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Cher's Musical History - The 80s

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"Black Rose"

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Produced by James Newton Howard

Never Should've Started (Howard/Paich/Foster/Carter)
Julie (Taupin/Chapman)
Take It From The Boys (Bayer Sager/Roberts)
We'll All Fly Home (Vastano/Poncia)

88 Degrees (Brown)
You Know It (Dudek)
Young And Pretty Willis/Gernstein)
Fast Company (Mollin/Mollin)

newblack.jpg (24491 bytes) CD currently available with different cover art in Europe

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"Bad Love" appears on "Foxes" soundtrack (Casablanca)


"I Paralyze"

I Paralyze

Produced by David Wolpert and John Farrar

Rudy (Morali/Belolo/Frederiksen/Epstein/Hunter/Maierhoffer)
Games (Farber/Melamed)
I Paralyze (Farrar/Kipner)
When The Love Is Gone (Child)
Say What's On Your Mind (Gottschalk)

Back On The Street Again (Bugatti/Musker/Waite)
Walk With Me (Wolfert/Child)
The Book Of Love (Child)
Touch And Go (Fuller)
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (Smotherman/Burnette)

CD reissued by Varese Sarabande

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Billboard® review for week ending 6/19/82

Don't let the punky sun glasses on the cover fool you: this time around Cher stays very much within an Olivia Newton-John/Sheena Easton pop context, with a collection of songs she can easily include in her Las Vegas shows. Cher has her detractors, but her musical ability cannot be denied and she handles the A/C material here with aplomb if not sensitivity.

1982 Singles: "Rudy", "I Paralyze", "Dead Ringer For Love" - With Meatloaf from "Dead Ringer" (Epic)




Produced by Michael Bolton, Desmond Child, Jon Bon Jovi,
Richie Sambora, Peter Asher and Jon Lind

I Found Someone (Bolton/Mangold)
We All Sleep Alone (Bon Jovi/Sambora/Child)
Bang-Bang (Bono)
Main Man (Child)
Give Our Love A Fighting Chance (Child/Warren)
Perfection (Child/Warren)
Dangerous Times (Pomerantz/Bruno/Schwartz)
Skin Deep (Lind/Goldenberg)
Working Girl (Child/Bolton)
Hard Enough Getting Over You (Bolton/James)

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Billboard® review for week ending 11/14/87

Cher is back in the grooves after a protracted period of concentration on acting. Two natural attention-getters here: the Jon Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora/Desmond Child-penned and -produced "We All Sleep Alone" and demimetal remake of Cher's '60s hit "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)."

1987 Single: "I Found Someone"


1988 Singles: "We All Sleep Alone", "Bang-Bang" "Skin Deep" (also released as 12" dance mix), "Main Man"


"Heart Of Stone"

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Produced by Peter Asher, Michael Bolton, Desmond Child,
Jon Lind, Diane Warren and Guy Roche

If I Could Turn Back Time (Warren)
Just Like Jesse James (Child/Warren)
You Wouldn't Know Love (Bolton/Warren)
Heart Of Stone (Hill/Sinfield)
Still In Love With You (Bolton/Halligan)
Love On A Rooftop (Child/Warren)
Emotional Fire (Child/Bolton/Warren)
All Because Of You (Lind/Schfrin)
Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? (Bon Jovi/Sambora/Child/Warren)
Starting Over (Bolton/Cain)
Kiss To Kiss (Lind/D'Astugues/Galdston)
After All (Love Theme from "Chances Are") Duet With Peter Cetera (Snow/Pitchford)

The cover artwork was changed shortly after release

Heart Of Stone

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1989 Singles: "After All" with Peter Cetera (from "Chances Are" Soundtrack), "If I Could Turn Back Time", also released as a 12" picture disc

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