Kansas Girl

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Dated: June 23, 1998

When Meg Cummings fled to Sunset Beach, her biggest problem was placing enough distance between herself and the sorrow of the failed relationship she left behind. A little more than a year later, Meg is surrounded--by much more than just the family that migrated West to be with her.

Question: What was Meg's relationship with her sister before Sara showed up in Sunset Beach?
Ward: They're a close family, but there was a little animosity. Meg was always considered the sweet, outgoing, popular girl, and Sara was a bit jealous.

Question: Meg had sex with Derek, believing he was Ben. Why did she fall for it?
Ward: Meg knows Ben's been through a lot, with the headaches and his business and such. And since it was the anniversary of Maria's death, Meg was more willing to dismiss a little odd behavior.

Question: Is Meg jealous of Maria?
Ward: Not at all. She's been curious and found out what she perceives as the truth. Maria was Ben's wife, and they had a very loving relationship that went bad, but that's in the past.

Question: In what ways do you feel Ben behaves badly?
Ward: He's quite dismissive. He withdraws sometimes. He does that too often when Meg needs his support and understanding. He's too conscientious about business--at the expense of the relationship sometimes.

Question: Is working with twin characters difficult?
Ward: It's hard to focus on dealing with Ben when, as an actress, I know it's Derek.

Question: Would you say Meg's love is blind beyond reason?
Ward: Her love for Ben is so incredible she would do anything. Her love is totally blind!

Question: So she doesn't listen to others' opinions, even if they've known him longer?
Ward: She just locks out anything they say. Meg is with Ben the most and believes she knows him best.

Question: Is Meg really so naive?
Ward: Meg is too trusting. She's always been around loving family and friends. This is the first time Meg has had to deal with situations like these.

Question: How has Meg changed since coming to Sunset Beach?
She thought she would meet her handsome friend and immediately ride off into the sunset. Yet as soon as she walked on the beach, she had her backpack stolen. She began to realize things were not as easy as she expected.

Question: Is Meg a bit too unsophisticated for Ben?
Ward: Ben loves her innocence and simplicity. She just loves him for who he is. And he loves her for not caring about things like his money. The differences appeal to both of them.

Question: What do you like most/find most disappointing about Meg?
Ward: She's comfortable around people--and independent. She probably overlooks too many things about Ben.

Question: What are some of your favorite scenes?
Ward: The scenes with Annie, Meg's mom, and Mark. Vanessa and I have sweet girlie moments, too.

Question: Is working on the show different than you expected?
Ward: I've learned that after two weeks of non-stop work, I need lots of sleep. I've also learned patience, to be consistent with my work, and to trust myself.

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