but they have big plans for 1998.
Names like Glamour and Astrud (two spanish bands from Barcelona), Landis, The Autocollants, Class, The Softies, Skypark, Eska and Cars Get Crushed will release stuff from this


The major spanish magazine ROCK DE LUX have chosen their 1997 faves:
International lps: 1) Spiritualized "Ladies and gentlemen..." 2) Roni Size/Reprazement "New Forms" 3) Bjork "Homogenic".
Indie highlights : 29) Francoiz Breut "Francoiz Breut" 31) Belle & Sebastian "If you are feeling sinister" 34) The Divine Comedy "A short album about love" 40) Stereolab "Dots and loops"
Spanish lps: 1) Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick "Omega" 2) Sr Chinarro "El por qué de mis peinados" (Acuarela) 3) Migala "Diciembre 3 A.M." (Acuarela) 4) Telefilme "Pocket horror symphony" (Elefant) 5 La Buena Vida "Soidemersol" (Siesta)
Spanish songs of the year: 1) Carlos Berlanga "120 años sin ti" 2) La Buena Vida "Pequeñas cosas mal dispuestas" (Siesta)
Spanish Ep of the year: 1) Le Mans "Mi novela autobiográfica" (Elefant)

"ORSON GOT ANGRY" This is the title that El País -the most important newspaper in Spain- chose for a article about the Siesta christmas present (a 7" tribute to Orson Welles).

The new
SPRING lp will include a duet between Alex and Corcobado (the spanish Nick Cave)

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