Free Software in Ethics and Society – Richard Stallman – Manchester 1st May

As mentioned previously, Richard Stallman was in Manchester last Thursday to give a presentation. Manchester Free Software organised the event in association with the BCS and the IET.

The talk was a resounding success with many “enlightening” points made and insightful questions asked. Over 300 people attended, filling the lecture theatre, causing latecomers to sit in the aisles.


For those who could not attend, or wish to watch the presentation again, Andrew John Hughes videoed the event.

Each movie is provided as a Theora video stream together with a Vorbis audio stream using the Ogg container format. Three versions are provided, suitable for different downloading capabilities: Full size (704×576), half size (352×288), and quarter size (176×144). The audio stream is also provided as a separate download using Speex, which may be preferable if you are not bothered about seeing the visual content. Further details of these formats are available on the website. A DVD copy is available on request from Andrew John Hughes.

All videos are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales license.

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If possible, please use a .torrent from the Primary Mirror in preference to the HTTP mirrors. The .torrent contains versions in the following formats: Ogg Theora (high, medium, and low quality), and Ogg Speex.

HTTP Mirrors:

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